Sunday, December 7, 2014

L'OCCITANE 10th Anniversary Grand Launch 2014

The grand launch of L'occitane 10th Anniversary at One Utama this year in 2014! 

The L'occitane En Provence Augmented Reality Experience that's entertaining you to go through the
L'occitane cyber world of a nice garden, uploaded to YouTube and send to our email for safe keeping.

The must-grab L'occitane colourful balloons for guests and kids invited for this private function.

The love of my life Almond Oil bodycare range on displays that's worth to grab on that day.
The Brightening and Divine Youth skincare range on display. My bestie just told me she bought the whole
Brightening range+bodycare range that cost RM1500 during this L'occitane 10th Anniversary after I've
shared L'occitane beauty tips with her recently. Haha...I hope she wins a lucky draw from this launch then.

This is definitely my favourite anti-aging youthful oil that's able to keep my skin
hydrated, healthy and pretty this year of 2014. I'm very grateful that's for sure!

Another Rose bodycare range that I love using all the time, Jamie also bought it
using my member privilege for discounts. Haha...we absolutely adores it much.

Veann is sharing their corporate gifts infos with me during the launch.

Falling in love with the inviting packaging, esp. it's packed with all my favourite things inside a lovely box.

Serving us French colourful macaroons, mini pies, meringues with cold drinks, tempting us sweetly for hours.

One of the reason why I've always supporting L'occitane brand for years is because they're very generous
and thoughtful enough in doing their part for many charities involved. It's the action that speaks louder
than words.

The super duper trooper L'occitane team excitedly showed their overjoyed excitement at the grand launch.

Amanda Saw was one of Instagram lucky winner, feeling really happy with her big gift. Such a lucky lady! 

The grand launch of L'occitane 10th Anniversary was a great success ended with lucky draws
after a singing performance and a French toast by the management staffs for great memories.


  1. I used to use this brand, but no buy anymore as need save money to buy :D

    1. Haha...I totally understand how you feels, Ganbatte. Life is full of hopes and glory, strive hard and smart for it! :D