Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Key Secret Of Success

Last month in November 2014, I got a personal message from Dato' Anna Lim through my Facebook that I have strike a lottery in which she told me she won this lottery before. I was afraid someone may have spammed her FB page, I send her a message on her wall asking if she's the one who send the pm to me and she reassured me that it's her Dato' Anna Lim who's chatting with me online from London. She shared her happy moments with me informing me that she once redeemed the winning lottery to settle part of the bank loans for her London property and her credit card debts with the money.

I told her I don't think she have debts but she told me yes, credit card debts+mortgage and we both laugh out loud to the real fact of it as we know credit card debts is an endless kinda thing for us women who love shopping. Once we settle it every month, the next month bill is still coming to charge us anyway. She also gave me the email to claim the lottery money and I thanked her for that. When Rambo's back that evening, I told him about that and as usual, he kept saying it's all scam asking me to let go of it, never greed on it and get over it. So I listen earnestly to him as he promised to earn more money for me real soon so I need not bother about the lottery further. 

The last time my friend CC shared the famous gold investment with me where she sold her million dollar condo later, investing all her money into this pot of gold investment just because she's getting profits worth more than RM20,000 return per month with plenty of gold bars kept safely at her place, I also advised her not to invest all eggs in one basket. Even Sis Toto and her bestie GK once invested in this kinda gold investment scheme, they also asked me to join them together in 'money makes money kinda game' as all this scheme needs is your cash money to roll and grow. Obviously, 'Yau Sun Ye'(have great deals of good things going) they will get me involved to join them into investing for more prosperity but I just don't have the time only. 

Everytime they tried making any appointment with me to discuss about it and make sure I have the money got ready for them to invest in it, somewhere somehow God has something better planned for me where I didn't get the chance to invest in it with them. After 3 months passed that, I found out that their investment money of RM100,000 got ran away and luckily my sis only invested the minimum level paying RM5,000 for the initial payment only, they found out something fishy about the scam and immediately stop paying already. Rambo kept telling me lucky I'm not greedy as in 'Orang yang tamak selalu rugi', and advising me not to invest anything with anyone too blindly.

Even if I have invested thousand dollars in it with them, I would never blame my sis, GK or friends who have tried sharing good things with me because at the very 1st place, their intentions are meant to 'Yik Ngo' (benefits me) in money makes money together. They got conned and never mean to con my money at all. When people share good things with me, I always stay grateful and thankful to them even after many years have passed by, I still remember their 'Hou Yi'(good/kind intentions) towards me over the years. Even Bro. Chai also invested in a scheme through his colleague who suddenly got rich, resigned and do full-time now, after 2 years he's still getting RM1000 every month by investing RM10,000 in it only.

Rambo is a typical China man, he's quite sceptical in this kinda investments where he only investing in those legal mutual funds through typical China banks so he have no interest in joining anyone of them into investing in this kinda fast money-making scheme. He believes in his philosophy of life by living "Zhung Gua Dak Gua, Zhung Guo Dak Guo' since the God never wana give him any easy life by letting him strike any lottery, so he rather work hard and smart to earn money the right, legitimate ways. Haha...he always said that God loves me very much, but not him in a joking way. He makes me laugh out loud, esp. when he mentioned that he's so jealous and envious of my happy life, now even earning more than him sometimes. Life is fair, you reap what you sow after striving hard+smart for it. 

Haha...I always reminding him to stay grateful to God, 'Amituofo' and 'Guan Yin' that he's healthy enough to Ganbatte strongly in life. You should stay thankful that you're able to see things very clearly like an eagle, smelling beautiful flowers wonderfully, walk and run easily like an athlete, eat and drink smoothly like the Panda Bear and sleeps tightly like a Pig. Many people out there are struggling or fighting to lead a healthy, good life everyday. Always say TQ God for this, Tq God for that, Tq for everything and eventually, your soul will become so pure, good fortunes will flow and grow within you easily and effortlessly just like the water crystal experiments that have proven to be truly amazing. Share your thoughts with God, pray everyday and wish for good thoughts to happen in your life, it will definitely come true naturally, very quickly. 

Recently, I found out many of my family and friends who told me it's hard to earn money nowadays and I totally have the utmost compassion for them. I understand how they must be feeling so I usually asked them to 'Zan Zok'(stay strong) and strive harder to thrive for it. Just like Jamie told me that day, she have this down line who always checked on her schedules and compete with her daily, she got so demoralised by her attitude she kinda lose hope to achieve her target sometimes. I only quote to her one thing, 'Zhuo Hao Ni Zhi Zi'(doing your best) then nobody can touch, depress or dishearten her confidence at all. She suddenly got 'Chung Mun Ge Hei Mong'(full of hopes) to go all out for it that she thanked me immediately and we bid goodbye looking forward to meet each other again real soon. That's life, c'est la vie! 

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