Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy, Grateful Souls

My bestie, lover and best hubby Rambo is one of the most transparent guy I've ever known in my life but I will always loves him for whoever he is because he really loves me very dearly and I really appreciates him for that. Jamie seems to be like my PR Manager, she's been telling all her friends all the time that Rambo is such a good husband even her good hubby cannot compete with him. I told her not to compare and there's no need to compete with it. Haha...all the time when Carrie T said how nice to have Rambo as a good hubby when we're in Italy, I also said Billy is a good hubby too from my thorough observation throughout our Italy trip together. Actually, I've been telling all my friends who got close to me that Rambo used to be a normal guy like the others, he also grumbles at me when I was back shopping with many paper bags many years ago. 

He goes on saying and asking me many bombastic questions like "Why waste money? How much have you spend? No space to place your shoes and bags anymore etc. till I bo mood liao, I just ignored him and gave him a cold shoulder by not answering any of his questions at all. But over the years, I've trained him to be mentally strong to love me for who I really am and I make sure I really discussed this issue nicely with him that I don't like to hear any negative comments like this from him anymore. Instead, he only needs to give me good and positive comments like "Wah, very nice dress or shoes! How much is it, let me buy it for you!" when I shared my great shopping spree trips with him. No space to place so he needs to find some space to place it for me then and never give any closed 'No' as the final answer to me without even trying to solve the matter amicably. Haha...that's life, c'est la vie!

Just like I used to share with Rambo's best buddies who are millionaires now in our last gathering, I quoted one of the Robert Kiyosaki's meaningful quotes to them "Never say you can't afford it but say how can I afford it" to make things happen. Grumbling or saying pessimistic kinda things are not going to change things for good but only creating more dissatisfaction reaction for us only. And so he have changed for good and improved his ways to communicate with me better over the years. Haha...Piscean is a sensitive soul, likes to be 'manja' and 'sayang' by loved ones all the time. If you know how to treat them well, you'll have better, not just double but triple good blessings in life. Often times, I see many Piscean stars like my sister, brother and friends got very sentimental and emotional asking why others treating them like dirt, never appreciates their good intentions?

It's all their own over-thinking that happened to make them unhappy, I believe they should practise meditation to 'Jie Tuo'(release) this kinda negative vibes. 1st of all, never waste your time to expect others to treat you good in anyway, all the time as naturally, everyone are busy with their own lifestyles to live a happy life everyday. Make sure you live up your life happily everyday, make it meaningful all the time and when others are asking to meet you along the way, make the time for them no matter how busy you can be. Recently when I finally get to meet Wendy who's been waiting for a year plus for this chance to happen in our lives, she asked for my phone number during our Bangkok Meeting+Annual trip so we can keep in touch later, I was kinda surprised why Rambo didn't give my number to her all this time?

Rambo said he dare not give my mobile number to her as this lady boss is super duper busy, never even pick up his calls sometimes and it's better to respect my privacy for sure. Haha...back to KL, Rambo told me Wendy has mentioned to him that she never thought Jacinta is a friendly lady where Rambo told her, "Yea, she's sociable but she likes to keep low profile only." Wendy was wondering why I've been keeping myself quiet only during the meeting with all, but in actual of fact everyone in the company have 'salam'(greet) with me when I met them that afternoon including the young and the old ones. Even when I met all the staffs' spouses last year in Bukit Tambun Hotspring Resort, their spouses came to me saying long time didn't meet me already after 2 years gap as we're long time friends liao. 

We have known each other long time ago, more than 10 years growing up together in this company. I'm the chief's wife so obviously when we travelled anywhere also, I usually stayed attached with Nakamura and Rambo only as they're both the 'gila gila buddies' at all times. Occasionally, the rest like C.Lim and Tan who are chiefs also joined our group in sitting the same table during annual dinner together at hotel. Although C.Lim is another Rat Senior who's older than me 4 years but he's humble enough approaching to 'Da Jiu Fu'(greet) with me when we attended their year end travel/dinner together. We grew up old and happy together in this Japanese company for many years already and we definitely know how to respect each other like family members liao. 

No ego or higher status exists among us at all, be it the age gap or seniority in the company. I always reminds Rambo to stay humble because in this reality world of today's history, all along my life's journey experiences till today I'm 38 years old I have seen and heard enough many things liao to be able to know how to stay happy in life humbly. If you think you're rich, many people out there are richer than you, if you think you're pandai (intelligent), there's 'Yat Shan Gou Wan Yau Yat Shan Gou'(one high mountain, but more higher mountains) out there in the world and if you think you're pretty, many people out there are willing to sacrifice in pain to gain for the name of beauty. So just live truly happy for being the true you, you'll be beautiful from inside out living a wonderful life ahead of you when you know how to appreciate yourself superbly. You know how much you're worthy of, you don't need 'ying tung'(assurance) to reassure you to do great in anything you ventured into. Your happy soul will be able to tell you that, that deep feeling inside of you will naturally reflects in your happy smiles. 

I used to share with Rambo one good example of a successful person like Kawano San, who's the son of a Billionaire in Japan not only bows politely to me, wishing me 'Hajimemashite, Dozo Yoroshiku' when we 1st met in the company, he also told me that "Mr.Lim San(Rambo) really loves you very much. At 5.30pm sharp, nobody can asked him to do his job where they know he needs to be back at home for dinner with his beloved wife obediently". "Haha...Thanks", is all I can say to him. I knew both Rambo and Kawano San may have disputes or arguments in the company sometimes, but after working hours they're back being friends joining Nakamura for Japanese dinner on weekend sometimes. That's life, the men are actually a simple species kinda people, they never really hold any deep grudges in their lives. Life is really beautiful out there when you're able to spread your happy soul with many wonderful people around. Will share more in my next blog, Merry X'mas, have a merry, jolly X'mas in 2014!