Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Wisdom Of Compassion Rules

'Mou Wa Emm Sun Che', the Chinese used to say this meaningful sentence when unlucky events/things do happen along the journey of our lives. All the time when I attended the Health events, I got very lucky my name or number been called out for a lucky draw although I never really go for it at times. This year that morning, I met this old uncle aged in his 60's really 'Chai dou ngo tiu mei' (stepped on my Dragon tail) as I asked him politely to be considerate enough to give us more space as he's having so much space both left and right side and 4 of us were trying hard to squeeze our seats to face the stage like the sardines in the tin. Not only he didn't want to tolerate on it but make a big fuss out of the matter. I got so frustrated with him that I wanted to move to another table with Rambo, obviously my good friend and her mom would follow us along to the next table if I did. But then, his wife IY is my friend who had just arrived and called me "Good morning" and I was like fine, stay calm and cool about it. 

I tried letting go my anger towards him by chanting quietly deep in my heart, but then I told Grace later about this matter seriously I don't want to sit one table with him anymore that's for sure. She also believed that it's because of his negative, bad vibes that failed us all that whole day in getting lucky draw for our table. That's why, it's not that I wana blame him for the bad luck that day of not getting one lucky draw, but it's really 'Sui'(bad) to be close with this kinda bad attitude person. Now she believes in what I've told her many times to stay far, far away from those bad, negative people who can drown us down. She told me recently IY met one unfortunate robbery case just in front of her house that I asked IY about it, I sympathized on her bad lucks and I told her to stay more careful next time, even in front of her own house. There's a Chinese saying that says 'Po Choi Dong Joi' which means she may need to lose out prosperity that helps to prevent further unfortunate mishap/bad luck, she accept the fact of it.   

Later that afternoon also, my good friend told me her mom and she also beh tahan him, sharing one of the incident that happened between them. I told her, "Shuen lah, I always respect others and be considerate for all parties, that's why I asked politely. This kinda person is a total failure, I won't calculate much with him and I just treat him as invisible figure only." When Grace, EK and Rambo chat with me happily during the health event, we never include him in our conversations, none of them respect him anymore. Although deep in my heart, I have deep 'Tung Ching Sem'(compassionate heart) of blood flowing normally all over my body, but I have learned to let go things easily by forgetting the incident instantly. I didn't have much sympathy feelings for him when others treated him this way because he totally deserves it by his rude behaviour, egoistic and stubborn character that's really 'Hou Lan Ding'(hard to tolerate).

I told them to ignore him and stay happy like we always did at the events. Treat it as a good lesson today and stay away from this kinda bad person next time as I don't like to face with this kinda old man anymore. In fact, if not because of EK, I would have jumped to another table liao as I always act fast kinda girl, 'Bo tuo lei dai shui'(dragging things for long) one. Life is really short, so precious that I don't wana waste any of my time or energy arguing, fighting and battling with anyone to win a situation. I know what I did everyday is rightfully meaningful and going the right ways, so I rather conserve those limited energy level at this age of 38 to complete the important agendas of the day and planning for a better future 'Hou Guo'. Haha...the Dragon lady of me is very firm in her decisions, once I labelled you as wrong means you're out of the game already immediately.

I'm a Green Colour personality that falls under Donald Trump category kinda people, so maybe at times I may have mistaken as arrogant minding my own business to those people who don't know me well. Sometimes, I went to those events my eyes were focused only on the things I was looking for, they thought I ignored them until I've explained to them the truth. Haha...I do apologized to JQ when she saw me and called me, I really didn't see her at all and she said it's ok. Even Kel and Ash called me that day at Times Square, standing in front of me also my eyes were only staring at the skirt that caught my attention. Where's my manners, I was thinking? Jess also called me loudly when she's standing in front of me I didn't see her as I told her I was looking for toilet. I'm not doing it on purpose, that's for sure. So do call me the next time you meet me as I'm happy to meet friends that's for sure.

I always respect people who pays great respect to others. You respect me, I respect you for sure. I don't simply 'mencari tulang di dalam telur', finding faults with others. And till today, I have no regrets in my life to those I've scolded or told them off openly because that's what I really meant. If you don't know how to tolerate, respect the others and simply stepping on other people's privacy, then that's the right treatments that you should received. In this world, the world is turning round and smoothly all year round without failed, it doesn't revolve or involve only you in this world to proceed. I think the world will be a better place to live in even if missing the bad ones from the complete pretty puzzle, not into joining the happy crowd of ours, 'Siu let yat go yau emm siu'. Life still goes on happily without the bad rotten apples in our lives.

It's a 'fook hei'(fortune) if a friend is telling you where have you gone wrong, but because of the ego attitude in you, you tend to ignore and went to step on others with your chicken back side mouth. If you cannot control the speech sin of yours, then you better learn to control your emotions because one day, if you're not lucky enough you'll meet someone who likes to fight or ague like yourself then ended up in worst case scenarios like accidents, stabbing each other etc. Not everyone needs to stand your bad behaviour and bad attitudes in life. Everyone deserves to be happy in their own shoes, comfort zone so don't simply throw any tantrum or show off your 'Hak Yan Zeng' character just because you think you're so superior in life. Life is fair, karma is maha berkuasa. Nobody is perfect, so respect others and treat everyone nice as this world is a small, small world.

This year, my mom and her brother also got heated with a misunderstanding dilemma that involved the poison of materialistic world with greed(uncle) and arrogance(mom) issue. All the time I've already warned them and I knew this kinda arguments will tend to happen one day. I tried really hard to patch things up, with the two stubborn+wrongful minds to be stick back together was kinda impossible with many rumours from others' stories, more into saying my mom was wrong about it. Yea, maybe my mom was wrong at the 1st place where I told her she's at fault after hearing all sides of stories, but doesn't mean you cannot forgive her for doing so much for you throughout the years. And I knew they're just spoilt, ungrateful souls that happen to have good luck in their lives because of my Uncle Ta who made a lifetime promise to my grandfather to take good care of the family only. For me, I won't spoiled them like what my mom and Uncle Ta did for them so long. 

No point of treating them so kind sometimes because they never appreciate anyone who did good for them. That's why his wife left him for acting immaturely, I've been quite close with his wife before who's a nice person and I totally understand her predicaments she had no choice but to leave the family. I only sympathized my brother that's left with no mom because of him who likes to play the blame game on others. And I always judge on the situation of the case 'Dui Si, Emm Dui Yan', not judging the people who did wrongly. People like my mom can be 'geram' with them, but she's related with them she had no choice but to 'Yan'(tolerate) them patiently all the time. I never give face to them one, I usually would tell them off because they don't deserved to be respected at all. If you want respect, you need to learn how to respect the others 1st. As simple as that, that's life, C'est la vie!    

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