Monday, December 8, 2014

Happiness Push Up Button

This is what I called a simple blessing being able to spend a relaxing Sunday with jolly X'mas shopping, reading magazines and dining at the mall from am to pm. is good and smooth, I'm grateful and thankful to God that's for sure. It's not easy to find time like this to rest and relax as recently I was too busy with real tight schedules of mine, I need to postpone my facial and hair spa pampering to December month. But at the end of the day, once my hardwork with great perseverance has finally paid up handsomely, I think it's totally worthy of my precious time to 'Ganbatte' for it. Perseverance is the key to all triumph. And when Rambo came back reporting to me he had bank-in the payment to me, he kept saying this 'Si Tau Po' (Lady Boss) is getting richer and richer, but I told him "Stay humble about it, do more good deeds, it will come rolling to you easily and abundantly for sure."

One thing for sure, I'm never stingy in sharing my life stories and business thoughts with my family and friends. In fact, I always encouraged everyone to do their own business no matter how big or small it can be. When MS told me she's facing with health issue, everyone have been asking her to close down her business I told her "No, that's not the way it should be. It's already been established, let it go on and proceed as it is. Once your health is strong enough, get back on track with more enthusiasm and optimism spirit to soar it even higher high up in the sky." I know it's not easy to stay motivated all the time but try to find a good mentor or a partner to sail the yacht with you. I maybe strong in my Dragon character, but I always asked for advise and opinions from successful friends of mine because I like to go straight way to success. Haha...I bo patient kinda lady, I do my things fast and furious! 

Just like Rambo's good traits of patience and perseverance, I've learned so much from him and 'Tau Si' a bit of his discipline ways of being a good follower during this 8 years of partnership, if not I may end up like the Rabbit and Tortoise Story - 'Zhui 9 tiu kai ngo dou zhui emm seong'(9 roads ahead of me also I can't catch up with him). That's why my love for him grew stronger and stronger, and the admiration we have for each other grew more and more each day. He really loves me very much, and I know he's very sincere to me to the extent he would asked me what I wished to buy every month for a shopping spree just to please me joyfully. Sometimes, I even chance upon a dashing cool Jaguar on the road and he said, "Let's go Jaguar Car showroom" but I told him, "No lah, admire for fun is good enough." 

"Remember I've shared one positive article with you, it's not the car you drive everyday that can put you to a higher status than the others but when you die, God will weight up what good deeds have you cultivated during your lifetime and the more you did good the better chance you can go up to heaven." Then he said, "Yea, I remember. Maybe after you have test drive it, you may have other thoughts about this." Haha...he maybe right but my strong mental strength is much better than that as I always 'Fan Sik' to him the pros and cons in committing something we don't need in our lives. Buddhism keeps us grounded in life, living simple life with simple little things like reading and singing already brighten up my days happily. Most important thing in life that really matters is having a good health. No health, no wealth! 

No matter how much money you have in the bank also cannot guarantee to save you from critical illness sometimes. My mom just told me her colleague aged 37 has passed away last month due to flu and cough. I told my mom, he must have got infected by virus or bacteria and she confirmed to me yes, he did. Like I always told everyone, don't treat flu or cough as a minor problem only as once your immune system is weak, cough or flu is the initial stage that can get you into more serious problem. That's why I always asked Lynette, "Did you drink Yakult everyday?" She replied me, "Yes, but that day mommy forgot to buy it for us again." Haha...I laugh out loud and told her, "Mommy forgot, you keep reminding her until she bought it for you." She replied me, "Ok!" 

Before I walk the talk, I make sure I remember to take one Yakult a day to keep the doctor away, besides taking the miraculous Cellfood that I've been encouraging others to take it for good health. Obviously I wana see everyone staying healthy and happy, not seeing anyone's status updating any of my friends who have passed away due to sickness or illness. Everyone is battling with something deep inside of them, some may shared it openly, some don't but burying it deep inside of them and some only sharing it with close family and friends. Whatever the situation it may be, I suggest that we should share it openly to all so that everyone can give you the support you need to battle it together. Never walk alone in a bad situation like this because there's nothing to feel ashamed about it at all. Everyone will go through hard journey like this eventually, sooner or later only.

If Rambo didn't share my health status with his colleagues in Bangkok, Thailand during his leadership convention many years ago, he wouldn't have come across what Cellfood is all about and I wouldn't have live happily ever after till today I'm 38 years old, coming to 39 next year. I have never seen Rambo so star struck before by asking me to take a picture of him and the CEO together for great memories together during the Cellfood Annual Dinner at Sunway Resort Hotel many years ago, I even told him that. He told me he was very grateful to Cellfood and the CEO is actually the son of Cellfood creator, who helped him saved my life back to normal so that's why he wana thanked him personally. Rambo is another grateful soul I've known over the years, that's why God gave him good blessings in life. What goes around, comes around!

Just like Jamie my new bestie, both Rambo and Jamie are Chinese educated people, although they're not outspoken like me who can expressed my feelings freely but both of them know how to stay grateful 'Gan En' to others, always stayed very thankful to Amituofo all the time. People like them are very simple, pure-minded and happy living the days with glory, they're not greedy so good things keep coming real smoothly for them without really asking hard for it. After Rambo banked-in the money for me he usually asked, "Did you send any laws of attraction to universe for more money and how did you asked for it?" "I did, but 1st of all, you need to build your foundation firmly on the ground 1st. I maybe lazy but I work hard and smart for it too. Money only falls down from the sky occasionally, do some charity if you did and the rest will sail on smoothly eventually with a beautiful rainbow surrounding you gracefully."

Rambo then will follow my secret by applying the laws of attraction to the universe, asking for more prosperity early in the morning before he goes to work. He always called us the beauty and the beast, but I stopped him from having this thought and pushing him to stay positive in life everyday. He should picture himself as the prince charming, having more faith and confidence in himself only he will become one prince real soon. The laws of attraction works when you're positive, strong and motivated enough to achieve your golden dreams excitedly. 'The Secret' works when you're generous enough to share with people who appreciates your good intentions, and that's when both would get the chance to benefit the good fortunes together. Success only exists when you're strong and capable enough to uplift the others to succeed with you, not staying at the top alone. That's life, c'est la vie!

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