Monday, August 10, 2015

Autumn Rhythm 2015

You may not know them, but people are watching you and know who you are. Many coincidences happened to cross into my daily life, but let me share one of it 1st today. There was this Zalora Naelofar event in KL Hilton before the Hari Raya, so happened this business writer walked from P1 carpark with me to Hilton KL function room and he asked if I'm going for the MBSB Property Launch event but I replied him, "No, the next one which is ZALORA." We bid goodbyes after that and we met again last Saturday at Watsons event. He remembered that I went for the Watsons Haircare launch and asking my feedbacks about it. 

All of us had a great chat about beauty products, somehow prompted me to go for shopping after the event. I always liked to mingle around with brilliant writers like him who somewhere, somehow broaden up my intellectual level and experiences I have never thought about esp.when he touched on the important things about my blog. He did inspired me but my blog will always remained as one of the many passions in my exciting life, not more than that. Everyday, I'm learning something new about life, people and even about myself. It's important to improve our lives every now and then, learning from each other or from the experts. 

It's so important to mix with great people who can give you honest opinions, experiences of people who 'Sik Yim Duo Go Lei Sik Fan'(eat more salt than you eat rice) who can guide you to a higher level of understanding in life and empowered you to excel the best that you can do about your life. Doesn't mean you're a Director who earned 5 figure salary, you can 'goyang kaki', 'Yan Yan Geok liao' by staying stagnant, doing nothing about your life. You can still enjoy life and still striving for more, better things to happen into your life in the near future. There's always many chances and opportunities out there you can try to explore and do in life.

Everyday I like to go for a chat with successful people, friends and my family to share about life. No judgement, no competition and no condemnation on anyone of us because we're all just humans, we tend to make mistakes all along the way. But having good friends to point it out to us, showing us the right ways to live a good life and uplifting us to 'Ganbatte' better everyday is our good fortune actually. Life is hard actually I know esp. recently I heard many of my family and friends 'sen' to me, I totally have deep compassion towards their hardship in life. No one had it easy in life except those who were born with a silver spoon like Paris Hilton or Ivanka Trump who have such fabulous life all the time, perfected with a happy family figure. 

The last time Rambo came back to purposely have lunch with me I told him I was meeting my good friend LL who has planned our lunch meeting many months ago so I had no choice but to go for it and promised to have lunch with him the next day. Rambo and I have tonnes of topics to talk about, be it on business, Buddhism and family chat so we did our very best to stay connected for lunch, dinner and at home whenever we can. We did our very best to give Malaysia the most business from Japanese buyers but most of them prefer to go China and Vietnam(not because of pretty ladies but it's more cheaper there). This time for the company yearly competition, I encouraged Rambo and his best partner Tan to win back the title from China back to Malaysia, and both of them feel the same way like I did.

China bolot almost everything from us. Malaysia is getting less business now but still surviving because we never give up in life. In fact, while the company took some carpet deals from Turkey, we also managed to secure the Malaysian company carpet business for real long liao. At the end of the day, we are cheaper than Turkey and although it's not hand-made like the Turkish magic carpet, it's still made from good materials and same comfy quality like Turkey. I'm using one of them in my living room and after witnessing the real magic carpet ride at Turkey's grand showroom(no cameras are allowed), I think that the Turkish charged exorbitant price in USD to tourists who are interested in their signature magic carpet.

Many of my tour members who are medium-class tourists got surprisingly amazed with their super duper special carpets. In fact, many of them got fascinated with their lovely designs including Rambo and I. They have hundreds and thousands of alluring style and designs for you to choose from. You are free to splurge on any sizes and types of carpets that you fancy like the tiny carpet decor on the wall, yoga carpet or the big grand ones with superb comfy quality. But when they asked how much was it, they got so shocked with the overly price charged even with the so-called government discounts+tax-free final  price and they left. Only a malay couple bought the tiny little carpet with Islamic theme on wall decoration for about RM2100+. 

Thank God I have one lovely Malaysian magic carpet at home, or else I'll be yearning for one of the amazing magic carpet to bring back home too. Most of It were amazingly beautiful and wonderful. In fact, I fell in love with a few designs of it and I can afford to buy it if I wanted to, but it's not worth it like I told Rambo. Mr. Ang's family also loved the small carpet with Christianity meaning to it but it cost about RM8000 if not mistaken, they totally backed out from it. Sometimes, we got very tempted to buy it at that moment and maybe we can afford to own it but is it necessary or not? Others were keen too but they got totally heart broken when they knew about the high prices charged for their chosen stunning pieces costing thousands of dollars in USD.  

Travelling to see the world makes you see many surprises and things even during shopping trips that most of them were looking forward to. The Malaysians especially, they prefer to go shopping rather than sight-seeing historical places in Turkey. None of us were interested anyway esp.when the sunshine shining through us like burning our skin to death like that. Such a waste as our tour guide is a Professor who had PhD with Doctorate title. He even taught us Turkish language on the 2nd day of our trip but everytime he wished us Good Morning in Turkish, none of us knows how to reply him except Rambo. Shyuen told me Rambo was a good student in this trip, the rest of us are bad students in which I totally agreed with her statement this time. Haha...That's life, more to blog about Turkey in my next blog. Stay tuned!                     

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