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Defining the Future of Skincare - Two unique innovations unveiled at KOSÉ SkinTech 2015

I was so glad I made it that morning to this futuristic beauty world KOSÉ SkinTech 2015 as I've been an avid fan of KOSÉ brand since many years ago. In fact, almost everyday I'm pampering myself with KOSÉ mask from Japan that I loved so much because it's easy to use and managed to give me soft, smooth skin ever. I have never looked back since the day I 1st discovered the amazing mask I bought from Japan Honshu holiday. I grabbed about 5 boxes of it after I've tried it in Tokyo and finishing all the 5 boxes of it, my hubby Rambo would asked his Japanese colleagues or his best buddy Nakamura to get it for me as many boxes as I wished.

Haha...talking about the beauty world, I even shared with a few writers early morning at this media launch that the last time I talked about the Cosme Decorte brand in February 2015 before DECORTE rebranding its name this August month, I super duper loved the Moisture Liposome Serum. A journalist from Johor, yay same kampung with me, she went and bought the whole Cosme Decorte skincare including the ML Serum I told her about. She told me she bought about RM1000+ including the Cosme Decorte Cellgenie Mask we both fell in love at the same time during the media launch event. You can read all about it at 

After 2 months of using the whole skincare range plus the Cosme Decorte Lotion we both had from the media launch, her face is now glowing like a beautiful Snow White. So flawless, radiant and smooth she actually took my hand to feel it myself. Seeing is believing, but after touching her skin I'm even more convinced that whatever compliments I have showered about Cosme Decorte products was so true. That night itself, I took out all my precious Cosme Decorte products that I kept nicely and splashed it luxuriously on my skin because I wanted to look beautiful having smooth and flawless skin like her, as soon as I can. 

Since 1946, KOSÉ Corporation has been working passionately to search for the essence of beauty. For decades, the Japanese multinational beauty company has been producing innovative skincare products based on extensive research, using a combination of nature and science to produce unsurpassed results.

2015 marks the start of an exciting future for KOSÉ Corporation as the company unveils today, the inspiring tale of innovation behind two new key products from its most well-loved prestigious brands INFINITY KOSÉ and COSME DECORTE.

Kojic Acid technology is from gastronomic tradition to perfect skin clarity. Lovers of Japanese culture will be familiar with rice wine, soy sauce and miso (fermented bean paste), but did you know that all these would not have been possible without the addition of Koji?

Gourmet food aside, Koji is a specific type of mould spore that occurs on steamed rice and it contains Kojic Acid, which is the star ingredient in a few of KOSÉ’s whitening skincare series includingINFINITY KOSÉ REALIZING WHITE XXand COSME DECORTE WHITELOGIST MX.

In 1907, Kojic Acid was discovered by the Japanese. Around 1975, research was carried out on its whitening effects, mainly due to the observation that the hands of miso and rice wine makers appeared fair and bright. In 1988, Kojic Acid was approved as a whitening agent by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labourand Welfare.

Thanks to a unique fermentation (bio-technology) method, KOSÉ is able to obtain 100% pure Kojic Acid. This naturally-sourced substance has smaller molecules than general whitening agents, and is therefore able to penetrate into skin more effectively.

Akinobu Hayashi, General Manager, Advanced Cosmetic Research Laboratories in KOSÉ Corporation, explained how Kojic Acid works on the skin to lighten dark spots. “Pigmentation occurs due to a few reasons: UV exposure, inflammation, hormonal changes, stress, visceral imbalance and also genes. As a result of these ‘aggravations’, we get liver spots, age spots, freckles and inflammatory scars.”

“These dark spots are caused by the effects of Tyrosinase, which contains copper ions. When our skin is exposed to UV rays, the copper ions send messages to the Tyrosinase to start working, resulting in melanin production and pigmentation. Kojic Acid works effectively on dark spots by ‘circumcising’ the copper ions so that they fail to activate the Tyrosinase. This allows Kojic Acid to control the action of Tyrosinase, thus preventing melanin production. Kojic Acid is found to be effective in controlling and lightening the four main types of pigmentation I mentioned earlier,” he continued.

The latest whitening beauty product that incorporates Kojic Acid is the INFINITY KOSÉ REALIZING WHITE STICK XX. It innovatively delivers the naturally-derived active whitening ingredient kojic acid to skin zones with dark spots through a stick-type serum. Experiments were repeatedly conducted to come up with a formula that accurately targets the root cause of pigmentation spots, and for the first time, KOSÉ incorporateda highly adhesive oil to create this stick-type serum. When the stick is applied directly to zones prone to blemishes, the formula tightly seals the area off with an intensive, rich formula, delivering kojic acid to the root cells.

Kojic acid is also incorporated in Whitelogist MX, a whitening serum under COSME DECORTE. It works side by side with another active ingredient, m-CLOSER, and is delivered directly to melanocytes—the cells that produce the pigments that lead to dark spots. It goes deep into the skin to prevent dark spots and freckles, almost as if the skin absorbs it, creating a bright illuminating white complexion.  

A liposome is a tiny bubble made of phospholipids or the same material as a cell membrane measuring 0.1 to 0.2 microns. As cells measure 60 to 80 microns, liposomes are much smaller than skin cells. Thanks to its capsule format, it can be filled with active agents and deliver them to target areas in our skin before releasing them at designated timing. In addition, liposomes have moisturising properties, and are therefore capable of providing moisture.

The liposome technology was first applied to COSME DECORTE DUMOLLE skincare range in 1986. It went on to launch MOISTURE LIPOSOME in 1992 after the successful development of multi-layered liposome, which iscapable of encapsulating larger amounts of active ingredients. To date, MOISTURE LIPOSOMEis one of the brand’s bestselling products, and liposome technology has since been used not only for skincare products, but virtually in all COSME DECORTE’s base, eye and lip products.

It’s been nearly 30 years since the birth of liposome technology in skincare, and this year, COSME DECORTE is set to offer women a cutting-edge discovery that will help them achieve an unprecedented level of skin beauty. The all-new Liposome Treatment Liquid, the industry’s first multi-layered liposome lotion that revitalises ‘skin capacitors’ and instantly improves a weakened stratum corneum(or the outermost layer of the epidermis) will be unveiled. This high-performance lotion addresses roughness, dryness and dullness in aging skin, as well as irregular texture caused by the weakening of the stratum corneum.

Noboru Naito, Executive Director and Director of Research & Development Division in KOSÉ Corporation, explained further on the rationale behind the creation of Liposome Treatment Liquid. “We’ve discovered that there’s a substance between the layers of the stratum corneum, known as ‘skin capacitors’. This is the mechanism that allows skin to retain moisture. Skin with larger ‘skin capacitors’ are able to absorb and retain more nutrients, improving the barrier function and in turn, maintaining its healthy, beautiful condition. Some of the distinctive benefits of this treatment liquid includes refined skin texture, minimized pores, visible clarity and improved moisture retention ability,” said Dr. Naito.

The liposome technology deployed in COSME DECORTE Liposome Treatment Liquid is greatly enhanced to retain lotion containing multi-layered liposome in the stratum corneum, allowing the liposome to increase skin capacitor size and inject active ingredients and nutrients to the skin. These new and original active ingredients developed for Liposome Treatment Liquid are from plant extracts. Among their many functions and benefits include anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation properties to boost cell activity; and stimulate production of natural chemicals in our skin to promote moisturising and formation of healthy keratin layer.

It’s apparent that KOSÉ Corporation has come a long way since its humble beginnings in Japan. Masaaki Hara, Managing Director of KOSÉ Malaysia, comments, “We’re now available to millions of women in 17 countries worldwide, with a strong focus in the Asian markets.

We’ve always been in the forefront of product innovation, creating the world’s first skincare essence in 1975, and the world’s first powder foundation in 1976. We have four research facilities which are dedicated to innovating cosmetic culture and suggesting new lifestyles to make the entire experience more enjoyable and current. From providing customers with top-notch service to incorporating luxurious designs into our products, we pride ourselves on being able to provide KOSÉ users with the best beauty experience ever.”

About KOSE Corporation 
Since the creation of the company in 1946, KOSÉ Corporation has become one of the most innovative beauty companies. From humble beginnings in Japan, the company has grown to reach millions of women in 17 countries around the world, with 25 core brands, ranging from self-selection brands found in drugstores and pharmacies, to prestige and high prestige brands that retail at counters and stores where customers experience the full service and treatment.

In Malaysia, three of KOSE’s prestigious brands -- SEKKISEI, INIFINITY KOSÉ and COSME DECORTE are available

In year 2000, the company was listed with the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, which was a big accomplishment for a Japanese beauty company.

For decades, KOSÉ Corporation has been working passionately to search for the essence of beauty. The company’s core lies in its innovative research, top quality, comfortable design and excellent service. It has been producing innovative skincare products based on extensive research, using a combination of nature and science to produce unsurpassed results.

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