Tuesday, August 11, 2015

L'Oréal HydraFresh Skincare Review

In my last Spring holiday in Shanghai China, I chance upon L'Oréal HydraFresh skincare products with attractive pink packaging. I wanted to buy it but the security guard advised me to put down all my shopping bags outside before going in. I find it very troublesome so I decided to wait for Rambo and as time slipping by, I didn't want to be late so we left the supermarket and I totally forgot about it until last June month.

Back to Malaysia, one afternoon while shopping at Guardian I saw this pretty pink packaging again and one of my friend who's into beauty world has been asking me the efficacy of this latest L'Oréal HydraFresh Night Mask-In Jelly. L'Oréal Malaysia was kind enough to send me the whole set of L'Oréal HydraFresh skincare for review, thank you very much. I got very excited about it and started using it already on that night itself.

L'Oréal HydraFresh Night Mask-In Jelly pretty pink packaging has already captured my heart and soul to fall totally in love with it, and after I started to pamper it all over my face and neck with its divine rejuvenating scent, I feel so relaxing, soothing and calming all at once. After applying toner and night serum, I put on lots of this jelly mask on my dehydrated skin to lock-in the moisture before I go to sleep.

I didn't notice how hydrated it was until that day I can see a film of shining glow on my face after I woke up from my blissful sleep. Surprisingly a wonderful experience for me because I thought it will moisturise my skin effortlessly that's for sure, just never thought that this mask is able to give me a healthy radiant glow as well. Fantastic feeling and totally loving it like my best friend ever!

L'Oréal HydraFresh skincare range have another fabulous 'Foam With Hydration Serum Facial Cleanser' that not only smells refreshingly revitalising to me, it also managed to cleanse my skin without drying my skin at all. At this age of mine, I can't simply use any foaming cleanser for my skin nowadays, but this cleanser is my new lovely beauty baby of all time now. I never failed to use it every morning and evening and kinda hooked looking forward to enjoy the creamy fine foam pampered on my skin. Haha...My skin is so soft, smooth and hydrated after having the gentle cleansing ritual on my skin for as long as I can. 

This latest L'Oréal HydraFresh Cleanser Foam With Serum somewhere, somehow managed to put a good impression and heralding my trust in loving the L'Oréal brand for my beauty vanity care in many years already. I totally fell in love with this L'Oréal HydraFresh skincare range and fully recommending it to all the beauty afficionados who would like to try out new beauty skincare at all the leading pharmacies near to you. For more infos, check out L'Oréal Paris Malaysia ahttps://www.facebook.com/lorealparismalaysia

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