Tuesday, August 4, 2015

innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum Review

My Review:
I never realised how hydrated this innisfree green tea seed serum means to me until one day, I need to do some washing my hands got too dry, I failed to find my hand cream so I happened to grab this serum for an immediate emergency calling. Instantly, it managed to help soothing and moisturised my very dry hands to softer, smoother hands after that. In fact, I love to pamper myself spreading it all over my both hands with the serum after applying it all over my face+neck. Now, I know the reason why Jamie has been applying hand cream on her hands all the time along our China holiday because dry hands actually causing us to feel so uncomfortable at times like this.  

After applying toner in the morning, I pumped 2 pumps of this serum and spread it all over my face plus neck for total hydration pampering. Most of the time, my skin is very dehydrated due to the lack of water in my body no matter how much water intake I may have gulp into my body system. My beautician always said my skin is quite dry. Only last month in June, my beautician said considered my skin is normal and good enough for my age group. I believe this instant-absorption innisfree green tea seed serum is working for me because it managed to provide deep moisture and able to retain the moisture level for my dehydrated skin. 

I like the watery serum that smells refreshingly rejuvenating for me especially in the morning, the natural green tea scent helps to wake me up instantly. And for a big bottle of 80ml serum that cost RM90 seemed quite affordable for many beauty afficionados. I remembered I recommended a malay writer who asked me about innisfree skincare, she told me she bought it liao and really loving it too. Haha...I guess we the women will never stop sharing about beauty, health and wellness whenever we meet and we tend to shop for it as soon as we can whenever we're free to do so. That's life!            

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