Monday, August 17, 2015

The Laws Of The Good Deeds Nature

Recently just like what I've shared with Rambo many times, my cravings for certain good food is kinda killing me softly with wonders. Ironically, my laws of attraction is so powerful that whatever food I've been crazily craving about will suddenly appear before me and come true real splendidly for me. One thing for sure I'm not pregnant that's for sure, but I'm just a Wai Sik Queen who's having itchy taste buds wanting to taste good food intown only. Just like the last incident that happened to cross into my life is that I was craving for French Croissant that afternoon and I happened to enjoy the best of the best Croissant from Shangri-La Hotel. It's not just one of the best, but the best of the best yummy Croissant I ever had in my life. 

The ironic part is this yummy croissant didn't come originally from France, or Italy and Germany countries although I do enjoyed their croissant for breakfast during my Europe holidays there. Rambo looked at me in disbelief and kept probing me why I didn't invite him to enjoy the lovely mini hi-tea I had here in Shangri-La. Haha...I was attending the exclusive Celine Sale event for awhile only I reasoned with him, while waiting for my family and friends to answer my wazzapp whether they wanted to buy those bags or not. Once I got their replies, I 'kap kap geok' rushing away from there to another event liao with a great fortune of happy stomach having such delicious hi-tea of my lifetime.

In fact, my favourite place for good food be it for Hi-Tea, Buffet Lunch & Dinner, Chinese or Grill Lounge, Shangri-La Hotel had never disappoint me even once. That's one of the reason why Rambo wanted to hold our wedding at Shangri-La Hotel because I always told him Shangri-La Hotel is very classy with luxury that's truly lovely, and most importantly must serve good food during wedding dinner to guests. But I was glad I did the full Vegan Wedding dinner as to cultivate good deeds for my family and friends who came to our wedding blissfully. They'll be blessed with great fortune and have good life ahead together with us by sparing the animal killings esp. the pity piglets. I even told my dear Lynette about it as she falls under the Pig Year, she laughed out loud.

Speaking of Laugh Out Loud - LOL subject matter, my dear LeAnne was asking me last Saturday "What is BRB?" I told her it stands for "Be Right Back" and she was like "Like that also can." That's the trend of you youngsters chat nowadays, making the others esp.the adults looked so foolish. My friend Eric used to ask me "What's LOL?" during our Poker Buddies chats online many years ago. When I told him the answer of Laugh Out Loud, he got so astounded by it and said why on earth everyone need to chat online in this short form manner, he didn't understand at all. He couldn't take it at all and prefer that we can chat face to face having gatherings together. That's why Chariz always laugh at them being slow that made me laugh so much. 

My dear Ying Shan heard me talking about this LOL story so she shared one Youtube video clip with me that made me laughed out loud so much, real loudly. Rambo was so 'kepoh' he came and joined 4 of us watching it together. Haha...we laughed out loud so much where Ying Shan asked me, "Funny right" and I confirmed to her, "Yea, so funny and the boy is cute too." We had so much fun having good times, great taste last week while watching the World Badminton Championship together. There's only one Malaysian Badminton player Lee Chong Wei to cheer for now to win our glory back. If not, I'm not very keen to watch the Badminton match recently. At least, he made it to the final to make us proud and giving us reason to shout for our beloved country Malaysia.

Never ever give up life or our goals that easily. Just last Friday, Tom called me again to meet up for a chat after the few failed attempts due to my busy schedules. I was glad I made it this time because I was supposed to have a great lunch with Rambo at Hotel Seri Petaling that day when he's having a business meeting with his Japanese buyers there, but I cancelled it off to make time for Tom and planning next lunch with Rambo this week. Haha...even my hubby and I need to reschedule time now because masing-masing sibuk, really busy with our own schedules and I didn't have time to go to the bank also. I need a good bodyguard to accompany me to go to the bank now.

I'm kinda lazy nowadays to go anywhere also as a Queen Bee because when I'm focused to complete my projects, I'm very 'Tau Yap' to finish it off that kinda girl. Anyone calling me also I won't pick up, any special events that comes with great goodies also no point and any influential party inviting me also no cure one. Haha...I just wana complete my things and have a total peace of mind everyday. In fact, I've been telling Tom the same thing during our gathering last Friday that no matter what happened to us in life, never give up life too easily. God has given him the signal to stop the stress and slow it down with illness like Thyroid that got him blanked out and hospitalised, it means he needs to take life easy from now on. "Don't play play, life is real short my friend," I reminded him again.

As a conclusion or summary to our serious talk last gathering, I also reminded him to do more good deeds to be able to enjoy a good and smooth life. Think positive thoughts and act selflessly from now on, he totally agreed with me. He suddenly rose up, get motivated to my advise saying yea, he's going to start doing more good deeds from now on as it's been a long time he didn't do any good deeds like before. I advised Mei Sze the same old folk story about doing good and thinking good things with the water crystals experiment story, she promised me she would in order to live a good life ahead of her. Doesn't mean you're born a Dragon, you'll be lucky forever or can conquer the world without doing anything about it when Tom asked me in this year of Sheep, will the Dragons gonna have a fabulous year or not.

Just like the Wevents Red Event last Friday night, Rambo was surprised I asked him to pay RM50 for this party because that night I had another event but I didn't go for that, instead I came for this Red event. I have promised my good friend EK to have fun with her when I was having a Summer vacation in Turkey besides supporting her to get the best dressed award too. I knew she made such great effort to dress up like the Red Dolly Kelly so what is RM50 to me nowadays? It means alot to me but my friendship worth much more valuable to me than the RM50 as after the event, all of us have great times together with Grace sitting next to me on the left side and EK on my right side.

I was happy for my bestie having to win one of the best dressed finalist, at least she won manicure spa voucher worth RM100 where she asked me to join her for spa together as I got selected too. I didn't take much efforts like many of them who wore Red Dress with Tiara or purposely bought a new Red Dress for this function. I have tonnes of Red Dresses, long, wavy, short, lace etc. but like I said I was so busy and lazy nowadays, I didn't take the initiative at all to 'Ban Leng Leng' like them. Grace already told me that I looked gorgeous in everything Red, should be chosen as well but I didn't wana compete with my bestie and I just wana enjoy the party with them only.

Asking me to go up the stage with the rest is like dragging me up to face the final test. I'm not in the mood for competition, I prefer to stay low profile and laughing out loud only with my friends at this party. Nowadays when I attend any events, suddenly those photographers came to me and calling me "Good morning". And I was so stunned I replied them, "Good morning, you are?""I'm BBB, now working for NTV7. Before this I took pictures for you at the OceanLab event and many other events." "Thank you, I really appreciates it," I thanked him gratefully and we started to talk, exchanging name cards that brings good result of it. Haha...Nowadays, everywhere I go I tend to meet many people who called me out of nowhere during lunch, shopping or events, with no appointments and from all parts around the world. 

It's so weird but truly, oddly and casually happening to me, everyday of my life. There was this Astro Chinese Editor of a magazine told me she knew who I was since last year but dare not befriending me. But after knowing me now, she always came to say Hi to me and we started to have a good chat liao as 'Yan Kap Yan Yuen' just like my brother Ahboy who's a Monkey and also a Scorpion who clicked well with me like the inseparable twins. After we both got married where he fully supporting me to choose Rambo as my hubby, we seldom get to meet like before but he's always my best buddy brother who's supportive of me and vice versa. A good relationship needs alot of great effort to stay happily together, so cherish the good ones and treasure them like the precious gems. Life is short, so start live life to the fullest you can!


  1. Oh you did a full vegan wedding? That's nice :)

    1. Yea Henry, I did the full Vegan wedding with vegetarian piglet that comes along with the set. You can consider doing it for your wedding in future because cultivating good deeds like this will 'Gam Dung the Tin!'