Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fortitude Is My Attitude

Last night Rambo came back from a meeting, shared a picture with me and excitedly told me, "Tq my lovely wife for letting me go for this meeting because I get to meet this malay hero who earned RM500,000+ per month. Such a great celebrity he is now that everyone in this weekly meeting mostly the malays (Chinese meeting falls on Tuesday) also wanted to take a picture with him.See, I told you he's a plain-looking guy who wears just a plain shirt with no brand and a nice guy too." Jac: "Yea, I always said that to you what. 'Yan Pat Ho Mau Seong' and never judge a book by its cover. I especially respect people who are humble and nice, not because he's having higher status, rich or whatsoever reasons." 

Rambo: "He's so nice to share his secret of success with everyone of us." Jac: " enjoy lah. Great for you. In fact, today I was glad to meet my dear friend at this exclusive event too and she reminded me to meet up again at Hotel Seri Petaling for the great lunch we had early this year. Those arrogant ones who thought they're somebody I heard not so good and smooth life for them and I thought to myself, God love humble people and I know he played it fair and square. Be nice, humble and thankful to Amituofo that you're healthy, you'll be good that's for sure!" Rambo: "Yes, I believe so. Tq again baby, enjoy your movie lah!" Jac: "Yea, to be continue tomorrow!"

And so I continue watching my favourite TV series of Gossip Girls, Devious Maids after our meaningful conversation. Seeing him got so motivated sharing one of his important agendas with me somewhere, somehow empowered me to do better too. Haha...I'm glad to see him get motivated in life just like old times. I adores to see him speaking at leadership conferences, meetings and company events. He made me feel so proud of him, besides supporting him 100% to success forever. Watching Gossip Girls nowadays reminded me many of my younger years' memories in the corporate world working in multinational companies. It managed to reflect many of my great memoirs being a socialite for my company functions and social events as well. 

Just like in the Gossip Girls TV show, Serena and Blair got spotted at parties and events and often got themselves dipped into hot soup of scandalous events, some maybe true but some might not be the real truth of it all. They can be bitchy at times having selfish characters or acting like the big bullies, fighting each other for the top spotlight. I liked to mingle around with all walks of people, from the CEO, Head of Departments to all executive levels of the company. Being labelled under the elite group at company events can be challenging at times because we're expected to be the best of the best PR for the company. Every events or parties, we need to attend till late at night but management treat us well and cherished us like the celebrities of the company. We get all the perks and benefits that's for sure. 

Sometimes I even heard those elite group friends sharing with me they got so frustrated with the high society group when the others asked them which rank of Datuk they are in because there are many rankings one you know. They responded "Walau eh, like that also can." Haha...If you have decided to join this group of elite or super duper high society people like them, who thought they're much superior and better than you, be prepared to get stone or thrown of arrogance shit onto you every now and then. You chose which route to pass through, so you need to bear with them or dare to bare it all with them. 

Not only at the events, but all the time you need to stay alert to be rich, high class with luxury or you'll be caught red-handed anytime people wish to bring you down when they knew you're better than them. You cannot be richer than them, if one day you're driving Jaguar, the others who loathe you so much, they may get a better Rolls Royce car instead. Just like one of the famous Filipino Elite residing here in Malaysia for years liao, there's this blogger who loves to blog about rich and famous people in Malaysia and covering many exclusive events where that day I saw my fame-hunger friend also shared one of the event on his Facebook.

I met this blogger many times and like I said, this is a small small world where my sis told me they met at her boss's grand events, he looked down on her because she's not into investing much on her branded wardrobe while he's always on the branded clothings that got him to win best-dress award too. Once he was even standing next to me because we both won the best-dressed award together at the sexy party, such a small world to me. I met him at many of the classy, luxury events also and such a coincidence, he's sitting at the same boat with me at one of the media event at Kuala Selangor.

While his partner who's a he turned to a she-celebrity offered his hand holding my right hand and another Khoon Hooi Celebrity was holding my left hand to make sure I get on the boat safely, he was rushing everyone to wash our legs after the muddy event hurriedly. Not only he looked down on those people who didn't dress well like my sis who disliked him, I heard he's always leeching money, fame and status from the billionaire socialite, following her travel to Europe and taking money from her. So what is that to be proud of then when my sis is having many properties all by her own hardwork, not leeching anything from anyone at all.

And when sometimes my sis are doing some serious accounting projects with new clients like Datin M, she asked me if I know her well or not? I replied her honestly, "Not really but I always met her at many of the events and just last year, we passed by each other at a VIP party she smiled at me and we even sat at the next table to each other having great moments at the party together. She's not 'Ba Pai', quite friendly one and smiley although her face may looked frozen a bit. "Oh yea, speaking about frozen face, do you think she did any plastic surgery?" my sis was asking me. I said, "Yes, definitely!" 

Actually she's a nice socialite who did many good deeds from what I've read those magazines about her." My sis said, "Yea, she's nice, bo arrogant one" and I concluded to say that "That's what really matters at the end of the day." I also heard that her hubby 'main kayu tiga', betraying her with another woman that got me very surprised about it because she had such a happy family staying in a big bungalow featured in the magazine. Like I always said I really don't know what the men really wanted in their lives, got money and status already, they wanted younger women, setting bad publicity for their supposedly happy family. Sigh men!

Back to my original story above, I didn't like to mix with the arrogant ones. If it's not because of my friend who invited me to sit near to her and reminding me to take pictures with her, I rather sit far far away from them immediately. Not that I hard up to mix with these Tai Tais who think they're somebody like that, but not all of them are like that. One of the 'Si Tau Po' keep talking with me also although I was busy eating and listening attentively to the speakers about aesthetic beauty. After the delicious hi-tea, I left early also after taking pictures with my friend. I enjoyed attending events like this, just never fancy meeting those arrogant people only. Not my style of social networking at all, really not a big deal anyway.

I didn't mean to eavesdrop anyone's conversation at all but sitting near to each other, you tend to hear what they're sharing to each other obviously. I heard she had no mood to go to any event because she lost more than hundred thousands of dollars in some investment. I malas to layan their telenovela, I went to enjoy some Teh Tarik liao. My friend Datuk W.Lim is a super duper rich multi-millionaire and invited me to this KLGCC Club for her Polo Event too, but she's humble and nice to me. This is a big deal I'm talking about, and life is never complicated before. Only those who 'Gau Ngan Hok Yan Dai' - people who looked down on others are the total losers of all time. More to blog on this subject matter in my next blog, stay tuned! 

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