Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Powerful Thoughts Of Your Walnut-Shaped Brain (Part 2)

The human brain has bilion neurons, each neuron is connected to 10,000 other nerve cells and it's the most complicated object in our known universe. Unfortunately, the cells in our brain called the neurons can die from various reasons like infection by virus, brain injury or aging condition like Parkinson and Alzheimer disease. That's why everytime my friend shared their life stories with me having short of memories, being forgetful and blurry 'Mai Mai Wu Wu' life, I told them to take a positive action on it to prevent it from happening because I remember an article I have read before did mentioned there's not much cure for Alzheimer disease. 

You can take medication to help preventing it to worst scenarios, but the medication can bring bad side effects for them in the long run. I also encouraged them to take Cellfood on a daily basis because the brain somewhere, somehow needs oxygen and nutrients to function smoothly all the time, except sleeping time. When it comes to bed time, make sure you have an ideal deep sleep of 8 hours blissfully in order to rest and relax your body, mind and soul to perfection so that the next day, your brain is ready to function well profoundly. And make sure your surrounding is free from bad radiation like ipad, iphone etc. near to you.

That's why Sis Toto just wazzapp, informing me that she puts on 5 drops Cellfood oxygen and nutrients for Bro Cheong every morning and for herself esp. after the last brushing teeth story she told me about. I really pushed them to take the Cellfood convincingly this time and I've stretched to them that as time goes by, our aging cells will age naturally just like an old machine so we needed a stronger booster like Cellfood to help regenerate our dying cells to generate new healthy cells for us in every 100 days time. Haha...both of them really listened and learn well because no choice for them liao after failing to conquer the natural force of aging and being so forgetful recently. Lucky they took the initiative also as I got the best seal of the deal Cellfood for them directly from USA nowadays.

During the Alzheimer's Association International Conference 2014, a 2-years clinical trial of older adults at risk of cognitive impairment suggested that a combination of cognitive training like playing chess, physical activity like swimming, jogging, dancing, nutritional guidance like taking sufficient supplements for boosting your brain like Ginkgo Biloba, Blueberries supplements that my Uncle Ta bought for me from USA pharmacy, taking more vegetables+fruits and walnut with as less oil and fats as possible in our daily meals and engaging in social activities that we like and management of heart health risk factors have shown to delay cognitive decline. Just like me, I'm passionate to attend those healthy events like Health in the city every year where even my bestie has urged me to register fast this week because she told me she had paid liao and looking forward to see me there in November.

Attending social events with many expertise in health, beauty or business can be beneficial as the ultimatum of the motivation momentum somewhere, somehow enlightened my thinking to think positive, motivating me to do better each day, to be grateful and thankful for everything that I've achieved so far yet it's very important to stay humble about it and 'Ganbatte' for more good things to come rolling into my life smoothly ever after. Sometimes I hear Rambo jokingly shared with me those stories around his corporate world, he made me laugh out loud because they're acting so egoistic sometimes and after I had enough of my laughing fever subsided, I reminded him again to stay humble because God will only granting your wishes to come true more easily and smoothly when you're humble enough.

If you sounded cocky, being egoistic or gloating about your luxury life without caring much about other people's feelings then God may granted you what you deserves in life but it won't come easily or smoothly like some people did. And when other family or your friends are having beautiful and wonderful life, you should be happy for them and strive hard for your dreams to come true for you eventually because God is always testing our patience and attitude towards life. Just like the last Vegan dinner we had last Sunday, all of us had a great big laugh of talking about our next life after death which related to our last topic in life. Everyone have distinctive different wants where Rambo said in his next life he wanted to live his life with me too. 

Sis Toto told us all she wanted to be Jacinta in her next life, having a good hubby and Bro Cheong told me Sis Toto need to fight her life with me in our next life where I explained to them seriously in life, everyone had a good and bad life going through old, sickness and death as a human. Haha...we all laughed out loud, trying to digest and reflecting our lives that night. The rest like Bro Chai and Gugu said they decided to cultivate to go Pureland, didn't want to be human anymore and my Da Jie told me she didn't wana have any kids anymore. She's very sad and told me, 'Sang Gau Cha Siew Hou Go, can still eat the pork slice rather than having heartache seeing her daughter grown up so lazy and badly. I quickly consoled her to feel lighten up a bit. Life can be cruel sometimes although dad and mom did good, but the kids can turned out to be useless to 'Lo Zai' claiming debts from their past lives in this life. 

Back to my original story above, do you know that our brain can be primarily connected to our heart also. You need to keep our heart real healthily to maintain good blood flow to the brain. That's why exercise not only important in our daily lives but it's vital to bring back the happy spirit of life we are aiming for. I remember I have this old colleague who undergone 3 times of Bypass Heart operation, although I have deep compassion towards her predicament but I think what happened to her in the past must have come from her negative thinking. From my thorough observation about her character, she's not a happy person who always 'Yi Sen Yi Guai'(simply think) bad thinking about life and the others. I was never close to her or respect her much even when we have so much chances to be attached with one another. 

You know sometimes when people sharing about anything also, people didn't mean to brag about their lives, even if they did it's not their fault entirely. It's your own bad, negative thinking who cannot cope with other people's success or happiness that got you into thinking badly about others. And when you cannot face the truth or reality in life, then you started to get possessive, obsessive over others who didn't do anything wrong to you. And when you get mentally disorder having such bad attitude or character, you started to spread bad rumours about others, creating bad karmas for yourself that got you having sleepless nights, accidents, or broke down crying having mental depression eventually. It's definitely the 'Mo Guai'(evil spirit) that's trying to poison your weak brain to think evilly about others, you need to pull out from this misery as quickly as possible.  
In the end, you need to pray very hard after that to help you purify your sins before you can enjoy a good life ahead of you. No matter how hard your life can be, you can still stay happy for others and persevere your struggling life to the best you can. When you're feeling jealous or envious about others, I'm not asking you to suppress your feelings about it, you can honestly telling them how you feel about it positively. And when you're feeling mad about something, you need not bottle up your feelings about it but before you share it, have you 'Fan Sing' about it before you start to curse other people to hell. Like I said, our powerful brain and heart plus other organs are totally linked interdependently so be careful with what you think before you speak and go regretting about it at the end of the day. Be good, think good and do good too, that's life!    

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