Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Wonders Of Turkey

The recent Turkey Summer holiday with Rambo somewhere, somehow enlightened us to feel grateful to be living in Malaysia. Malaysia Ringgit may pegged lower than the Turkish Lira, it's no big deal as we're able to dine good food at reasonable prices, anytime we wanted to. Turkey is huge to accommodate many different ethnics of people calling themselves Turkish. They may looked like Arabians, Europeans, the local Turkish and Asian as well. That's why I need to ask them to ascertain whether they're Turkish or not to double confirm that. Some are mixed Turkish like mixed Greek+Turkish as these 2 countries are situated just next to each other. 

Generally people in Turkey are very friendly and nice. They maybe staring at you but then they waved to you telling you that your shoes looked nice. Totally lost in translation, there's one pretty mommy and her mom both gave me two thumbs up where I clasped my hands showing my tq appreciation to them. Even in KFC where I wanted to try out their local KFC, there was this young guy also told me my shoes were nice and giving me one thumb up. Haha...he managed to turn around while paying the cashier and telling me that, so cute right. At Grand Bazaar shopping time, many Turkish told me my green dress was exquisitely beautiful. 

Turkey have 77 milion of people residing in this huge land of a big country, full with many types of agriculture plantation like Olive, Plums, automobile and manufacturing. The reason why I love Malaysia more than anywhere else in the world or even Turkey country is because everywhere I go, there's too crowded everywhere. 'Yan Shan Yan Hoi', just like the China country but definitely China is many more people coming to reach 1.4 billion people real soon. I don't think I wana drive here in Istanbul city which is so crowded with people. Walking around the city also jam, queue up for food also long queue and Starbucks also difficult to find a place to sit.  

It's lucky our Turkish driver is an excellent, experienced driver of all time, or else we'll be bored to death stuck in a jam. And thank God early in the morning when we boarded our comfy coach comfortably, our Turkish tour guide managed to fulfil our precious time by teaching us some Turkish that enable us to communicate with the locals during shopping time. The 1st few days like he said only Rambo and Mr. Ang who were keen to answer him 'Gunaydin' as in Good morning. Coming to the last few days only after all of us became closer than ever, attached with one another as 1Malaysia group then we answered him real excitedly together.

The Turkish language is so twisted with rich accent and when the tour guide speaks English, he's having strong 'Bei Yam' accent where I need to extend both of my ears larger like the elephant in order to listen what he's trying to say to us. It's supposed to pronounce as 'Gunayden' although written as 'Gunaydin', not easy man let me tell you that. Haha...That's why during tour to most of the Turkey places, none of us are paying full attention to him until he needed to call us "Models, please come here and listen 1st" before we can split to take many pictures from all around the wonderful tourist attractions like this Cotton Castle. 

He was calling us 'Models' because that morning we have been treated like the real celebrities at the luxury Leatherwear Fashion Show in Pamukkale. All of us laughed out loud and in fact after this fashion show event, we became closer having 'great times good taste' sipping wine, fruit juice and apple tea delightfully together. They really know how to capture our heart and soul to fall in love with their fashion collections, just like what the Chinese did in China. They always praised China this and that as the world best No.1, they only come behind as No.2 in this field or that field of expertise. Very brilliant talk, no wonder he's a PhD holder.

I've been to many of the fashion shows by international luxury brands all this time esp. in my 20's and 30's but I didn't upload it in my 'Memoirs of Socialite' album. It will always remained as one of my many greatest memories forever, those were the days and good times I had in my lifetime when I was younger and fresher with unlimited energy. Now it's their time and chance, leave it to the young ones to enjoy the limelights and explore it more. It's their time to shine and gleam their dreams to come true eventually. I'm kinda half-retired already as I prefer to stay home watching TV every night to release stress, rest and relax to the max. 

Haha...I may have many exclusive fashion invitations like Mikimoto, Prada, Fendi etc. but I will only attend it when I have the good mood to go all out for it or if I'm around the city only. At this Turkey Fashion Show, I purposely sit far corner side so that I can see the whole view of the runway show, enjoying the sensational fashion show splendidly. There was this aunty in her 60's sat next to me where she ticked those leather jackets she intended to buy and she did bought a few of them even it cost a few thousand dollars in USD. It reminds me where many of the fashion showcase in Europe did the same but they did it through online technology.

We enjoyed the fashion show so much, everyone clapped for them during the finale show. But then, they came to surprise us by pulling a few of us to walk the runway with them again. There was this handsome, tall young model that I liked because he's kinda special. When he parade his jacket, he turned swift perfectly and model like dancing on the runway. I got smitten by his superb modelling skills I told Rambo, just never thought that he would personally invite me to model with him having shimmery and glittery spotlights together. I only wanted to enjoy the show excitedly but Rambo encouraged me to have fun and so glad I did. 

He let me choose the Turquoise Jacket and he's a fun model telling me upfront what we're going to do on the runway by showing me how to prance and dance modelling it fantastically with him. Haha...All of our tour members were very supportive and sporting about it, they took many pictures of us and shouting gleefully for us. At the finale of the fashion show also, they clapped even louder for us including our Turkish tour guide who enjoyed the fashion show with us. Life is beautiful when you have wonderful memories like this to remind us to live life to the fullest. Enjoy while you can and have the energy to do so. That's life, c'est la vie!

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