Thursday, May 12, 2016

Buddhism Thoughts 2016

Life is really full of trials & tribulations, the God is always trying to test our patience & endurance in facing life. But I'm grateful & thankful to have meet many good people to help me facing difficulties like this. Malaysian people are very nice, kind & hospitable, be it the Chinese, Malay & Indians. 

Thank God I'm safe, it's good to have many friends be it new or old good firneds but this time it's Chin Yee who coincidently going to the same events together & I met my junior who happened to study in the same school at SKBBSP Seri Petaling. Such a small small world, never thought that a stranger whom I ffk(never meant to ffk her) last event at Majestic Hotel turned out to be close to me now. 

It's all 'Yuen Fen' (fate), destined to happen just the way it is. Life is ironic, still good although not smooth. That's why I always taught my family and friends, it's always a good fortune being able to render any help or contribution for others sincerely, be it a small favor or big ones. Help what you can, what you can afford and able to do based on your own capabilities. 

'San Shui Yau Seong Fung', this deep Chinese philosophy is so meaningful and impactful where only the Chinese who study Chinese school, speaks Chinese would understand what it really means deep down inside. Today, you maybe helping others but tomorrow others maybe helping you in return, you'll never know. Always treat and respect people who are noble and kind, forgive or give chance to people all the time as no one is really perfect in this world.

I always taught my dear Charmers to do good wisely and reasonably with Buddhism teachings. Must always stay humble no matter how high status you can be. Throw all the status away because ego will get you nowhere. Just like yesterday's incident where my Hybrid hi-tech car which gave me this battery problem, people are willing to help when I humbly asked for it.

My car is still new and shouldn't have any problem, it's all due to my own negligence actually. Surprisingly, the Chinese, Malay and Indians all came to offer their help, rescuing me immediately. I feel so warm and blessed esp. it happened in my own country Malaysia. I also like to help others when I see others got stranded anywhere, I did my best to help also if I can.

My dear Charmer Lynette recently shared a story with me during one dinner, she told me that one of the boy in Standard 1 forgot to bring money to buy food and asked to borrow RM1. She lend it to him and told him he must pay her back by next Monday at this location. Haha...I laughed out loud and showered her high praises for being so nice and kind to him. I'm feeling fulfilled deep down inside of me having her as my new ally now.

Although she's 9 years old now, my sister Defney always missed her younger days since baby to toddler years of growing up. But to me, I enjoyed every moments being with her since baby, toddler till today she's growing up. I enjoyed talking to her and chatting with her because she never failed to update me with her interesting life stories and always managed to trigger my laughing mood to non-stop laughters.

That's why I never failed to meet up with her every Saturday, it's our weekly date that's for sure. Sometimes, my 3 Musketeers Group meet up on Thursday night, she saw me at the front door coming in also she will zoom out from her house and hugged me tightly calling "Amituofo Dai Yiyi". And she's so nice to create this lovely picture and tagged me on Instagram stating "I love Dai Yi Yi", really melt by her like my favourite Daim Chocolates.

Now if I need to travel out-station or overseas for holiday, I need to inform her personally. She'll 'Bin Zhui' for sure but she totally understand me like a mature adult. She knew I'm not around in Malaysia but she would still wazzapp me or pm me through Facebook looking for me just to say Hi or Good morning to me. Haha...I know, she really knows how to melt my heart away naturally. 

Like my 40th Birthday, she came that night I was lying on the sofa, she squeeze in to sleep together with me on the sofa and whispering to my ears softly, "I'm not supposed to tell you this, should give you a surprise later when you cut cake but I can't help it. Do you know what colour hearts of the Rainbow 9 Levels Jelly Cake we made for you?" I replied her, "Must be green!"

And she replied excitedly, "Yea, we know you love Green so we make Green Hearts for you." Now you know why I love spending my precious time with my dear Charmer, she always know how to melt my heart away with her sincerity and sweet talk to me like I'm the child pulak. I guess she speaks just like me, I always love to sweet talk her too with humorous and funny real stories of our lives.

What goes around comes around, I always believe living in this simple philosophy. Last 3 years ago, Lynette said to me, "Dai Yiyi, I love you very much. You are always so nice to us, buy us so many gifts, tq Dai Yiyi." I replied her, "You're most welcome. You're so guai(obedient), of course Dai Yiyi sayang you." At times, LeAnne said I no longer love her as much as I did before but I explained to her, I love all 3 of them the same, all 100%. But she said I love Lynette 100%, only 99% for her. I laughed out loud hearing LeAnne said that, she's 13 now.   

My sister May who like to tease and play with her said, "Yea loh, Dai Yiyi always buy you things, spoiled you already." She came near to me, hugged me and didn't know how to respond to my sis. So I replied on her behalf, "No need to be jealous. Last time when all of them are young, Dai Yiyi always buy them things. But now, all are independent liao can earn good money and having boyfriends liao, of course I spoilt the other young ones."

My sis May just laughed out loud. My dear Charmer Lynette is still young but she's a brilliant girl. She's a good student keen to learn about Buddhism and she's always grateful when I treat her nice. She knows how to say "Thank you" sincerely and will come to my front clasping her both hands greeting "Amituofo Dai Yiyi" humbly when we meet, be it at the dining area or the living room.

Rambo saw that and showered her with many compliments also. She's very 'Guai' and a good child whom I'm very proud of having her as my beloved niece. When Kel asked if I'm attending the Ecotint paid event later, I told her to enjoy it as my Saturday schedule is still allocated and dedicated for my dear Charmers. Be it a payment of RM200 or RM1000, money is not everything to me. 

In fact, recently another PR also wazzapp me asking if I would like to write for Ecotint for the same payment I replied them, "Sure, why not." If it's yours, it's yours, if it's not then it's no big deal to me. I'm a passionate Editor who loves to share good things with everyone, be it family and friends I came across but I will only share it based on my free time and sharing it when we meet along the journey of my life.  To me, spending good times with my family is worth much more than anything in the world. 

Most importantly, we made great efforts to spend good times together at home chatting and we managed to have joyful and gleeful moments all the time. Money can be honey I know, but it's not entirely to sum up all the happiness in the world for me. Happiness cannot be measured with money sometimes, just like CNY 2016 Cho 1, Rambo told his family he's busy that he needs to work on CNY and they asked me to confirm about it.

I replied them, "No lah, he's only replying emails and wrote some final report to the company as he's the chief. Many things needed his approval and green lights to action on it. Dont' he dare go to work during CNY. 'Ngo Emm Hang Go Hui' (Not willing to)." Then all of them laughed out loud.

And I continued, "Money is not everything. CNY is meant to celebrate with family and friends. Sis Toto already booked all of us one month ahead so there's no way anyone of us can hide or escape from this CNY Reunion Dinner together today." Then my sisters all agreed with me esp. Sis Hoon, the 2nd sis in Lim Family.

This CNY 2016 also, their 4 Ku Aunt brought an official statement to list down all of our Chinese names under this Lim Family. The 5 Lim Bros and sisters then wrote down each of our original Chinese name on the Lim Family Tree. Rambo wrote for me 'Zhang Xiao Yen' under his wife's particular.

Sis Hoon shouted out with glee to me, "Zhang Xiao Yen is a famous singer in Taiwan." Haha...I quickly replied her, "Yea, that's what my big aunt told me. She named me under that singer and my younger aunt also told me there's a famous book writer called 'Zhang Xiao Yen' too." Haha...Somewhere, somehow my name is very much connected to my passion in singing and writing too! 

"Oh really", my Sis Hoon got surprised to know about this new information. My Da Jie who took my name for Visiber name change for better life+good luck enhancement called 'Zhang Pei Yu' has told me before that when we passed away, we are not going to use this Visiber name anymore but back to using the original Chinese name. I remember that Sat Yat Sat!

My devoted Buddhist Bro Chai once commented that he will not go for Visiber name change or believing in all this kinda craps when he saw Da Jie passed me the Name Certificate. I reasoned with him, Da Jie only meant well for our future and she did it for us sincerely so let it be. If it's meant to improve our good lucks in life, then let it be so long it didn't bring us any harm but full of richness and goodness in life.

Anyhow as my final summary, in life we still need to cultivate good deeds everyday with every possible good ways that we can to improve our lives. Just like my mom who got sick recently, I also reminded her money is not everything to our lives but having good health is definitely a great fortune to be wishing for in our lives. 

She totally agreed with me and now she really appreciates life staying healthy and humbly too. Sometimes, God likes to test us by giving us problems that can change your life 360 degrees completely. But it's good to let us experience the bumps along the road so that we can see things more differently, think more positively and we''ll get uplifted with stronger 'Ganbatte' motivation to set higher and better goals to achieve after that. 

Remember to stay humble all the time, wish and pray more so that the laws of attraction of the universe can feel your strong vibes as well. That's life, c'est la vie. More to blog about Buddhism thoughts and teachings by Buddha, stay tuned. Stay healthy, happy, pretty and wealthy always, life is beautiful when we're grateful!

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