Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Clinelle Body Fitness - Hot Body Shaper Cream Review

Clinelle Body fitness Hot Body Shaper Cream RM89.90 (170ml) 

Thanks to Clinelle for sending me this heaven-sent angel Body fitness Hot Body Shaper Cream to keep my body slim and trim nowadays, especially my stubborn cellulite. Now I'm confident enough to wear my Bikini back again, even for high cut Bikini design. I'm so glad I tried on this great Hot Body Shaper Cream for 3 days disciplinary as it's an effective cellulite buster in keeping the stubborn cellulite far, far away from me efficiently.

Clinelle has once again accede to the wish of many, launching Clinelle Body fitness, a new body care series that is not only keeping to the brand promise with 6 secrets to Happy Skin, but it effectively contours body line in just a few days. This latest innovation body shaper cream is one of the best body shaper cream that I have ever used in all my life. The price is very affordable for such a big tube bottle and the cream is not sticky at all. 

For centuries, Algae has been proven as one of the powerful ingredients that is rich in minerals and vitamins, commonly being consume by Japanese to help in detoxifying, purifying and oxygenating skin. With its potent nutritional values especially from Organic Brown Algae, Clinelle has taken a step further to use it in their latest Body Fitness range product with Clinelle Body Fitness Hot Body Shaper Cream.

It is certainly a breakthrough formula with 3x Super-Strength that contains 3 highly effective ingredients derived from Organic Brown Algae to contour my body, not just reducing cellulite on my thigh area but managed to 'Menghapuskan' the stubborn cellulite that naturally formed due to aging, water-retention and less exercise. It's clinically proven to show amazing result in improving overall body shape by stimulating fat breakdown and significantly reduce fat storage. 

True, I swear this to Rambo while applying it all over my body esp. on the cellulite area and he was so 'Hiao Ka Be Si' asking me to apply for him as well. And so I did, I applied a lot for him because he had much more deep and ugly cellulite than me. We also enjoyed the hot and spicy sensation that we can feel on our bodies as we know that it's working deep down inside with the obvious blood circulation reaction. Haha...I fully recommended it for everyone to keep their body slim and trim with this cream only.   

It is suitable for all skin types and works well on arm, thigh, waist and tummy. Having the potent ingredients coupled with Sense Hot Thermal Action and built-in massage rollers, it quickly warms up the skin and immediately penetrates into the skin for maximum results. Truly easy, convenient and effective yet it's natural and safe to use. Although I was lazy and busy to apply it everyday, but then I remember to use it every night before I sleeps just to maintain in keeping my body figure to look sexy and pretty even for my age at 40.

Directions of Use:
Twist applicator to activate and squeeze sufficient amount of massage cream on arms, tummy, waist and thighs. Massage your body by rolling all over gently and slowly in circular movement until the cream is fully absorbed. I only use it once a day but the amazing result is real superb already. Early in the morning, I have no time to care about my cellulite as I'm always rushing for my lunch meeting or attending events only. 

For other effective results, you can also use the cream before going for your exercise. Clinelle Body Fitness is available at AEON Wellness, Guardian, Watsons and selected independent pharmacies nationwide. For more infos and latest updates about Clinelle Body Fitness - Hot Body Shaper Cream , check out 

All Clinelle products are also formulated with 6 secrets to happy skin which excludes potential harmful ingredients: No artificial colouring, No artificial fragrances, No lanolin, No mineral oil, No SD-alcohol and Non-comedogenic ingredients. Fundamentally, all Clinelle products work effectively through an integrated Envinix™ system to free skin from rapid environmental aggressions with RX3 Action, to Repair, Refine and Reshield skin for optimized skin health and clearly visible and long term results. 

About Esthetics International Group Berhad (EIG) 
Clinelle skincare is distributed by EIG Pharma Asia Sdn. Bhd., the global partner of Esthetics International Group Berhad (EIG). Listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad since March 2004, EIG is one of the market leaders in the beauty and wellness industry in ASEAN and Hong Kong, with over 30 years' experience in the industry.

The Group has regional offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand with the headquarters located in Selangor, Malaysia. 

The group’s strengths lie in its exceptional market reputation, a wide range of quality products, excellence in education and training, an extensive network distribution and a loyal customer base. 

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