Friday, May 13, 2016

UK London - The Royal Buckingham Palace

London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom too. UK is comprises of 4 countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I always love to shop and supported the British brands like Burberry even my Kai Ma called me Miss Burberry, Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins etc. for years but just never landed on this wonderful land before. Staying at 4 star Leonardo Hotel, about 40 minutes from London.

Cannot be right and so I made a firm decision this year to travel here for my Spring Holiday. Even Robin, our Malaysian tour guide was surprised that I would visit the France, Netherlands and Belgium countries again. Morning breakfast is typical English Breakfast with Croissant, Bread with jam and butter, Milk with cereals, perfectly hard-boiled egg and fresh fruit juices with coffee and tea.

But I always love Holland, I have promised myself to visit Holland again and the main reason I came over to Europe this time is also because I wana witness it myself with my 2 big eyes the beautiful Keukenhof Floral Fair 2016. No regrets, 'Mou Wai Ham' but full of gleeful, joyful  satisfaction esp. getting to spend more time with my dear hubby this year. He's been rushing me to plan a lovely holiday overseas together many times liao.

Pictures are not enough for me, I prefer to enjoy the real sceneries of the most beautiful floral fair in the world directly. The fantastic feelings was so indescriable, fascinating views ever with so many types of rare and colourful flowers from all around the world were planted beautifully and gorgeously at the wonder garden. More write up for Holland Blog soon once I'm free to do so.

Just after finishing a round of London city centre, we arrived to Buckingham Palace for the 1st pitstop of the London Tour. This palace houses 487 rooms for the Queen and Prince to stay. We took many pictures around the British Royal Palace, this place is guarded restrictively at every corner of the royal palace and I saw the police booth also at the side of the palace facing the main road.  

Usually everywhere I travel also be it to Taiwan and Europe, I get to see the changing duties of the soldiers but this time in London we cannot even delay 5 more minutes to watch it because we need to 'Gon' rush for the next journey to many other tourist attractions in London like running marathon like that. I saw the palace guard walking over, I quickly asked Rambo to take a quick shot of it.

Not forgetting to take a nice picture momento with Rambo here at the grand royal palace. The Queen was not around on that fateful afternoon. If she's staying around this palace, they would flag out her own flag to inform the public. That day, they flagged their UK Flag out then we know. 

I like the overall environment here, so relaxing with soothing water fountain and lovely flowers planted all round the palace. Ducks swimming around this water fountain and coming near to me. Haha...I didn't know they're here so didn't bring any bread for them.

London is full of great wonders in the world to me. The people here are very nice, friendly and lovely too. I met a young English pretty girl who passed me a brochure to promote the 'Big Bus London' and I replied her, "My coach is here waiting for me" pointing it to her which is just in front of us. 

We both laughed out loud, she told me she loved my hat and I looked lovely in that. Haha...I replied her, "Thanks, you too!" Well, I only feel complete after wearing this hairband hat with my favourite Burberry Jacket in London because I wanted to blend in perfectly with their English style. 

I'm glad I did as I love this kinda stunning fashion look, most important thing I feel comfortable and confident at the same time. But too bad I didn't bring many pairs of shoes and boots to suit my overall fashion outlook based on the colours real perfectly as I need the space for my shopping spree in all around Europe countries.

The time allocation for each place is only for 30 minutes to an hour or two, where got enough time to stay lovey dovey holding hands and taking selfies. So Rambo and I ran over to the opposite side of this royal palace for more pictures around the palace. 

Opposite there's another one palace where the Queen or Prince would come back to stay for summer season. Pictures snapping, 123 let's go as we don't wana be late. Punctuality is very important for our group tour as we only have limited time to tour one place to another attractions by minutes only.

In fact when anyone of them were late, Robin always reminded them again and again to be punctual. Haha...Malaysian as you know, we like to 'Jalan lenggang-lenggok', walk slowly and as we please. We need not rush to anywhere or rush to take a bus like in Hongkong.

This shop is open at 10am, by the time we had enough time for snapping many pictures all around the royal palace, we went in for shopping. I fell in love with so many awesome souvenirs here. I love the jewellery and chocolates too but not enough time to shop for me.

If I stay here longer, I think I'm gonna spend thousands of dollars in here alone. Paying the 5.78 pound is huge man, you need to remind yourself that although it's not very expensive but after converting it back to RM, 'Nga Dou Lat' your teeth also loosen out naturally. Well, I'm prepared for it!

As long it's yummy and lovely enough, I really don't mind paying the high price for my family and friends to try it out. So cute this Gold Bar Chocolate, must take a picture of it. Many cute and sweet stuffs here, too bad can't stay long to shop here. I saw Robin urged everyone to get on the bus quickly so I leave immediately.

While I was taking many lovely pictures here, the sales assistant greeted me "Good Morning, how are you" and I replied her, Morning, I'm fine, thanks!". Very courteous and nice English people all around London, I fell in love with London already. It's their warm, friendly hospitality having good manners that's very welcoming to me.

The Queen's Gallery is full of elegant and exquisite pottery, one of them is this HM The Queen's 90th Birthday Made In England set. So cute, I loved it so much. I see that most of the lovely products displayed here are reasonably charged and totally worth it if you really like it. 

The creative things that they sell here is quite reasonable, only if you convert it to RM then it's expensive. If there's no conversion, I would have bought almost everything back home liao. Haha...I wish to travel to UK again so I can shop till I drop besides exploring more places all around UK.

Last but not least, a picture momento with the Queen Elizabeth who had just celebrated her recent birthday in April, may she have a long life ahead of her. I need to leave liao but I hope to visit London again for more shopping spree if I come again to visit UK in Scotland, N.Ireland and Wales too.

Let the laws of attraction works magically perfect for me. Haha...The Bear Kingdom is so irresistible but I cannot buy any soft toys anymore unless if it's given to me as a gift then I'll keep it for sure. C ya again London and the Royal Buckingham Palace, till we meet again in future selagi umur masih panjang lagi!  

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