Thursday, May 19, 2016

My Spring Holiday In France, Central Europe 2016

My 2nd visit to France in April to May for my Spring Holiday had different perception of the French people liao. Although some are still the same 'Arrogant Bxstxrd' many people named them all the time, be it the men or women 'Arrogant Bxtch' but I met many good French also along the way. And the recent bombings cases somewhere, somehow have changed their arrogant attitudes to more humble characters nowadays.

My tour member, an Indian lady in her 50's really beh tahan with their arrogant attitude but I told her, "Get used to it, they're like that in nature. 'Hou Tai, Emm Hou Sik'. But not all the French are like that, everywhere also have good and bad people around the world. I'll blog more stories about it real soon. Haha...C'est la vie! (My FB Status)

I always laughed out loud whenever my friend called them the 'Arrogant Bxstard' as I totally understand how they must have feel deep inside of them after experiencing bad times with them. They didn't wana hear about your problems, they're very selfish people and will only respect you unless if you speak Chinese Mandarin or Cantonese and wearing branded clothings from top to toe. They're very materialistic and realistic kinda people. If you speak in English, they never bothered to listen to you even if they can understand they can act 'Za Soh Ban Mung' (act don't understand stupidly) to you.

Yea, I know if you face this kinda people, sure beh tahan one. Sometimes, "Fatt Dou Yau Fo' (Buddha also have fire) if really things didn't go right at bad times or having bad mood that time and you face this kinda people, you'll get very mad at them. But lucky I'm not so prejudice, biased and temperamental kinda person, 'Pin Kik' until hating them 'Yap Guat'(inside bone). I'm cool and calm kinda Dragon Lady, can give chance and close one eye sometimes. Unlike Rambo and the rest, if they didn't like you they never give chance and sure bombak you for sure.

I can be forgiving but doesn't mean you can act ridiculously to me and expect me to forgive you that easily. I always believe if you treat the other person nicely and if they never appreciate and treat you poorly, you need not waste your time on them. As simple as that, no need to ask why they treat you this way. It's a waste of time and it's their loss anyway. I find that many people expect too much from ungrateful people to thank you all the time or must give back something in return when they did good to others.

But I always advised them, the person who appreciates your help and remember your kindness will thank you sincerely and reward you back in time to come. It reflects on their own attitude, character having good manners of great integrity. Just like in France this time of the year, I knew what kinda people they are most of the time so if you expect me to speak French with you 1st in order to get your attention and get my things done, I'll speak a little French then. Haha...But most of my French learnings have given back to them and I'm not keen to learn it anymore.

Just like Eric who always asked my help to explain our chats on Poker Buddies Gathering, I told him I only wana learn my Chinese back in which I have advised him to learn the 'Hua Yi Pin Yin' 1st. Gan and Cindy who studied in Chinese school also don't know how to write 'Pin Yin' because they didn't learn it in school, they got so blur over our funny conversation too. Last chat we had with Bro Chai mentioned 'Seh Lei Zi' for Wesak Day, I explained to all, in English it's called the 'Buddha's Relic' because die die also, the word 'Fo' Buddha I did my very best to learn how to write and read it earnestly so I can learn more about Buddhism in Chinese too.

Back to my original story about the French in France, there are good French people also in France. The French esp. the men, they always think that they're the most romantic people in the world. Robin also mentioned it during our chats about France, although I knew this fact since many years ago in my French Class. Haha...They're sweet, always know how to shower you with loving and caring compliments to get you hooked, setting you flying high on top of the world . In fact during my Parisian Dinner at French fine dining restaurant in Paris with 6 of my close members who are couples, the French Restaurateur said to Rambo, "Your wife is sexy and pretty" and Rambo replied, "Of course!"  

Haha...Paiseh but that's my hubby Rambo always did. Men, they're bo paiseh kinda species. They're naturally prideful and speak boldly with their friends that's for sure. They can be fun and forever will be boys, no matter what their age can be. They will never grow up and remained as boys deep down inside of them. When we leave also, this French who married a Chinese Malaysian bid goodbye to everyone of us one by one, he sweetly bid "Au' Revoir my beautiful lady" and I laughed out loud replying him, "Au Revoir, Merci!" All of us had really good times together with him as he's a funny man and a happy go lucky man who enjoys life just like us.

At Paris, Eiffel Tower visit also during the queue scanning our bags through a scanner, there was this Black French guy asked me to go through without using the scanner, no need to queue up and so I went in. He told me "Enchanteur" and I humbly replied him, "Merci!" Then, I go up to the Eiffel Tower as quickly as I could. The last time I went up this Eiffel Tower, it was a long queue and a long wait for many tourists from all around the world. But this time, not many people and no need to buy VIP Pass also can go up very quickly esp. after the frightening bombing cases.

Their mentality and attitude also changed a lot, not so arrogant and LCLY anymore. Besides the Chinese from China who loved to visit France to shop all the luxury brands like LV, CD, Hermes, Mont Blanc etc, I don't think many people dare to come to France and Belgium to get bombed to death for sure. 'Loh Meng Lei Gau Fei', bare your life out there to take such a risk is a total No-No. I'm only passing by France for 3 days 2 nights, can be scary also where there's curfew at every corner of the city and we need to go through their huge Paris Airport on our way back home to Malaysia so the security to pass it through are quite strict for sure. 

That's why I decided to wear a Floral Long Dress with no belt, simple shoes no boots and no handbag to cross over. If not, it's very troublesome where you need to take off your boots, belt and handbag like criminals like that. Most of them were 1st-timers, they got touched all over their bodies for both men plus women and they get molested inside out their clothes, bra and panties or briefs after teasing each other about it. Haha...I laughed out loud and remember the scenes during my Eastern Europe Holiday at Germany with Juliana they all. All of them got molested inside out also and we really laughed out loud about it. Stay tuned, more to blog about my Europe trip soon!    


  1. So envy looking at ur trip photos! I wanna visit the louvre and eiffel tower one day! :D

    1. Haha...Henry, no need to envy. You can do it, just send your strong thoughts to the universe and make it happen! ;)