Tuesday, May 10, 2016

South Africa's Leading Organic Skincare Esse Brand Launches A Super-Premium Probiotic Range

Esse Organic Skincare has produced certified organic products for many established salon and spa industry for the past 10 years. Today, their product range is exported to more than 20 countries around the world. I was glad I came that night no matter how busy I can be, getting up close with Esse brand for informative, educative lesson in beauty and it's trickling my curiosity blood enough into trying this Esse range because I'm always aware of the importance in taking probiotics supplement for my body good health in the long run.

In fact when I was touring all around South Africa from Capetown to Johannesburg last year in November 2015, I came across many great beauty products and spa ranges produced by this rich mineral country. I've tried, tested a few good ones and so happened Khay asked me about beauty as everywhere I go I usually stopped by exploring the many new beauty products that I saw and she wanted to buy it already. She asked for my blog link for the beauty products that I have shared with her about. Haha...When the women species like us met and chat about beauty talk, the list can go on forever and ever. 

Every few decades, a scientific discovery is made that changes the way that we see ourselves and the world around us. The latest discoveries made by the Human Microbiome Project have remodeled Esse’s approach to skincare. This serum is suitable for all skin types and by creating biological equilibrium, it is effective for skin showing any form of stress. 

Their new Probiotic Serum is the first skincare product in the world to contain live probiotic microbes - 50 million live probiotics per drop and 1 billion per ml. As the Serum touches your face, live probiotic microbes are activated by the moisture on your skin, complementing your natural microbial diversity and creating the ideal microbiome to slow the ageing process.

Esse Probiotic Serum is the first product in skincare that is genuinely alive. This product contains one billion live probiotic microbes per milliliter and there isn’t another brand in the world that can match this claim. The advances in genetic sequencing over the last 10 years have allowed scientists to distinguish human DNA from that of other organisms.

This has led to the finding that there are 10 microbes for every human cell in your body. Optimum skin health is dependent on the presence of trillions of microbes living on and in your skin. Esse has developed products that maintain an optimal balance of microbes to slow the ageing process. We aim to create an environment on the skin that favours the growth of beneficial microbes so that they can out-compete pro-ageing species.

To do this, we use prebiotics to selectively feed good microbes, and have broken new ground with this serum by including probiotic microbes that actively change the microbial populations on the skin. I always believe in taking prebiotics like a bottle of Yakult to strengthen my immune system in staying healthy besides applying good skincare products to maintain beauty internally to outer appearance. Definitely it worked better this way and faster as well. 

Esse Probiotic Serum contains more than one billion live probiotic microbes per milliliter. We have identified a spectrum of probiotic species that are integral to skin health and incorporated them into this revolutionary formulation. The probiotic microbes are activated on application by contact with water on the skin. Once active, they equip the skin to rectify imbalances and strengthen barrier function for a firmer, more resilient and radiant skin.

Academic research shows that live topically-applied probiotics have demonstrated efficacy in treating acne, eczema, even extreme burn victims and new studies are published almost every week. Esse is not the first company to claim the use of probiotics in skincare but other claims revolve around the inclusion of extracts of bacterial cultures. This product is the first to use live probiotics that actively colonise and re-shape microbial populations on the skin. Sounds real promising, I just can't wait to try it on my skin starting next June month for sure.

Your skin is an ecosystem, a mix of human cells and microbes in delicate balance. Ecosystems respond poorly to chemical pollution. Esse Probiotic Serum is 100% natural with more than 90% certified organic ingredients. It contains no chemical residues. For more infos, you can email them at enquiry@zeccaltd.com and check out www.esseskincare.com or Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Esse-Organic-Skincare-133515503326547/

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