Friday, May 6, 2016

Sri Lanka With A Local Tour To The Buddhist Temple

Sri Lankan Airline may not fall under the airline travel list that I would choose to fly in my life but it's
my destiny to fly with them this time to 'Europe Special Tour' of England, Holland, Belgium & France. 

They welcomed us 'Ayubowan' as their Sri Lankan greetings or goodbye that simply wishing us a long life.
When we reached Sri Lanka that took about 3.5 hours, it was raining heavily although it's so hot at the airport. 

Lucky it only took us about 45 minutes to reach our hotel which is next to the beach. So hot in the bus.
Sri Lankan 4 star hotel with big room and big bed that can occupied 4 people in the room.

Resting for awhile and I'm getting ready for my Sri Lankan dinner liao. 

My buffet dinner at the hotel is ok lah but the Sri Lankan curry and vegetarian meals are yummy. They really
had the touch of cooking curry and vege meals that I fancy a lot about Sri Lanka, including Sri Lankan meals.

In the morning, I took a slow stroll around the hotel for some nice pictures. It's too bad last night when we
reached to the hotel it was raining, if not I would have take a swim at the pool to cool my body here for sure.
The Fishermen's Village along the local city tour that we took here. We paid Euro5 for this optional tour
as I reasoned with Rambo (not keen) since we reached here might as well we visit the country as well.
One of their local Muslim Mosque that we stopped and visit. Here in Sri Lanka,
Muslim are the 2nd most populous people residing in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country. They believe in Buddhism, most of them don't take Beef or meat and they're
'Sen Sem' devoted wholly to their Buddhism belief. I'm glad I came for a stopover here in Sri Lanka for a visit.

Even if they take meat also they took Lamb, Chicken and Pork. But their vegetarian meals and curry,
smells also good liao don't say when indulging it, really delicious even Rambo enjoyed it so much.
I had no regrets whatsoever but feel really blessed to be here to try out their local delicacies just like
my last Mauritius staycation trip. This is their typical 'Tuk Tuk' transportation in everywhere we go.

I'm happy also to visit their local Buddhist temple where I can pay my respect to Buddha and bestowed
with great fortunes by this Buddhist Temple. When we pray or take pictures, we should stand side way
and not back way as advised by the temple guardian. 

There are many temples all around Sri Lanka, just like in Japan there are about 3000 temples and shrines of
Zen Buddhism etc. Sri Lanka Buddhism is the oldest Buddhist country that practises Theravada Buddhism. 
The decors inside this Buddhist temple is spectacular just like those you visited in Thailand, Cambodia and
Myanmar. All those sculptures, paintings and Buddha statues are adorned with artistic art since 4th century.

If I have not mistaken or heard wrongly from the temple guardian who explained Buddhism to us
those who are Buddhism believers like us. I did double confirmed with him, they still keep those Sanskrit
Sutra or books when he mentioned about Buddha who's now 2560 years of ancient history. Fantastic! 

One of the Sleeping Buddha inside the holy temple. Fascinating painting and artistic Buddha statues here.
Both Rambo and I also talked about Buddhism when we saw the lovely Siddharta Gautama Buddha statue.

He's the one who upkeep the maintenance of the wonderful painting at this temple. Rambo happily and
generously gave Ringgit Malaysia donation when they humbly asked for donation to upkeep this temple. 

I was so glad, feeling so humble all over again been able to visit one of the many beautiful Buddhist Temple
in the world.All at once, I'm feeling so enlightened and motivated to learn more about Buddhism excitedly.

Be it the Zen Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, it's all the same to me. I only believe
in the truth and the teachings of Buddhism to do good, no evil and purify our mind.
Buddhism only taught us to do and say good things, have sincere and pure mind
respecting people, animals etc. What goes around comes around, 'Karma is maha
berkuasa' and stay tuned for more Buddhism Blog from me, super duper busy me!  

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