Thursday, May 26, 2016

Keukenhof Netherlands 2016 - The Most Beautiful Floral Fair In The World

I always loved Holland or Netherlands because the Dutch are very open-minded people,
nice, friendly and able to speak good English with the tourists. No communication problem.
And I'm so glad I come again this Spring to visit the most beautiful floral fair in the world
that's none other than the Keukenhof in Netherlands. Check out

I also experience a great overnight cruise over to Holland from London, saving much 
of my travelling time and visited many new places from Volendam to Amsterdam in Holland. 
Fantastic tour of the year 2016! More to blog about the funny cruise story I came
to experience during bathing inside the super duper cramped small bathroom. 

This blog is all about the beautiful and wonderful Keukenhof of 2016, only happened once a year. And it's
lucky we reached early in the morning for this floral fair tour 1st before heading for our lunch because on our
way to Volendam, we can see the long queue full of cars and buses stuck in a jam, up to 1 km. Thank God!
OMG is all I can shout out loud when I reached that morning, the moment I stepped into this spectacular
super duper huge garden, I got so mesmerised by the stunning and alluring flowers esp. the tulips.

There are so many kinds and types of Tulips, big and small, Pink, White or mixed colours until my 2 big eyes
got colour blind with the many colours and Tulip flavours in my mind. Naturally, I feel so romantic by it.

I'm not a romantic person by nature although I was born a Pisces, but my sister May & many Piscean stars
I noticed are naturally romantic species. But when I'm in here, naturally I feel so lovey dovey pulak esp.
been surrounded by all this pleasant beauty.

I need not blog about this Keukenhof just to butt-smooch any party or company but I wanted to share this
phenomenal and sensational beauty to people from all around the world to visit this Keukenhof next year.

If you're free and planning a lovely Spring/Summer Holiday for 2017, just make sure you add this fascinating
place for a relaxing place to rest and relax to the max. Actually 2 hours are not enough for us to explore here.

No wonder why Robin keep advising everyone, as this Keukenhof Garden is huge we need to go all the way
from the right till the end at the Windmill Station, then return from the left side all the way back to entrance.

Said is easier than done, many of them got lost in direction and they were late to come back to our coach by
30 minutes. When we reached to the coach, Jenny and Kenny were also waiting for the coach punctually.
I didn't blame them for being late because this huge garden need at least half day or 5 hours to explore the
whole place. Given the chance for me to plan the best holiday tour, I will allocate 6 hours to explore this place.
I need time to walk slowly and taking pictures gracefully from one angle to another angle, from one corner to
another corner and taking my own sweet time to smell the flowers as well. Study and learn about flowers too.
Rambo also feeling so lovey dovey here, asking me to pose here and there. When people passing by photobombed
our pictures like this, he got so mad about it but I reasoned with him "It's ok, so many people here it's difficult."

'Yan Shan, Yan Hoi' that's for sure as this Keukenhof managed to draw millions of people to visit Holland
just to witness the most-happening event of the year so be understanding a bit esp. the Chinese from China.

You cannot educate them one, sometimes incidents like one case in London I'll share about it next time. Robin
got so furious with them where he had warned us about them liao from the very 1st day in London, a real snob.

Let's not get unhappy by their rude attitude, never let them spoiled our gleeful and wonderful mood here.
I'm always fine, whoever wana photobomb my pictures, you're always welcome to join me into my pictures.

There are so many kinds of flowers and plants here, I really had no idea what it's called so I took pictures
and the name of the plant as well. The colours are naturally rich-pigmented, you wished you can own it too.

But I always believe that beautiful things like flowers, you can 'Yan Seong' admired it for hours and enjoyed
smelling it Kao Kao, you need not pluck it and spoiled the natural beauty. Buddhism also mentioned that if
we love something like flower, we can water and fertilize it with tender loving care, no need to short-lived it.

True, just like my Hyacinth Flower Plant that I bought last year in 2015, we tried to resuscitate it back to life,
showering it with lovely compliments everyday for many months but still died and made me so sad about it.

I told Rambo never to buy anymore lovely flower and plants just to surprise me even during Valentine's Day of
2016, he wanted to get me those gorgeous bouquets displayed at 1 Utama but I stopped him from doing that. I
loved this Lavender plant so much I really took my own sweet time to smell the Lavender but it was full of bees.
The bees here are so naughty, they're trying to terrorize anyone who came near to the Lavender plants.
Haha...After having much enjoyment of fulfilled Lavender nice-scent and pictures there, I quickly leave.

This place is huge with many other rare and special kinds of plants and flowers planted at every corner of the
garden, I need to explore it smartly enough.

Reaching to the end of this huge garden, Rambo asked me to take a solo picture here sitting on a boat
then he came along for another romantic picture with me.Haha...Like he always said, he's here to take
many fantastic pictures for me only and travelling to see the world with me, accompanying me 24 hours.
And he continued saying that as long I'm happy and enjoying life everyday, he's willing to work hard and
smart earning money for me to enjoy life with him. That's what really matters in our life, so melt by him!

I feel so blessed and feeling totally on top of the world having this kinda holiday I was looking for esp.
after working hard for a few months, both of us needed some motivation and inspiration to get us uplifted.

We need an 'Ummph' spirit to get us moving and flying even higher
up in the sky. There's no limit when it comes to goal setting in life.
Just like a Windmill wonder spirit, although the technology came from Germany with Dutch innovation ideas,
but the energy comes from the nature itself. God may have given you good luck, good destiny in life, but you
need to create the chance and opportunities to happen with great energy, positive vibes and action on it!

So many people queuing up to take a picture here at this whimsical Keukenhof Garden, it's like a magical
wonderland let me tell you that. Naturally, you'll fall in love with Keukenhof and will never forget for the rest
of your life for sure. It's so magnificent, majestically planted attractively with rows of beautiful flowers. 

I was so stunned and got so fascinated by this natural wonders of the world, it's so indescriable.
The colours of the beautiful flower seemed to shine and shimmer with splendid atmosphere here.
Haha...I'm hiding under the sweet and delightful Sakura Tree which is located at the end of the huge garden.
This Sakura tree reminded me so much of my Hokkaido Spring vacation with thousands of Sakura species.

After snapping so many pictures here, we reached to this stopover where you can buy many kinds of
souvenirs of Tulip, Clogs Keychain and cute cute stuffs which related to Netherlands country. 

This is just one of the many decors of Tulip at one corner of this souvenir shop, must take a picture.
Robin mentioned to us that we actually arrived to Holland at the right timing, 1st week of May as
mentioned by the Keukenhof website or other writers giving their tips and ideas about Keukenhof.

The flowers would be fully blooming and blossoming perfectly by May and by
June, slowly they will go layu already. There are also fashion & floral fair here.

But for this Dragon Lady who loves to enjoy food, I stopover for one of the best coffee in town trying out
the 'Dutch Delight' and I was so glad I did. Not only the coffee was good, the Apple Pie was so delicious.
Euro 4.95 may come up to RM22.50 but it's totally worth the price as long it's yummy and healthy, order it.
After 'Sik Bao Bao, with a happy stomach and more refreshing energy with the caffeine boost up, I'm
ready to explore the whole place all over again. I asked Rambo to remind me of the time to 'Zap Hap'
as I don't wana be late but still I wana enjoy my time to relax at the cafe elegantly with Dutch style.

Haha...The Dutch really make great food, good taste all the time. Fresh, yummy and lovely just like
this Hyacinth Flower, the origin of my name 'Jacinta' was given by my mom since I was 10 years old.

All I can say is you'll feel the overwhelming joyfulness if you're here to witness the real beauty of
this pleasant environment. You'll definitely live longer, healthier and happier here, even for one day. 

Even a mixture of this bright Yellow, Purple, Orange and Green combined together at one corner can spell
a perfect picture of a lovely floral fair here. A sure awe-inspiring moment for me from the start to the end
of my Keukenhof Journey in Holland and I really don't mind to visit again if I ever plan to come Holland.

The Dutch Glass Gallery, so many pretty and lovely decors or souvenirs adorned by floral inspiration to
shop here. I wish I could stay and spend longer time here to do some shopping real happily, steadfastly.
The mirror lake, so serene and green with natural plants and trees everywhere. Feeling soothing and calming
when I took a slow stroll here with Rambo who's my best buddy, hubby, lover and the soul mate of my life.   

You'll never get hungry or thirsty here as very corner, there's always a kiosk selling Ice-Cream, waffles,
Strawberries etc. to feed you excitedly. If I stay here longer, I think I'll buy everything to indulge here.

I only have good things to describe about Keukenhof Netherlands as I totally fell in love with the overall
romantic and lovely ambience of this beautiful and wonderful wonderland. I'm sure you love it too!

Haha...The typical old music box where you can see almost everywhere in European countries like Germany,
Holland, England etc. I only knew much about it after watching The Amazing Race, my favourite travel show.

Wow, cutie Windmill cost Euro 4.90. So adorable, love it. I'm leaving this Keukenhof Garden liao, bye.
'Yat Lou Sun Fung', a smooth and safe journey for me just like how the windmill is turn by the wind.

The awesome Hyacinth Flower is forever so pretty and lovely to me. Haha...Big or petite pot like this,
colourful ones, I'm not gonna buy it and let it die in my hands again. I rather they stay here in Holland
healthily, happily ever after. Loving someone or something means you need to set them free like a bird.


  1. Wow... the flowers at Netherlands are so gorgeous. I remember in the past back in my parents place in Labuan, the government spent 1mil just to bring those flowers to beautify the city but it didn't last long due to our forever summer weather T.T

    1. Yea, so gorgeous and awesome. True, the flowers cannot stand the summer heat too much. In Holland, although it's Spring with sunshine rays but the weather is around 6-12 d.c only, quite cooling and cold at night. Lucky I brought along this Double Jacket with me, or else I'll be cold to death. Spring season in Holland can be cold, during Winter can come up to -50 d.c. But then, the flowers can grow and blossom in cold weather like this. Last time, my Hyacinth plant needed to be kept in the fridge at one corner to keep it cool and comfy. Haha...That's their nature! ;)