Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Launch Of Eau Thermale Avène PhysioLift At Troika Sky Dining

The main reason why I would take such a great effort to attend Avène PhysioLift Media Launch that afternoon at Troika, Sky Lounge is that I'm a loyal fan of this French skincare products since in my 20's. I have used their Whitening and Hydration skincare range for more than 15 years already and I always loved to buy it during X'mas or special promotion and collaboration with Zang Toi Limited Edition Gift with a whole set of Avène skincare products. And I prefer to use skincare range with a complete set of cleanser to night cream together.

Haha...I maybe having normal skin condition all my life but my skin tend to get sensitive under the hot sun esp. under the Malaysia humid weather. Avène skincare and their signature Thermal Spring Water Spray would be forever my saviour to soothing my skin back to normal condition perfectly and successfully. And I was glad I made it that Monday afternoon for this educational skincare media launch to learn more and get updated on their latest anti-ageing skincare range.

Malaysia has brought in 4 new anti-ageing skincare range out from the total 5 products which is going to outsmart our aging time and to firm up our skin at the same time. They even did a few testimonials for this new skincare range, one story that they featured was a woman in her 50's who succeed to uplift her skin to V-shaped face after 4 weeks time. Blogger Corinne also shared her experience that she can feels her skin has firm up with even skin tone and hoping to have a bigger bottle of 30 ml.

In fact, I've tried it on that night itself and the next morning, I can see that my skin has brighten up so much, feeling softer and smoother too. Fantastic result as I really need to use anti-aging skincare range now so desperately no matter how lazy and busy I can be. I totally fell in love with it that I never forget to apply it all over my face and neck every night to detox, repair and replenish nutrients for my skin during my blissful 8 hours sleep and woke up for confirmed beautiful and youthful-looking skin.

This latest French innovation was created to repair, correct and able to plump up deep wrinkles besides promoting skin firmness and achieve luminous skin ever. Like the foundation of a building, the skin is supported by an ultra-structured frame that provides resistance against external forces, adding suppleness and vitality. You can check out the 4 new anti-aging whole range products at https://www.facebook.com/AveneMY/

The collagen fibers give skin its firmness and strength. Hyaluronic Acid gives a lush, full appearance by solidifying the skin mesh structure. A highly concentrated with a trio of powerful golden-yellow coloured serum that managed to smooth away the deep wrinkles around my forehead, eye and mouth area. Just one time application you can see the obvious result already. 

It's so easy to use, with just one click of pump like an injection of a needle and it's sufficient to cover for the face and neck application already. I liked the architecture of this high-tech packaging and I find it fun also to use it every night before I go to bed. The fast-absorption of this amazing filler is also one of the reason why I would remember to use it religiously to achieve beautiful and youthful skin ever.

We were given an overall picture of healthy lifestyle and nutrition benefits for our body and skin besides using the right skincare to prevent aging. It's all interdependent and related anyway. If we didn't eat right and have sufficient sleep for 8 hours or more, using any thousands of dollars skincare also would be wasted down to the drain for sure. It worked both ways that's for sure!

The food and fruit juices that they served here at Cantaloupe, Troika for our sky dining that afternoon was marvelous and managed to fulfilled my fussy, choosy tastebud to perfection. Even the fresh-brewed coffee was perfect enough to satisfy my fussy choice of choosing the best coffee bean in town that I finished it off to the last sip of it. Haha...Troika Sky Dining has never failed me before but gave me really good impression of their excellent service and good food for fine dining place to dine here in Malaysia.

Thanks to Avène for inviting me with wonderful Avène anti-aging skincare that's perfect to serve as my saviour skin protector in Europe. The Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray especially really helped to soothing and cooling my dry skin back to normal skin. In France where the weather is so cold but dry and the sun is so near to us, it's the main culprit of external hazard in causing our skin to aging skin real quickly and easily. Try it, you'll love it just like I did esp. it's a fuss-free skincare that will surely stop and delaying aging skin real perfectly.  

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