Thursday, January 17, 2013

LUMINE JAPAN Whitening Night Collagen Review

LUMINE JAPAN Whitening Night Collagen : RM340 (30sticks)

One of my blogger friend J asked me if I can see any difference taking this LUMINE Japan Whitening Night Collagen but I told her I have not try it yet until last week, I forced myself to be discipline to try out new Collagen drink. She told me she didn’t see any effect at all. I listened and accept her comments on it.

But to me, I can see a big difference after taking this drink at the very 1st packet. Immediately I fall asleep and the next day when I try to find some articles about this drink, then I realized one of the benefits of taking this Collagen drink can help us sleep easily. No wonder I fell asleep so fast after taking this drink.

After the 2nd and 3rd packet, I can see that my uneven skin tone (due to sunlight and UV rays) is kinda obvious where I see fairer patches on both of my cheeks and darker patches on my nose and under my mouth become fairer a bit. Maybe the whitening effect forming from deep epidermis skin is slowly even out my skin tone .

Not only that, I can see my sagging skin is not so sagging anymore but firm up in bouncy elasticity. Now my concern is not only concentrated on Whitening skincare, due to my age(37 in 2013) my skin needs to be firm with anti-aging skincare help too. And my laughing line on my left has lighten to shorter line and no obvious laughing line on my right side compared to the left side.

Last Dec 2012, my left laughing line was kinda long and I was looking for a rich serum/cream to cover it but it failed to do so. So this Collagen actually works for both Whitening and Anti-aging effects in the shortest period of time. I only have 10 packets for trial and each day I’m slowly counting it to the finish line already. 

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