Thursday, January 24, 2013

Blackmores Best 9 Deeds (RM800 Hamper)

Thank You Blackmores for the great hamper and the meaningful letter dedicated to me. I find it to be the right combination of nutritious health supplements to keep me healthy for 2013. Haha…when I see all those bottles and I don’t wana keep it for long, I quickly read the booklet and decided to give those to my mom who need it more than me.Not forgetting my dear Rambo as he’s my money-making machine. 

My uncle Lim will be getting one bottle of Bio Ace Plus for his health needs. All of them needed much more than me as I’m a true believer in Cellfood so my main intake would be Cellfood then comes other health supplements like organic Spirullina, Evening Primrose Oil (many recommended me to take it and since I’m winning this from Blackmores, I started taking it now) and multivitamins everyday.

Actually I'm kinda lazy to take all this health vitamins as I love eating and I believe taking healthy food everyday will help to nourish the needed nutrients for me but then it was wrong as our daily intake of food can be harmful due to oxidation, bacteria  etc. It can’t be blocking the harmful infection that can attack us through food intake. That’s why we need supplements to protect and supplement the basic nutrient that we need in our body everyday.

When you’re young you don’t need all that but when you’re reaching to my age, then you’ll realize how important the supplements can help in protecting our body. Only time will tell you all this but if you know this, start it young.Even my dear Charmers and Lynette esp. although she was 4 years old, 2 years back she already knew the importance of taking Cellfood when I explained to her and she understand it because she’s a brilliant girl.

If our immune system are weak, that’s when all the cough, flu or infection can attack us so easily. I don’t wana suffer all this pain but gain everyday with healthy body, mind and soul so I rather forced myself to be discipline everyday to take all this health supplements. Prevention is always better than cure! And Rambo for instance, he believed so much in supplements that he always trying to get the best and the right supplements for me from USA, Japan and Switzerland. 

But this lazy Fire Dragon only remember to take Cellfood for the past 7 years because the result speaks by itself. Haha…you can try to ask those people that I have pushed them to take Cellfood on their testimonials, I leave it to them to tell you their life stories. I saved them from further operation on Ovary Cancer(after 2 operations the cysts grew back), big tumour on knee, Breast Cancer from going Chemotherapy etc.    

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