Friday, January 18, 2013

The 1st and only BARBIE SPA in the world!

First thing to do in Barbie Spa is to get the Barbie Passport with own ID and photo taken from the webcam. Very professional, updated and cool I must say. Thank God no need ‘Cop Jari’ or else it really looked like the real national Passport already. 

Haha…It was fun but they are serious in promoting the Barbie Passport to us because every purchase or spa taken from this Barbie Spa can earn us the stamps to redeem for their expensive, limited edition and lovely gifts. 

My favourite entrance to the Barbie Spa where all the quality, lovely Barbie skincare, makeups and accessories were nicely displayed here. I fell in love with all of it at the very 1st sight when I chance upon this glamorous counter with so many fantastic products displayed that only meant for the lucky ladies like us to try out.

Rambo was so jealous as he said the men don’t get to enjoy all the pretty things like this. Haha…I totally understand his feelings as Barbie Spa was such a luxurious place with 8 floors wholly-owned by this Pink Barbie building and every floor was full of girly stuffs built for women total pampering.

Rambo saw HSBC ATM, wanted to cash out thousands of RMB for me to spend but I told him "No!" as if I wanted to buy anything overseas I prefer to use credit cards. Still he took out cash for me as he knew I would shop till I drop. I never plan to buy much as I thought my main purpose coming over here is to enjoy the spa pampering but it turned out that I cannot resist the shopping temptation too.

Everything here seem so nice and awesome to miss it. This photo only showed my paper bags buying cosmetics, skincare and free gifts given after all the purchases, not yet counting the clothing and other cute stuffs yet. I wish I can spend the whole day here shopping, dining and spa pampering from top to toe services.

This is one of the poster and decors I loved most among many others that are so interesting. I wanted Rambo to remember and to treat me this way. He knew it for sure after so many years of telling him this, a wife is to be 'sayang' and pampered forever. Just like Barbie, I wasn't born to do house work too. 

Yea, he would never let me do any laundry, housekeeping or even after cooking, he'll finish all the washing as he knew my hands can very dry after all the washing. He's like my Uncle Lim, my uncle who pampered me a lot when I was young. He did everything for me and never let me do any house work too.

This is my facial spa pampering that managed to keep my skin hydrated and glowing after using Barbie Skincare with double masks pampering during this wonderful treatment. I felt really relaxed during the whole 2 hours treatment I almost fell asleep. It's one the greatest spa experience of my life from this beauty therapist of 'Jiangsu Province' who has given me her best touch of beauty skill on me.

One of the best treatment I ever had also over the years by the Chinese. Not only she gave me a good facial spa but she actually massaged my whole body from the top head to toe. The feelings was so indescribable, even till today I just can't forget that enjoyable spa pampering by her. It's perfect I must say with total satisfaction!

They even gave me the 'VIP Couple Room' that was meant for couple use although Rambo didn’t want to join me for the spa. Very nice of them and not so realistic like the other Chinese. But to save my time for more shopping, I left immediately after a toilet break as we're really in a hurry for my shopping time here.

I wish I could spend more time here trying out their hair colour, hair treatment or hair cut here just like the 'Barbie Style' above but like I said not much time here. I sighed but Rambo assured me that he would bring me here again. I felt better after hearing him said that.

~I can't stop loving you~Seeing all this Barbie around, the decorations, the displays and all the great Barbie stuffs, you just can't stop shopping for them. I wish my dear Charmers were here with me, I'm gonna spend the whole day with them here playing and trying all the wonders of Barbie here. I'm sure they loved this place too.

This whole floor of ladies department was full of expensive clothings, handbags, accessories and everything a woman would fall for.But it's only meant for the rich and famous who may buy them. The price can range from hundreds to thousands of RMB dollars and even hundred thousands.No wonder no local people around here. After reading a Chinese magazine of the opening ceremony of Barbie Spa, I quickly planned my own trip to this Barbie Spa immediately and glad I managed to find this place successfully.   

I believe they can afford all the luxury here. I thought of buying a Barbie Necklace for myself but it cost thousands of dollars, I might as well get the branded ones like Bulgari, Cartier or even the real Gold (appreciate in value each year) is better. So, I bought some nice clothing for myself as not to disappoint my shopping spree here. I even wore the limited edition Jaspal Barbie Jacket to Barbie Spa that many have asked me about it during this Shanghai trip.

This is the runway for Barbie Makeover Photo Shooting that will take place if we signed up for the package. I wana have the fun too but again, the time limit that kept me apart from this dream of mine. The wardrobe was full of stylish, alluring and stunning luxury clothing by Barbie Designers. It's full of glitter, glitz and glamour!

My last stop was here at the cafe, 6th floor after a great shopping spree for a cup of juice or steak. Again no time, they're preparing to close already at 10pm, if only they open until 12 midnight I would stay till the very last minute here. The chocolates, desserts and the smell of good food can be smelt here.I check on the menu, the price was reasonable with complete set of a good lunch or dinner set here. Rambo promised to bring me here again so I left with a heavy heart. 

But I cannot forget the whole experience I had here at Barbie Spa, listed as one of my most memorable holiday in Shanghai and I vowed to come back again for other pamperings like hair treatment and makeover. And when I plan to come again last year, Rambo told me it was closed down. Such a bad news for me but I hope they would open it again as I know the Chinese, if they can get good investor to invest in this, anytime it's gonna be a reopen anytime esp. it's such a perfect place for us to be pampered at this woman wonderland!  


  1. Barbie Spa?? I want, I want! Hahaha! How much is the spa session?

    1. Haha...I'm sure U love it too.It starts from RMB400 and above. I was lucky when I was there they have promotions going on so I grab the chance to go for it!

  2. Oh my gosh! Seriously, there’s a Barbie Spa??? That is surely a place I must go to! The place really looks like a huge and real-life Barbie dollhouse! I feel like booking a trip to Shanghai right now just to go there!

    Stela Dimitrov

    1. Hi Stela, yea one of the best spa I've ever been.Unfortunately, it was closed last 2 years. Let's hope they reopen it again :)