Sunday, January 13, 2013

TOPSHOP Personal Shopping with Denver

Last December 2012, it was great to meet Denver again for 'TOPSHOP Personal Shopping' session this time. The last time I met him was a TOPSHOP Anniversary Event held in Zebra Square and he presented me a RM50 cash voucher for one of the best-dressed spotted at the event. I always liked his style of dressing up and even at the event, I still remember him a lot through the green shirt he was wearing that night.

I was wearing a TOPSHOP floral long dress that night. There's even one stranger(lady) approached me, asking me where I bought the dress as she loved it too. I told her it's from TOPSHOP and it cost me RM398. I love it at the very first sight so really no choice, but no regrets so far because it's made of silk. It's light and most important it's comfortable for long day wearing.

This is the personal room where I get to try on the clothes in private with so many choices to choose from. It's clean, tidy and inviting with a couch to try on the shoes displayed there. I loved the Green Shimmer Dress when I entered the room but it was too heavy so I don't feel like trying it anymore. Nowadays, my need in buying new dress changed a little as I only wana buy dress that makes me comfortable and suitable for my age.

I love sexy dress a lot but if I have own the designs already, most probably I close both eyes(not buying) already. Just like the last Kardashians Preview 2012, Rane told me she saw one dress I may be interested and after she shown it to me, yes she's right that I love it but I have the same design already so I let go of it. 

When I attend any preview, I wish I can find something that I like and would ended up buying it. Rambo knew I'm always looking forward to buy something new and if I really fall in love with the dress, I never really look into the price also sometime. Haha...women's right to shop, men really have no say about it. He's afraid of that too but he's totally fine with it as to him, so long I'm happy he's happy too. 

Denver chose this Black Velvet Shimmer Dress for me and I loved the Gold mini skirt displayed inside this Personal Shopping room so I paired them up together. I loved the makeover we both inspired each other because 2 brains of fashionistas flowed in their juicy ideas into one fashion style, it turned out to work up a marvelous style of our own.

Most important thing is the colour combination is compatible, not out of the way. Both of us loved the matching shimmer duo and he kept asking me to try on others. But I have some research to do so I didn't take the chance to try out many beautiful clothes there. I told Denver maybe next time.

This is the picture Denver took for me when I felt tired and need a break before I can continue with my fashion fun with him. He offered me some drinks from the mini bar with cold Nescafe, Yeo's Green Tea or cold mineral water. I took Yeo's Green Tea to cool my body and a bottle of mineral water with normal temperature.

I felt very welcomed here and I enjoyed the personal shopping session with Denver especially during the session when we exchanged our fashion tips and ideas with each other. Fashion is a subjective kinda thing in everyone's mind. Just like the TOPSHOP style, many people would not dare to dress up their kinda style because they do not know how to pair them up together but once you get used to it, you will love their fashion sense of style because it reveals what fashion is all about.

Or you can always look up to Denver for fashion advise, he's based at TOPSHOP Midvalley branch. He told he recognised me long before when I shop at TOPSHOP KLCC but I didn't know him back then. I concentrate in shopping too much but never really into recognizing anyone until they called me. Haha...if you meet me anywhere and you do know who I am, do say Hi as I'm happy to get to know you too.

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