Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ITALY - Pisa

 The Leaning Tower of Pisa is the freestanding bell tower of the cathedral Italian city of Pisa, also well-known worldwide for its unintended tilt to one side. When I’m back to KL, my dear Charmer Ying Shan asked me if I have visit the Pisa and I replied her "Of course...Haha." 

This is one of the must-visit place I wana visit, even before we travel here I told Rambo I wana visit Pisa no matter how far it can be. That’s why I chose the ‘Whole of Italy’(the whole Italy from North to South, back to North Milan again) itinery rather than the ‘Mono Italy’(only Northern part of Italy) itinery.

Pisa is situated at the southern part of Italy where we need to travel from Rome to Pisa, took about 380 kms to reach Pisa. To me, if I wana travel to a place, I rather see the whole area of the country rather than to come again I might as well travel to other places or other countries except China.

Just like China, I still have many other provinces to visit although my friend said I’ve been almost everywhere in China but really, not yet. Still have many other places to explore and experience in China. China is too huge and too wide to see everything. And China always have many interesting and inspiring things to learn so I don't mind to travel there again and again. 

The construction of the tower occurred in three stages across 344 years. They work on the ground floor of the white marble campanile that began in 1173, during a period of military success and prosperity. When they have money then they built this place, when they're poor they stopped the construction for years before they continue building it again. 

After a phase (1990–2001) of structural strengthening, the tower is always undergoing gradual surface restoration to repair visual damage, mostly corrosion and blackening. These are particularly pronounced due to the tower's age and its exposure to wind and rain.

In Pisa, besides shopping for something special about Pisa like the Pisa keychains, Pisa towers, Pisa pens(not cheap) etc. I hang out for a cup of 'Latte Macchiato' so called something special in Italian at McCafe Pisa. Haha...I loved to enjoy hot coffee in this kinda cold weather to keep my body warm. Most of the time when we're touring all around Italy, I always asked the local Italian tour guide for a stopover at cafe. 

Just like an instant noodles, the coffee can turned cold very quickly due to the cold Winter season. That's called nature, you just can't stop it from happening anyway. Pisa is a small town that's popular in Italy so no matter how far it is, I came to step on it and took many great pictures here for lovely memories of Pisa. 

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