Saturday, January 12, 2013

Summary Life in 2012

Chinese New Year 2013 is coming, let’s welcome the year of Water Snake.‘Jam har ngan’(sekelip mata),  the Dragon Year of me (36 years old) has past so quickly. I’m gonna be 37 years old and I’m glad I’m still alive for a lady who have no luxury health due to a reason only my close friends and family who knew about my condition. That’s why I always stretched health comes 1st above everything else. If you have money but lack of a healthy body, the hero(money) becomes zero(no health).

But it’s good to know that I have this health imperfection because of this reason, I make sure I take good care of my health throughout the season. And everyday, I actually find out many of my friends, young or old have their own health problem  issues too. Sometimes, it’s even worse as they just found out about it and they can just leave to another world(passed away) within a year.

I know life is fragile but sometime, it can be too cruel to see someone/friends who passed away at the very young age and it’s all due to sickness/illness. Just like Diabetes Illness which I have blog about, it’s a major problem to many who have this diabetic issue because the wound will not heal no matter what medicine they’re taking to cure this. They really need to control their diet, lifestyle and taking many pills to control the problem.

Cellfood only can stop the wound from spreading to another parts of the rotten part but to cure it, there is really no way to cure Diabetes. I have seen many cases of Diabetes problem, even my Uncle Lim Gudeh he couldn’t walk one day as he had a stroke and Diabetes problem, my mom immediately called me and asked me about getting the Cellfood on that day itself.

It was in Saturday (Cellfood office was closed) and so I told my mom to get it from the nearest pharmacy in Seri Petaling. She bought it and my uncle took it for emergency purpose, he was ok and can walk on his own but very slowly. That’s good enough or else, it’s gonna be ‘leceh’(troublesome) for him because everyone like to be independent, living their lives. No one like to depend on others going to the toilet, walk to lunch gathering and taking things during the day time.   

I have a friend, his boss is a Datuk who is a rich entrepreneur but he needs to inject Insulin everyday at a certain time just to balance the sugar level in his body. He did that all by himself for many years already. This is what I meant by have wealth(hero) vs.  no health(zero) if you face this kinda situation. I have another rich friend who passed away due to Diabetes also due to his unhealthy lifestyle (drinking hard liquors every night, eat too oily food etc.)

His father just left him a great fortune but he just had a leg amputation after that few months of drinking.Such a waste, we celebrated our Poker Buddies 2nd Anniversary in 2011 but he missed the 3rd Anniversary last year in 2012. It’s too fragile like I said, life is too short. So live your life to the fullest and make good use of our time to do something important, beneficial to everyone and always be grateful to receive more good blessings in life. 

’The Secret’ thought in me grew stronger each day because I know what I want in life, I asked for it and that’s what I’m getting each day. In Italy, I was sick due to the cold Winter weather on the 2nd day but I took medicine with 'Kao Kao punya Cellfood' and told myself, I must get well by tonight so I can enjoy the long holiday. And yes, the next day I'm fully recovered with good appetite to start my day with great breakfast buffet at the hotel. I even taught my dear Charmers the same philosophy and she used my sister Defney's iphone calling me to inform me she's fine already the next day.The secret power is powerful provided you're positive enough. 

I hope you learn something from this sharing as this is all real life stories that really happen in my circle of friends. It can happen to anyone so love your life before you can afford to love others in your life. I’m living healthily everyday by taking healthy food, exercise, meditate, laugh a lot, think positive and visit spa every week if I can find the time. ~Let’s get loud for 2013!~   

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