Monday, January 28, 2013

~'Zi Lang Zi Pua, Kam Ching Be Sua’~ (The famous quote from a Hokkien song)


Poor Lynette, she was sick last week with some cough. I wished I could exchange place with her although I just recovered from my cough by 'Chinese Cough Remedy', after taking more than 6 non-effective cough syrup bottles. I guess the 'Wabak Batuk'(cough epidermic) was around since May 2009. I seldom cough but once I did, it can take forever to recover. All this happened in 2009, but from 2009-2013 I never had any cough anymore and all thanks to my miracle Cellfood!

Supposed last Saturday my mom wanted to pospone again our usual date of Saturday to Sunday but I missed them too much so they made it somewhere somehow. Lynette was active again when she had enough rest and sweets she sabotaged from her 'Popo'. Popo was allowed to give only 2 but she insisted to have more by pressuring my mom anyway(2009).

Haha... She's so cute. We all laughed she was indeed a survivor, the name I gave to her as her strong personality matches all the positive attitudes as one. Seeing her taking 'Kuaci'(sunflower seeds) from my mom and and sis, I called her "Lynette, Zi Lang Zi Pua, you're taking Kuaci come share it with me." Haha...I never expect her to respond me by giving her whole peeled Kuaci for me.I gave her half of the Kuaci as the sentence means 'Half for each person' in Chinese Hokkien.

I used to share my half Kuaci with her and sang ~'Zi Lang Zi Pua, Kam Ching Be Sua, Zi Lang Zi Diam, Kam Ching Be Kiam, Zi Lang Zi Pua, Kam Ching Be Sua, Zi Lang Zi Suku, Kam Ching Jia E Gu'. She would laughed and tried singing along with me as she liked the song very much. She ate the half Kuaci I shared with her. I kept on saying she's so clever and thanked her as she understood the meaning on sharing. 

And she kept on taking the Kuacis for me from my mom's hand. Haha...She even took the whole packet from my mom's lap and chose a few Kuacis for me. I really admired her great attitudes in life since she’s a little baby till today. She love feeding me chocolates when I was playing Mahjong with my mom and sis.

She even feed me the 1st bite of her own-made Pizza and own-made Mooncake, really sweet of her. And when her dad bought her candies from Famous Amos, she took one for me but I ‘saja’ wana play with her I told her I wanted the red one. She took the Red one for me although she mentioned to me she only have 3 Red ones. memories with her.

Haha…this little baby whom I used to make her milk at night in Macau is feeding me food she made from her tadika.~I can't help loving U~ She makes me laugh a lot and she makes me proud of her. A lovely girl who can understand about sharing and loving others. The way she talks and behaved is like an adult. She loves to imitate the way I talked and she really speaks the way I speaks with everyone, makes me laugh even more seeing her acting in this manner.

Sometimes, she would 'Manja' with me by leaning so close to me, hugged me so tight and she just knew how to melt my heart away by saying, “Dai Yiyi, see your ip4. Wah, so nice in Pink." Then she handed it back to me like an adult talking to the young ones. Haha…really 'beh tahan' her I told Rambo, she’s cute and ‘Lou Jik’(old/mature) my mom said about Lynette. But what to do, she’s the youngest among us all, everyone love her so much but still, we instilled 'Di Zi Gui' values in her to keep her grounded in life. That's life!   

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