Wednesday, January 9, 2013


My dear Charmers moment before I fly to Italy.

Happy New Year in advance, I'm gonna miss the crash, boom, bang fireworks all over KL and PJ this year. I'm flying now to Italy for my Winter Holiday. Really need a long holiday to revive, rejuvenate and recharge my battery to full potential. Spring project is already at hand, need to 'Ganbatte' again once back home. C ya all in Jan 2013! (My FB status before I fly to Italy)

From Florence With Love, we had a great Winter holiday of 2012! 

I'm safely back home sweet home, green green grass of home. Malaysia is still the best place to be. I miss the food, my own bed and everything dear to me esp. my dear Charmers Ying Shan, LeAnne and Lynette although  we had a great holiday in Italy. As you all know I need not report to anyone except to report to my dear Charmers only , so when I broke the news to them I knew it’s gonna hurt us so much as we’re too attached to each other.

Gondola ride all along from sea to romantic island of Venice.I told Rambo I must ride on it once in my lifetime! 

I remember I told my dear Charmers that I gotta miss seeing them for 2 Saturdays and my dear LeAnne said, “I wish I can go Italy with you”. I replied her, “Of course I want you to come along but the school is gonna start next week already. Wait till you’re big girl then you can follow me, together with your mommy. The more the merrier. Back home, I kissed you more ‘Bou Fan' ok’" as she pout her lip to sad mood. Haha…I really love her so much because she’s so pure, kind and manja to me.

My 1st event of 2013, DHC Collagen 7000 by Watsons Group. 

Thought of taking things 'Piano Piano'(Italian means slowly) but full of calls to remind me of my coming blog appointment, emails to reply and reviews waiting for me to update. Haha...I also received messages to upload more pictures of Italy which I would but need to complete my project 1st as the CNY is only 1 month away.

CNY 2013, the Year of Water Snake!

Let's get back to the real world now, full of optimism and enthusiasm as I'm already fully recharged with Italian battery. I asked Rambo what’s his resolution for 2013, he told me the same thing. He wana strike Jackpot and enjoy life, love me more and look for more new business. Haha…For me, I want to have good health above everything else and be happy like always. You know I love to laugh, laugh out loud from inside of me.

Italy is famous of glass-making souvenirs and it's not cheap. My mind is only occupied full of my dear
Charmers lovely memories so I got the best gifts for them. The 'Italy with Love' glass accessories which
Rambo said nice, asking me to keep one set for myself but I only got myself a Glass watch from Venice.

Haha...I have requests from many to write about China. I hope I can find the time to share this with you guys coz China is so huge with so many interesting topics to talk about. Will do my very best after my Spring Project and CNY 2013, probably in Feb/Mac 2013. In the mean time, stay healthy and happy everyone.It's also a reminder to myself coz I wana gain with no pain! (My FB status after I'm back)


  1. Jacinta, u've lovely kids! Welcome home, dear!

    1. Haha...Thanks Shirley, glad to be back home sweet home!

  2. really like this line of yours "fully recharged with Italian battery " I can feel your optimism .

    1. Haha...glad to know that.Let's Ganbatte for 2013!