Thursday, January 31, 2013


Bag/Key chain holder RM399, a gift from Lancel Gardens Opening Launch Event.

Lancel Paris was founded by a woman name Angèle in 1876, called the Maison Lancel. She opened a shop near the brand new Opéra Garnier, in the liveliest quarter of Paris selling lifestyle accessories and fashion for ladies.

In fact, Lancel Paris is one of the biggest boutique situated strategically just near to the Champs Elysees Arc de Triomphe. You won't miss this huge boutique as it's big in Orange colour decors and can be comparable with the big, corner Louis Vuitton boutique at the end of the same street of Avenue des Champs-Élysées. 

This is another lovely Lancel boutique that I stopped over to buy the limited edition Lancel leather handbag.I chose the signature design of Lancel, no doubt about the brand when you see it you just knew it's the famous brand of Lancel. It's very popular especially when 'Myolie Wu Hang Yee', my favourite HongKong TVB actress was using the handbag at one of the famous TVB series(I forgot the name,Haha). One day, I even chance upon one of her pictures, she's wearing the same TopShop Leather Jacket I wore to New Zealand. 

She's also one of the fashion icon I admired a lot where everytime I see her clothings on TV drama series I just loved her fashion sense. From the winter wear she wore at Hokkaido, Japan to the famous TVB series 'Wars of In-Laws' with Liza Wang that tempted me so much to try on the fashion myself although it's really not my style at all. So lucky for her, she gets to wear all the branded clothing of designer brands in every episode and she looked absolutely gorgeous in it. 

Lancel has just opened their new boutique at Gardens Mall last year in 2012. I got invited by Lancel for their opening and I came here just for awhile as I'm supposed to visit the Ecoparadise Spa that day. I met Shannon here but I told her I don't have to blog about it as I've been invited as a guest that night. And she can always get some pictures from me if she need it for her blog.

One of the agenda in Lancel 2012 Gardens Opening was watching how the French Master making the signature Lancel masterpiece handbags. They claimed that every piece is carefully-made by the fine, genuine leather they picked and chose from the best quality. And it's custom-made by hand, in the most gentle way from the sewing part to the fixing part. 

What I liked most in Lancel brand is the gold colour rings that tied the handbag in style, that's why I bought it at the very 1st place besides the good quality zip and fine fabric inside. I'm very particular and kinda fussy when it comes to choose the best brand that create the fine craftsmanship of handbags. I want it to be in excellent condition and Lancel really delivered the best quality for me, that's why I bought it at last. 

From time to time, Lancel never failed to invite me for many events of the year to witness first-hand on their new product launches, X'mas season special and sale special. I enjoyed attending their previews so far and provided I'm free on that day, I would drop by to catch the previews.

I love their new collections too but it's too big for me I told them, I wanted smaller of the same new design. Hope they would come up smaller handbag that suits my petite size the best, so I can get to buy something that I like this year in 2013 and most importantly is I have the time to shop...Haha!


  1. Wow, I love the bags. Hope to buy of those one day :)

    Would you mine checking my own collection of bags here

    1. Yea Ruth, nice bags that's genuine with fine quality.Sure, will check it out :)

  2. Such a beautiful look - you look so elegant! I LOVE those Sac Lancel!