Friday, January 25, 2013

ITALY - Milan/Milano

Milan or Milano in Italian is the second largest city in Italy and it's the capital of Lombardy. The city proper has a population of about 1.4 million people and also well-known as the fashion capital around the world. ‘Yan Shan Yan Hoi’, the Chinese famous quote suited to describe about the people around Milan city from Piazza Del Duomo area to Milan shopping malls.  

I see heads and long queues everywhere I go. Can compared with China but not so crowded like China, as China have more tourists from around the world who came for business trips, holidays, cultural exchanges and exhibition fairs, you really need to squeeze a place for yourself to be able to survive there...Haha.

My friend who just came to Italy for holiday last December 2012 spent about 60K on her trip, I can understand the reasons behind all the spending. Besides shopping for 2 Prada handbags from Milan, she spend a lot on dining expenses just like me.

Prada Milano have 3 floors full of the latest season handbags and doing a sale at the lower lobby floor. The promoters told me so when I asked for more choices and colours. There are many more choices to choose from A-Z Prada with creative decorations from the front lobby to the lower floor around Prada Milano.

In Italy, I told Rambo I wana dine the best and enjoy the best so we usually dine at serviced-restaurants rather than self-service counters. Usually the menu was written in Italian so I gotta cracked my head to adapt to their culture. But I usually asked them what ingredients as I only want seafood in my menu and I don’t take pork.

The 1st day I was there, they gave me pork also but lucky I asked what meat was that although it looks yummy but I exchanged it for chicken as I always believe I have a choice to be happy with my meal. The chicken was so-so only for me as I’m quite a fussy diner so I can only take more fresh vegetables then. Yummy veges!

Reading Italian for sugar, spices and spaghetti has been a daily routine for all of us during the Italy holiday as sometime, they really don’t speak English or they don’t print it out in English. 

Haha…so we’re all inspired to learn the Italian language somewhere, somehow. And our favourite sentence of Italian sentence is ‘Piano Piano’ which means slowly as the Italians loved living their enjoyable days in dining or cooking by taking their own sweet time, very slowly in a relaxing mood.

Back to the dining subject, the price of my favourite Clam Spaghetti cost about EUD20x4 (the minimum rates that I’m quoting, can be 4.1 if we charged to credit card) is already RM80. The soup can cost EUD8-12 so let’s say it’s EUD 8x4:32. Red wine is around EUD10-20 per glass, quite reasonable for me. 

Rambo have very high cholesterol level so I usually ordered tea for both. And a pot of Chamomile hot tea can cost up to EUD10-15 so it’s RM40(min). In total of minimum calculation is RM152 for my lunch only. Thank God I enjoyed the food or else, it's not worth my RM152.

In Malaysia, RM152 we can order a table of 10-12 pax full of ‘Dai Yu Dai Yuk’(Big fish, Big meat the Chinese famous quote). That’s why I'm always glad to be back ‘home sweet home, green green grass of home’ because living simply in Malaysia keeps me living happily and blissfully with my family, living in harmony.

We can survived easily here 'kampung'. We have our own plantation of veges, the best Grade A Watermelons that we exported to Taiwan and we have our own 'Ayam Betina with its 6 cute little chicks' but we never plan to 'sembelihnya' (slaughter it) as we treat her like our family member. Haha...We also treat her like a 'Hiasan Kampung'(village decor) at our chalet in Johor.

I enjoyed shopping in Milan because the fashion world there speaks of quality, a dash of Gold colour or animal prints(my favourite) that speaks of glitz and glamour. Just like the Versace Jacket on my Facebook Italy album and many other brands that dare to bare, so to speak the classy, stylish style of Milan fashion world. The price is reasonable, not very expensive for normal brands esp. the sexy lingerie and intimate wears are the items not to be missed here esp. during sale time.  

I ‘bo sem tung’(not heartache) using that kinda money and spent so much for my Italy trip because the most important thing is both Rambo and I enjoyed our holiday here. Rambo even allocated much for my shopping spree, for my favourite brands like Versace, Gucci, Fendi, Prada(on 40% sale in Milan) etc. but I only managed to get Fendi the latest design that I liked most.

Limited edition FENDI Christmas 3D Metallic Gold. Malaysia have 5 of this only.

The rest ‘Mou Yuen Fen’(no fate) so it’s really too bad. I don’t like forcing myself to buy something that is never meant for me. In Italy, the tax refund is different from France where they paid us back in cash at the airport. In Italy we gotta filled up the form, stamped it at the airport and mailed it at the mailbox outside the office. They would credit the refund back to our credit cards. And it's only valid if we spend EUD150 above with 12% tax refund from the 17% total taxes.

The Versace brand has just opened a few new branches in Malaysia, can always buy from here. Like I always said to everyone, support Malaysia economy is always better as the money is flowing back to us for our fellow Malaysians, esp. if it’s on sale then it’s more worthwhile to spend our hard-earned money here.

To know Malaysia is to love Malaysia. I felt very welcomed to everywhere I travel to but every time I'm back home, I felt more closer to my home especially to be able to spend time with my dear Charmers even just for the weekend. I missed them so much although 3 of them said they saw my Italy pictures they loved it, but I hope they can join me going travel together real soon.I'm always the family kinda person. 

To me, family comes 1st in my priority of life above all the enjoyment in the world. Having a great holiday with my loved ones brings more happiness and joyfulness to me along the happy journey. After all, happiness already exist around us no matter where we are, so long there are cheers and laughters that can be heard for the simple things in life. That's what really matter to us, c'est la vie!

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