Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Blackmores 80 Deeds Campaign

Blackmores 80 Deeds Campaign

Thanks to Blackmores Malaysia for choosing me as one of the winner for 'The Best 9 Deeds' Story'. Supposed I don't wana reveal this story to anyone but if it's meant for a good cause sharing good deeds, I finally shared it at the very last minute. Another huge surprise that means a lot to me, Rambo and others(U know who U are) who have help in this charity drive. Through this charity drive, I met many good people who wanted to contribute to the society. In fact, many good Samaritans wanted to do their part but they just don't know how so when they know what we're doing for them, they offer their kindness.

This is a story of an anonymous, mystery lady(that's me Jacinta) that never revealed the identity of the mystery woman who has been helping a few Indian families at the rural area in Negeri Sembilan. It started a few years ago(4 years ago) when she read about an article on The Star newspaper and decided to help. She send a representative to survey the place and found out that the place was in a mess. Not only the kids have no food to eat(even Maggi Mee), they owed a lot of money from the people who loaned them vegetables. 

Luckily the 1st trip, she asked the representative(my kind hubby) to bring along 2 packets of rice, oil, sugar, maggi mee, biscuits, some snacks for the kids, Milo etc. from her own money so that the kids have food to eat as according to my hubby, they really have no food to eat. From time to time, every 3-4 months she actually send the rep(Rambo) to the place, bringing them rice and necesssary food items. And every year coming Deepavali, she even asked some companies like Bata(I personally emailed to Switzerland HQ), Voir and Padini for the kids new clothing sponsors just to cheer them up.

This year 2012, the sponsor for new clothes came from her own money and her uncle(my uncle Lim, another kind soul), a unity from the 'Buddhist+Christian Unity' (Haha...I named it this way). The guardian thanked us so much(in her teary eyes) and was very grateful to us because now, they have food to eat and have Kechara to take good care of them. I approached the President of Kechara Dato' Ruby Khong and Justin this year 2012(thanks to them) to help take care of this few families there after I came across their goodwill through Tsem Tulku Rinpoche page(my sister May who joined them as volunteer invited me to join the group as she knew I'm into Buddhism learning).

My husband and I still visit them just to make sure they are really ok, most importantly that they have food to eat.And the recent visit(last week), we are sure they're ok now with enough basic food from Kechara(KSK). My hubby always mentioned that whatever good deeds that I did nobody knows the person behind this charity who started it and keep on helping them but I always assured him that it's ok as I did it for pure kindness. It's deeply sincere from the bottom of my heart, I don't have to let the whole world know about this. God knows, you and I know that's enough. As long they're fine, I'm very happy to help the unfortunates like them and help to contribute for a better society. 

I pledged to help our own people (be it the Malays, Chinese and Indian, tidak mengira bangsa dan agama) in Malaysia. Time really flies, it has been 4 years already we're helping them. My hubby Rambo Lim told me, the kids are now all grown up. Seeing them all grown up so tall and healthy he's very happy. And they usually are very happy to see him come for a visit because he brought them joys and cheers esp. during CNY festive season when Rambo gave out 'Angpows' to them. I'm glad to know that sincerity conquers publicity, I can see that they’re very happy now and that really matters to me as seeing them happy, makes me happier indeed.

They’re about 17 kids staying there now, used to be only 12 kids(very little kids back then). I cried with happy tears every time I see those pictures although I seldom cry on happy occasion like this. Haha...I'm crying now while I'm sharing this story with Blackmores Malaysia(sob sob...crying but flowing with happy tears). I just can’t hide this feeling anymore that’s why my tears flows naturally. I share this story now for  Tammy Lim who request to read my winning story after I shared this with her(I entered at the very 1st place through her Blackmores sharing). 

Sometimes it's really funny you know, when I least expect to win it I usually ended up winning. I've been to Avillion PD so I didn't enter this for the grand prize, in fact I told myself give others the chance to win it. I only wanted to share good deeds with Blackmores and with more people so everyone did their own part in cultivating doing good deeds. The more caring and loving we are to the society, Malaysia will become a better place to live in. Life is beautiful when we are grateful!


  1. Beautiful and touching story.. 4 years u've been contributing to them secretly. May God Bless you! I always believe those who is capable to help, should extend a helping hand when God calls. Even those who can't, can extend in other ways and be a much better person to society.

    Congratulations for winning Jacinta!!!

  2. Thanks Tammy. True, good deeds come in many ways. God bless us all :)