Sunday, April 28, 2013

Strive to Thrive in life

Last 2 weeks my ‘Ah Kung’ left us to PureLand, I hope so as he have cultivated so many good deeds all the time with donations to schools, donated all his ‘Pak Kam’ money to the charity associations and providing the big family good life for so many years. Many people came to pay their last respect to him, I felt so bad I couldn’t make that 5 days back kampung as I'm usually fully booked for Saturday, Sunday schedules.But while I'm in KL, I did prayed for him and send my last respect to him, hoping that he can received my prayers for him. I would visit his burial place on my coming next trip 'balik kampung'(back hometown).

I have great memories with him throughout the 37 years, although the rest of his granddaughters seldom getting upclose with him as the head of the family. But we did communicate on many health issues before like direct sales product that many of his friends have pushed him to buy and try and those oil leakage at the beach he tried to get me clean up, get rid of the oil from my legs. I’m also a direct kinda person so we tend to talk about anything in life. And the fact that I respect him a lot as he’s a mommy boy who loved+respect his mom, my late ‘Tai Ma'((great grandma) very much.

A person who is filial piety to his/her parents is naturally a good person. Just like my Uncle Wah, he always mentioned that he’s a good son that’s why he finally have a son who’s a good boy I must agreed. And my rich Uncle Ta who have kept his promise to his father to take good care of the family for the past 40 years, the God repays him with great kindness of a loyal wife, good health at age 61 and stable, prosperous business going stronger than ever. He deserves all the good things in life as he strive to thrive for the best things in life.

So when my mom came back, she wazzapp our ‘Family group’ to remind me of the facial spa on Saturday we plan to go together.But I already told her earlier that I won’t be joining them this Saturday in April and only be joining her in the coming May month as I gotta attend a ‘High Cholesterol Talk’ by Tropicana Medical Centre with Rambo. I told her to enjoy the facial with my sister Defney. She also make sure that I’ll be joining the family gathering lunch at Parkroyal Hotel and I confirmed that I would make it before I go for the health event.At the lunch gathering, we celebrate my Uncle 5’s 57th Birthday. 

Nowadays, the relationship of my mom+uncles of 5 brothers(6 bros) and 1 sister really got closer like ‘Isi dan kuku’ after the departure of my Uncle 4. Now I teased the brother Lims, ‘Brotherly Love’ as before that in their 30’s, they used to fight and argue like ‘dogs and cats’. Many times ‘kena marah’(got scolded) by me as being adults staying in the same big house, they’re not mature enough to take good care of us but set a bad example to my brother Ahboy, sis Defney and me. I’m a fierce Fire Dragon in the family since I was young till today, my mom and bro used to say that to me and I knew it. If they’re wrong, I won’t respect them due to bad behaviour of drunk drinker, mental depression and being a loser who always blames others for his/her own problems and tend to start a fight just because his/her life sucks. 

I usually protect my brother and sister, I loved them a lot and I care for them so much. Till today, 3 of us stand united together and keeping strong bonding with each other as 3 married happy couples with our respective partners although we grew up in a typical family that’s not perfect. Everytime my sis-inlaw, sister and friends shared their stories with me, I told them ‘Ka Ka Yao Bun Lan Lim Dik Ging’ they understand the meaning of it already. It means that every family would surely have their own problems, which is a true fact that existed since thousand years ago in China.And that's how the Chinese saying was created since then.

Haha…at times when my friends said my family is a happy family, I told them the happiness came from many trials and tribulations they have gone through over the years. Through many ups and downs, obstacles and arguments, they can become so understanding with one another now. Just like Rambo and I, ‘Emm Da Emm Seong Sik’, it’s through fighting we became closer and stronger after 20 years been staying loving together. You just need to go through the stage, nobody is perfect. But it’s better through honest talk/fight that we knew what’s going wrong with the relationship, we can strive to change for good, be it the family, couple or mother-child relationship.       

You know kids and many people tend to creating rumours easily. One Saturday, I told my dear Charmers my star Pisces clicked well with Scorpion, that's LeAnne and so we high-5 each other. I told them I just don’t click with certain star then they assumed that I don’t like Lynette. Lynette looked at me and I told her, “Lynette know Dai Yiyi loves her, she’s my dear Charmer and so far, she have never been a naughty girl. If she did, I did advised her never to do it again. She adapts to new things very quickly. I don’t have a problem with her.” She smiled and hugged me tightly, no need to explain much about it as we understand each other really well. 

Even when I explained to her about the water crystal experiment with ‘Di Zi Gui’ teachings, she’s the one who actually watched the whole story to the end. She’s brilliant at the age of 6. Just last Saturday, she told me she liked my necklace so I told her it’s Chanel and she said, “Oh Chanel, I heard about it.” And I was like, OMG my dear Lynette actually knew about Chanel brand at this age. Haha…she makes me laughed a lot. I don’t think my sister talk to her about fashion but she really talk like an adult when she's with her friends.And so she went on sharing her stories with me on Herbalife her mom asked her to take it and she don’t like it.

Haha…my sister told me about it too where she tried to hide the taste by adding it with other drinks but she just knew it. Even the veges I scooped for her, she said it’s not yummy but I advised her to take some no matter what. I explained to her the reasons why she needs to take veges, she can accept it after I reasoned to her in a good way and not in a forceful way.She never failed to listen to me and she even double confirmed with me again on the cleansing blood part on taking veges. She finished the veges and I praised her good girl. She smiled. Great weekend with them, real paid up kinda feelings!