Thursday, April 4, 2013

Indonesia - Bali

Arrived at the new 'J Boutique Hotel' that situated along the happening Bali town. Very cozy and privacy assured.

Enjoying lunch buffet at Kintamani famous restaurant.

Captivating Kintamani volcano mountain views that fascinated me for hours. 
The biggest shopping mall in Bali, located just nearby the hotel I was staying and I was willing to walk this far.

The batik designs are usually very lovely and alluring with bright colours of Balinese authentic style.

The making of silver jewellery at the Silver Centre of Bali.

Trying to make my own coffee through traditional ways...

The Luwak(civet) that eats the berries and the famous 'Mao Si Coffee' was made from their poopoo.   

Smelling and testing all types of coffee that are available here including the Luwak Coffee. 

"No, Tq!"as I don't fancy poopoo fermented-processed coffee even if it's free. The rest of the coffee also I
can't finish. Some tasted good but some, never seen before anywhere except here in Bali. 

We need to wear Balinese traditional sarongs before we go into this temple like the locals here. 

The traditional musical instruments for festivals and prayer ceremonies.

Clean, green and serene environment here. Calm and soothing feelings here with the lovely smell of
Frangipani flowers everywhere.

Happening beach at Jimbaran Bay with tourists swimming, walking along the beach and just lying around.
Many tourists have reserved their seats at this restaurant for BBQ Seafood dinner and to be romantically
in love watching the sunset together, including Rambo and I. We enjoyed the food and scenery for sure. 

The food for both of us came in seafood platter of fish, squid and prawn with special spicy sauce. Really yummy!

I love sweetcorn a lot so I bought it for more indulgence to add in my food enjoyment.

The beautiful sunset that's gonna take place anytime by now...

Galleria is a new, luxury shopping mall built for tourists from around the world. Expensive brands inside here.

One of the Balinese musical instrument that sounds sexy and melodious, so I took the chance to play it.Fun!

Tempting Tanah Lot is my favoutrite place among all the rest. It's really beautiful and wonderful here.

'Air sudah pasang' in the afternoon but I wish to swim here at the Indian Ocean. I felt so excited to be here, really
fun esp.when the water splashed strongly up to my waist when I go nearer to the sea. The water was cold even
it's so hot here. If I was wearing my bikini, I would have jump into the water and swam my way to the temple. 

Gotta walk and climb up hills to see all around Tanah Lot amazing place.
Shopping around Tanah Lot will never be boring as it's full of nice souvenirs, clothings and everything Balinese.

One of my Chinese dinner at Bali, told them no chicken more veges but still gave me half chicken.

'Cantik panorama di Uluwatu', is all I can described about this panoramic view.

It's so dangerous to be here alone as the route to this place I was standing for the best shot, it's not completely
ready for hiking. And each of us need to hold a long stick to protect ourselves from the wild monkeys that may
attack us anytime, around this place.
Haha...I heard many real stories from the Bali tour guide that the tourists been bullied and been robbed
by the monkeys living this area. This place is huge and beautiful, feeling on top of the world to be here.
Early morning during my breakfast at the hotel, I already prepared many fruits esp.the bananas for them. I
just love them so much, I don't know why although I knew they're mischievous and naughty kinda animal.

Thank God along the journey of my tour here at Uluwatu, none of the monkeys really 'kacau' me or rob my
belongings like what they claimed them to be. In fact, I saw them grouping together playing, sleeping with
leg-crossed and cutie little babies that seemed so attached to their mommies. Really cute! 

One of the famous Bali performance with great buffet lunch at Cultural Centre.

Last day of my Bali trip so I took the chance to swim around early am.

My spa escapade at J Spa, Bali.

The Green+Pink Kebaya that's been haunting me to grab it during my trip with Balinese Sarong to pair with.

The Balinese signature clutch that's not to be missed from Bali.

The lovely shirts for my dear Charmers with nice colors to pair with tights/jeans. 

One of the Green Dress I managed to grab from Bali among all the sexy red, orange, brown and blue dresses. Luv it! 

Another green goody I get to grab from Tanah Lot. Sweet shopping!

A pink 'I love Bali' pouch that must be grab along my shopping spree here.

Yummy food at the airport with reasonable USD price before I leave Bali, back to KL, Malaysia.


  1. is the luwak coffee good? having meal at the niceeee

    1. No, I didn't take that luwak coffee although been offered to try it by others. So dirty, no way.Haha...the meal at the beach, really nice.You can plan one with your cute Choulyin!

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