Thursday, April 18, 2013

Verona, Italy

The 1st Italian lunch I had in Verona, Italy. Unlimited vegetables soup, chicken chop and I decided to take
mineral  water due to hot weather and dehydration. The soup and salad are yummy for me and the toilet is
clean, using those old-styled water pipe system where we need to step on the accelerator for water. 
I gently touched only on the Juliet's breast for good luck. Too crowded here so gotta make it fast with speed. 

The busy, happening city around Verona. 

Everywhere is full of people queuing up for Gelato, wafer, coffee and such a long queue. I won't queue up for this.

I would rather go around shopping, sight-seeing than to queue for coffee. 

'Ban Guai, Ban Ma'(Impersonating ghost, horse), they're everywhere at every corner of this city. 

The largest Piazza Bra in Verona, Italy.

Many tourists came here for shopping, visit the famous Juliet's House for good luck blessings and trying out
the Verona popular dishes. I find Verona is interesting but too crowded for me. afternoon spent here
is good enough for me.  

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