Monday, April 15, 2013

My Manicure History

April Theme, Pink 3D Metallic with just one application would do. 

My manicure history story started 14 years ago when I was 23 years old, just after graduation I chose M Co. as Marketing Exec assisting my branch manager, servicing only the top producers like WL. One of the visit to her office, she saw my manicure and asked, “Wah so nice, U did it at salon or yourself? I told her I did it all by myself and just for fun. She loved it and asked me to visit one manicure session with her one day, in front of my boss. My boss won’t mind as long the business relationship is fine with maintaining the business target, he really don’t care what we plan to do during the visits.He even encouraged me to bring her for a good lunch with company expense, that’s why I was so plumped back in my 20’s as I always looked for the best restaurants and tried all the new good food in town.

At that time, not many manicure spa salon around like today, you can see it’s like mushrooming at every shopping malls to shops in every corner of the city. She just came back from Mauritius and brought back the famous aromatherapy set there planning to invest it in Malaysia.She asked me to smell it and asked if this business can be developed here in Malaysia. I told her yes, go for it but I didn’t know why it turned out to be a direct sales company when they started selling this aromatherapy products.

Holika Holika brand, RM18.50. 

Malaysia just love doing direct sales kinda business including the Cellfood I trusted all these years. In USA, Cellfood is selling like a hotcake in pharmacy as a basic healthy supplement food in every 3 seconds. Anyway, I'm still taking it everyday for the past 7 years already as the price is reasonable for member price and it helps me to maintain good health. USA price and standard of living is usually more reasonable for food, shopping, house or car, that’s why Rambo loves to be based there. He always asked if I would like to be based there for long in LA, I always told him ‘No, I can’t leave my dear Charmers’.

Last time, the manicure session cost about RM80 and above based on the services of basic to full manicure session. But I prefer to do it my own during jam break while waiting for the red light to turn green light, I put on the shimmer colours based on the colour dress I was wearing that day. One morning, my boss(another new company) came to my desk and asked, “Why today your manicure colour is not green?”Immediately I replied him, “Today I’m sick, no mood to ‘ban leng leng’(to be pretty). He asked me why I don’t stay at home for rest and I replied him, “With 12millions target business I’m handling, do you think I can afford to take a day for MC leave? I can’t and I have 5 full, fixed appointments to fulfill today so I don’t wana ruin my schedule for today’s plan.”

SaSa latest Sandy Shimmer Purple at RM10.90.

About 4.30pm when I reached to my office for business submission, my boss came to my private cubicle and invited me for a drink with other colleagues just next door to our office. He ordered a 100 Plus drink for me and added some salt for me. I always believe 'action speaks louder than words' as he made great efforts to care and thanked me for being so ‘Puk Sem, Puk Meng’(sacrificed a lot) for the company. Whenever company needs me for marketing ads on newspaper all over the Nanyang Siang Pau, Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times(full page) I was there for them. If they need my late night hours entertainment till 2 am, I can stand for them as I was young at that time. I still have the energy and time for them, even sometimes going for all the car launches during weekends, I brought along my 3 cuties(back then was my 3 younger sisters). Haha…they’re my dear back then, now they’re ‘besar panjang’(grown up) I let them go totally with their boyfriends to care for them as now, I have another 3 dear Charmers to care for.

Time really flies like an arrow, it's been 6 years now I'm standing on my own 2 feets without any boss to manage me. Now, I managed my own business and deal it with Rambo’s support and faith in me. I enjoyed working with my boss(good pay offer+good bonus based on performance), happy times with my colleagues and business associates but working for myself, it’s even better with my own time management and total freedom+satisfaction after completing all the projects. It’s through experience from working all these years with many companies that have given me the opportunities and my own efforts to be where I am today. It’s all in the positive attitude I believe I can do it and so I did it!

OPI latest shatter color RM65

If I have the time, I would designed some manicure style on my nails. If I don’t, I would  just paint them with shimmer colours to finish it off. Everywhere I go, be it the young girls at ‘Milo Event’ who loved the ‘Shatter OPI’ I’ve tried that week, kids like Lynette always persuading me to do the ‘Pink’ for her and my mom who wanted to try the design I simply create for my nail theme of the week. It only took me about 10 minutes to do this fuss-free manicure as I can't stand to sit still for hours for a manicure session unlike the facial and spa pampering, I don't mind to spend a few hours at the spa to be pampered like a Queen.It feels so good after all the reviving pampering at spa!

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