Thursday, April 25, 2013

Spring coming to Summer 2013

Ecoparadise Indian lady greeted me and asked me why so long I didn't come? I told her, "Yea, very busy me for me this lately." I took a Mocha for her so she thanked me by saying, "Tq, Arigato Gozaimasu". And so I replied her, "Do Itashimashite" (U'r welcome in Japanese). Rambo looked at us and said, "Wah, today you both so Japanese-styled ka?" Haha...we both laughed happily. “Life is short, be happy always.” We all agreed in this totally.Just like last Tuesday, Rambo's Japanese colleague was locked off from the office and Rambo have the company key so he went back to open the office door for him at 7.30pm, after having dinner with me. 

Everyone knew he’s back early everyday after work to have dinner with me and stayed home as a good hubby with less entertainment except for the Japanese big boss, GM or business partner only.When he's back at 8.30pm, he brought back 2 iced coffee from Yamamoto San who bought it when he’s waiting for Rambo to come. Yama San told Rambo that the coffee is for an appreciation to both of us saying, "Love your wife more" as he knew Rambo puts his highest priority for me in his life. And seeing him being so devoted to me for so many years, somewhere somehow he also loved his wife a lot now. And I told Rambo to pass the message to him next time no need to be so 'Hak Hei'(hospitable), it's 'Guai Sau Ji Lou'(simple help with ease).We should help each other whenever we can, it's really no big deal.

I remembered I met both of them when they 1st arrived in Malaysia for the Awana Genting company trip, great young couple. The next day, Rambo shared with me on their conversation they had in the office, “Now I know why you love your wife so much, she’s really beautiful neh.”“Of course”, Rambo replied him. “Aiyo, paiseh lah you both. His wife is pretty too and Yama San is a handsome man himself, I said. ‘Jam har ngan’(a blink of a moment), it’s coming 2 years already and they both decided to return home to Japan. They enjoyed staying here but still prefer to be back to their own country, just like me. I always think that home is always greener for us, that’s the best place to be.

That's why I always said that it's important to mix with the right kinda friends who will learn and support each other. Learn from the best, learn from the good example of a good leader like Rambo’s big boss ‘Mr.AN San’. Although a super rich Billionaire, one of the 30th richest man in Japan who lives in a huge villa like a castle, he don’t smoke, he don’t womanise, gamble is not his pastime favourite and not a drunk drinker that's for sure. He loves his wife for many years already, not the typical Japanese who goes for prostitution kinda man. He only knows how to make money, do charities esp a lot for the Chinese in China and expand his company wide horizon to a better, more prosperous and successful company in international arena.

Just like this year, they had opened 2 new branches in US after much consideration and much research done by Rambo and his Japanese team there. His big boss really take good care of his life and wanted to live 100 years old just like his 100+ years old father who is still living healthily in Japan. He practice his jogging everyday, eats only healthy food and he always said he wanted to live in a healthy way by staying away from the hospital. He pointed that out very loudly, no pain and sick in the hospital. He knows what he wants in life, same goes to me I know what I want in life.

That's why I really respect his big boss and hope Rambo will live up his own life like him too. Haha…his boss and GM always wanted Rambo to fetch them at the airport everytime they come over for Malaysia visit. No choice for me, maybe they’re fated to be so close in this lifetime. I can only ‘Jek ngan hoi, Jek ngan bai’(one eye open, one eye close) at times when they arrived late at night, I gotta let Rambo spending some time with them. Once in a blue moon it's ok. And when they're in US doing their research only they can really spend time together having lunch at Tony Roma in LA.Work comes 1st then comes holiday in Las Vegas at last.

Rambo always come home after work at 6pm, “Lao Po(wife), I’m back” he would shout out just like the Japanese couple usually do. ”Yay, my lao kung(husband) is back home. Let’s have dinner”. This is our usual routine everyday, be back home early and take dinner together. We have many topics to talk about, be it the family matters, business or work related subjects we have in mind that usually cracked long laughters for me. Rambo makes me laugh a lot and that’s really matter to me as life is so short, so live happily and peacefully everyday. Sayonara for now, to be continue next time! 

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