Monday, April 8, 2013

Wisdom Thoughts

During my last few business trips in Penang, I met Mr.EG for the 1st time ever as that Friday morning Rambo asked me to help advised one of the marketing manager Mr. L who just had a serious operation on prostate cancer stage2 moving to stage 3. All I did was the same old thing, I told him to take cellfood and gave him the link to search for

After the big operation, he’s on long recuperation holiday and so he went to ‘men sen’(Chinese kinda prayer that means 'Ask God'). Many rumours and advises got him 'torn between two lovers', he don’t know what to do with his life now as he’s very weak both mentally and physically. But I told him, “now it's only Cellfood can help you and will make sense for you in the coming years as cancer cells cannot live under oxygen environment. You just need to have faith with it and focus on being healthy everyday. That’s matters, the rest don’t bother much about it anymore.”

"Besides taking Cellfood, you need to eat healthy food like light porridge with less meat, more veges and fruits to alkaline your acidic body". He knew this fact also as the doctor also advised him to do the same. And Mr.EG who’s aging at 70+ but still a healthy man alive said, “Never listen to all the nonsense and stay positive always”. Quickly, I seconded his wise advise as I totally agreed with his simple yet powerful advise. 

Before when I was ill, I told myself also only I, myself can conquer the enemy inside my body that’s stopping me from living my life happily. Nobody can really help me, not even the doctors and professors but myself. But if I need any advise on medical and scientific points of views, I called the specialists and I asked the CEO of the medical companies directly as I wanted an immediate answer to cure myself, with a powerful mental strength inside of me. That's why I'm back healthy, rise and shine again.

Everyone of us will die one day. In fact in Buddhism cultivation, I have learnt that ‘Sang, Lou, Beng, Sei'(Birth, Aging, Sick, Die) truth need to be accepted with an open heart as it’s the nature call started on the day we were born. It’s ok to die young as some died due to ‘Meng Shui’(destiny), some never take good care of health with unhealthy lifestyle including myself(‘Wai Sik Queen with spicy food, high cholesterol food like Nasi Lemak, Laksa 2-3 bowls etc.) and too many bad deeds done so the ‘Fuk Bou’(good fortune gone) become lesser so eventually you gotta leave the world behind you.That's why we need to cultivate good deeds everyday to purify our existing sins. I always believe that I'm the creator or editor of my own destiny, if there's anything went wrong, I blame myself and improve from there. 

I really respect Mr. EG’s wisdom words as he’s only telling us the right way of living up life in the simplest way, that's why he can still lead his successful company with grace and glory. He’s a very humble multi-millionaire who owns a huge factory in Penang, yet he would walk to Rambo’s car just to say Hi and invited me for lunch. The children(30's-40's) he raised whom I met twice during dinner are working for him for many years already and they’re both very humble and professional. He taught them to work hard for their own money and not depending on him although he's rich. I really salute and respect this uncle, deeply sincere from the bottom of my heart.

Haha…his humbleness in waiting for our car to exit and waved us safe trip back KL really motivated me to be more humble like him. I told Rambo he needs to follow Mr.EG humility and he told me one of the reason he kept the long term business with him by giving him the million dollar business all these years was because he’s humble enough. If not, it’s not easy to keep this business going on for more than 10 years. That’s why the other arrogant factories were usually closed down and begging for China business. Yet, they failed to sustain in China also as the China market is really competitive, not like Malaysia we can still 'Jalan lenggang-lenggok' everyday.

Talking about this, Rambo told me his Japanese colleagues and our Japanese good friend Nakamura, always wanted to be based in Malaysia rather than to be based in Europe, India etc. But some don't mind to be based in China as they loved the pretty Chinese ladies. Can't blame them but I never like Rambo to be based there. When he was based there 9 years ago, I did visit him there and travel around China with our friends but I always 'Chou Ji Oi Fan'(bising wana go home). 

I rather leave alone by taking train back to HK, shopping with my Hongkie friend and back KL by China Airline. Rambo of course 'bu se de'(keberatan) to let me go home  but I can't live there for long. From time to time, Rambo asked if I would like to follow him to be based in Japan, Thailand etc. I rejected all the travels as I don't wana miss any moment spent with my dear Charmers. So far, I have no regrets as I can try to mend a broken heart but I cannot replace the time lost with my loved ones. That's call life, I love my country Malaysia and I wana see them growing up happily ever after just like the fairytale stories!      

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