Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Blogging World

Toyota Malaysia humbly asked my permission to share my blog about Toyota Prius C on their timeline, I gave them the green light and it hits 1st place in just one day. Nuffnang retweeted after favourited 'My 37th Birthday Thoughts' blog in Twitter. They called me yesterday afternoon and extend me an invitation for 'The Host' movie premiere as I suggested to them to invite bloggers based on age category 25-40. Haha...Well, they got the message soon enough!

Readers and blogger have been asking me about the Avon review and others like Benefit review, as I wrote on my blog I would update the review of Avon AF33 by this March. And they pm me yesterday and last week asking me about it, but I told them I was kinda busy in March so I would try to complete the blog by next week if possible. And she said that she's waiting for my review before she buys the Avon AF33 and I replied, “Yea, will do my best!”

On my travel blogs, friends like Kelly and family have been saying great articles on travel as they're travellers themselves so they enjoyed reading those travel blogs. But still, I told them if it's not because of 'permintaan ramai' I'm very lazy to write all this blogs as blogging is really not my top priority in life. Some people still never understand and thought what we share must be from the blogging events only (which is so wrong). In this world, there are many interesting things to do.

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy blogging and attending events like Skinfood event that I rushed back from Penang for it. But never puts so high of yourself as a blogger just because you are part of it esp. when it's just an honest sharing with friends only. It's just a small matter, through experience of old and new environment with the company that I shared about, it's never about being a sourgrape like some did and created small problem into big problem.   

To me, blogging takes a lot of time for pictures, editing, reading and creative juices to complete a blog so if I attended for it, I make sure I’ll do it right for them. That's why sometime I really tabik(salute) those bloggers who make great efforts for their blogs. In my opinion, many bloggers have their own style of creating their blogs and I think all the bloggers are great in their own ways. Never compete, compare and condemn anyone esp. the blogging world is just a small, small world.

We should support and share good things that’s happening in our lives with everyone but not showing off who comes better or tougher. After all, blogging is all about sharing good things with family, friends, companies, fashionistas, shopaholics, potential buyers/consumers, media and everyone who’s interested to read blogs. 

It’s not about who’s better, who’s the champion, celebrity or moody blogger like me, who only blogs whenever I feels like blogging about anything that's important to share with others. Like my friend said she's not depending in blogging field solely and it's really up to her how she wanted her blog to be which I totally agreed.  

That’s why I called myself the ‘Rainbow Blogger’, who only comes out after the rain, under the hot sun(only when I’m free to attend the events). Sometime, many of my favourite fashion events like Kenzo brand who invited me also I gotta let go as not every events we can attend to esp. when I was fully booked from lunch date with Vanity Trove and praying to thank 'Guan Yin' on my birthday at the temple. It's not convenient for me in terms of location wise and the 4pm time slot at Starhill Fashion Preview(I need not blog about it). I was having a great time swimming at Palace of the Golden Horses and trying some new vegetarian food.

And I prefer to attend those events by enjoying the fashion show with full attention, dining+wining and shopping with exclusive offers and discounts at the events. After all, that’s my main purpose of attending events as to ‘look see', exploration of new things in town and share good things with everyone so all of us would be able to experience the good things in life. Life's precious so treasure every moment of 'do good, feel good and spread good' but at the same time, be happy for others as good fortunes would follow you around as in 'What goes around, comes around!'

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