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China Hainan Island Escapade - The Highest Floating Guan Yin Temple In The World

Hainan, the ‘South of the Sea’ is famously known as the smallest province of an island situated in China. The Hainan Island is the main island of the province located in the South China Sea separated from the Guangdong Peninsula. In 1988, this resource-rich tropical island has became part of the newly created Hainan province independently and it's very convenient for us the Malaysians to travel here as we need not apply for the China Visa for RM105, only with group tour visa will do. This wonderful island is almost similar like our famous Pulau Langkawi in Malaysia, esp. its hot sunny weather and rich with its 'pokok kelapa'(coconut trees) at every corners around the Hainan Island. 

‘Hainan Dao' is so beautiful+wonderful, fantastic+fascinating, fun and fabulous with many exciting and exhilarating activities happening everywhere all around this small oriental island, famously known as the Hawaii of China. Believe me, Hainan Island is really suitable for long holiday be it for kids, teenagers, honeymooners like me or happy family vacation where you can spend about a week or two here, it wouldn't cost a bomb or a big hole in your pocket for sure. In fact, every time I glanced through those old pictures of my holiday here in Hainan Island, I wish I could just pack my bag and fly over here for more new great adventures added in my travel journey experience again. 

The cute, colourful birdies enjoying their seeds of food I prepared for them. Haha...kinda ticklish but fun!

I'm not a fan of a bird park be it from the Gold Coast, Australia Sea World to Korea's biggest theme park in Seoul, but this Hainan Bird Park really fascinated me a lot. It was so hot in the afternoon, I was not in the mood to tour this huge bird park at all but then from the entrance itself, the local Hainan tour guide already wowed us with their talented singing birds that can sing English and Mandarin songs beautifully. And they also showed us the bird that can speak talking or telling a tale or two so 'Lau Lei'(smoothly) like a comedian. 

Haha...such an amazing amusement to start us getting excited to go all out for this 'Bird Tour' in China. All along the bird park tour from feeding the cute yellow green birdies, to the end of the bird show performances, you'll be awed by their talented mini circus show, wild eagle show and mini concert by all different kinda birds that actually existed in this world. That's why I always said go travel and see the world, there are so many new wonders that are happening in this world, every minute of the day.

The biggest bird Ostrich that's taller and bigger than most of us here.I dare not stand near also...Haha! 

Rambo and I have never really fancy watching any animal show esp. for me I can't sit still for long kinda person, this bird show brings no regrets but added much more happiness in my Hainan holiday that's for sure. It's truly a fantastic show and out of this world performance by talented birds I've ever seen in my life. I was so surprised at 1st, mesmerised by the birds cutie pies and very impressed actually after watching this bird show.

I never thought this kinda talent show by the bird family can be so entertaining, exciting and educational for both adults and the kids as well. The China should share more of this kinda show to people around the world so many more are aware of this lovely cute show. Of all the visits to the zoo and many famous zoos, I once heard the Koreans claimed that they had one of the best zoo in the world, I think they should visit China more to learn more from them before they can confirmed and assured this bold statement of theirs.

The famous 'Lovers Bridge' been featured in many documentary shows, TV series that many would travel here
for pictures but such a co-incidence I was staying at the hotel, across this famous tourist destination in
Hainan, China. 

I would say this is the best bird park so far as it's not over acting at all, amazingly hilarious with purely talented birds that are showing off their talents fantastically, happily here in Hainan. They have been professionally-trained by the mainland Chinese in China. Wonderful show, a real Bravo to both trainers and the animals for the real talents shown to us. 

One of the biggest Crystal Centre that we're sure to visit in the China tour.
The Miao Village, they're busy completing their arts and crafts here for sale.

One of the big fat pig that's free to roam around this Miao Village, he actually eats non-stop...Haha. 

One of the famous game in Miao Village where we need to queue up, rings the bell and continue our journey
to the next game. The Chinese always taught us to move ahead, never looked back and mentioned to us all the
time in every tour in China, "Wo men bu zou hui tou lu" be it on the road tour or through philosophy of life.  

The night shopping I planned on my own after the day tour.I was young at that time, can still walk and run fast
for all the shopping I can grab. But now, I maybe too tired for all that night shopping liao.Even in Italy, I told my
friends to go ahead without me as I rather enjoyed my hot bubble bath and sleep early for early morning tour.  

Hainan is not just rich in its food resources but also rich in its beautiful beaches all around the Hainan Island.
Donald Trump had organised the Miss World Pageant events almost every year here at this stunning location,
you may have known it long time ago if you're a fan.

Although there were so many tourists around, 'masing-masing with their own style of relaxing kinda plans,
this place was classy enough for travellers who come for a romantic holiday. It's also clean and quiet for
total relaxation.

This is the famous Sanya Island with 3 layers of crystal clear water from the beach leads to the light emerald
green and finally the blue deep seawater that got me so tempted for a swim and so I did.'s really my
most memorable moment in Hainan Island as I was the only swimmer here on Sanya for the strong waves of
seawater that splashed fiercely to my face. Everytime I saw the nice pictures of the pretty ladies having fun
here for  their pageant event, I told myself I'm gonna plan this fun holiday of my own too and so I did it!

The complimentary foot spa with an ulterior motive to push us into buying chinese medical products for health. 

The hard-to forget view of my life and the place I was looking forward to visit here
called the 'Nan Shan Park' with the highest, floating 'Guan Yin' in the world. 

This park is really huge where we need to travel by private buggy car. Reaching here, we need to take their
train to travel around this huge mountainous park. There are many temples all around this park we can visit
for praying but this one we need to pay for entrance fees so only half of the tour members joined us.  
One of the attraction inside the paid-temple is this holy water sprayed by a dragon for 'Health, Luck
Prosperity, and Happiness in life. And so we just followed the routine they taught us step-by step. 

One of the fascinating art I have ever seen that stunned me for long here. 

Admiring the lovely art and not taking any chance to miss those lovely pictures. But I always said Rambo really
need to take photography lessons as I was not satisfied with his skill. He always wanted to but too busy for work. 

Lucky I got to buy this sexy slipper for long walk here, or else I may need Rambo to carry me like a monkey.
When we tour China, everything and everywhere are huge so we gotta walk, climb the hills and with this hot
weather, we need to drink lots of water or we'll get sick easily. In fact the old ones have difficulty to sleep and
due to dehydration, many fell sick because of that. 
That's why I bought many Hainan mangoes that tasted so juicy and yummy. I wish I could buy many more for
my family back home but then how to go through the custom, I kinda 'garu kepala' for 2 days thinking about it.
It's definitely the best mango I ever had in my life and it's the best in the world with heavy, juicy ones with red,
orange and yellow colour just like the triple colour of Sanya Island Beach of Turquoise, Crystal White & Blue.  

Really 'Fung Leong Shui Lang' here after such a long climb up the hills and stairs to this temple. Not many people
here as maybe too far for everyone to really wana visit temple like us. But I was glad we're both here offering our
prayers here with such magnificent view ever.

After the prayers, we walked down slowly and rest here for great views. The sun shining 'Mang Mang' to
give this kinda impact of this picture. It's like I'm pushing the powerful sea just beside me.Amazing view of all!

One last nice shot here where I actually climbed high up on a huge rock. Dangerous act but it's totally
worth the effort for this best shot ever taken and it's also because I was still young, brave at that time. 
I was actually crossing the long bridge that has just completed, linking the 'Nan Shan
Park' to this floating, standing 'Guan Yin' on the seawater level. The temple inside was
not fully completed yet as they're still decorating it.It's so high up that we need to take
a lift to reach up a certain level and climb up the stairs to reach to the top of the temple.  

Aunty Linda is a devoted Christian,very old age at her 70's but she wanted to follow
us going up there so she held on my hands tightly when we climbed up the dark stairs.
Haha...we're on top of the world now with the most fulfilling moments of our lifetimes.
The beautiful views here are indescribable, fantastic and fascinating. It will always
linger in our memories forever and one of the best thing that happened in my life
esp. spending my spiritual moments with 'Guan Yin' up here in Hainan.  
One of the great shots I got to catch at this 5 star hotel resort on my way for my vegetarian dinner here.The
vegetarian banquet served for us here was the best I have ever tasted. I never enjoy the Hainan meals along
the tour here although been brought to all the famous restaurants in Hainan except in this Vegetarian luxury
dinner.And the next day breakfast, Ooh lala, the food served with local Hainanese delicacies and 'Kuih-muih'
were the best servings among all the meals in Hainan. 

After such a tiring day of touring around the park, I took the chance to relax at the
 pool with my face mask, jacuzzi hot bath and more pictures for good memories.

The most spectacular view I must keep while watching the sunset from the lotus-shaped swimming pool
overlooking the beautiful goddess 'Guan Yin' of my life. I hope she can forgives me for this picture.

Hainan Island is really famous with its coconut delicacies like the coconut candies that not only managed to melt sweetly in my taste bud but kinda remained sweetly forever in my memory till today. The coconut coffee that I  had greedily requested for the 3rd cups of its fresh aroma coffee and non-stop eating the irresistible coconut biscuits as both coconut goodies are naturally yummylicious with coconut goodness added in it. 

My last day staying at this 5 star resort that cost RMB1000 per night. I wished I can stay here longer for its
yummy food and such relaxing, rejuvenating resort. 

The ‘Kuih Kapit’(love letters) not only smells so yummy the moment we passed through the factory and shop, but it also tasted very very yummy I can finished the whole tin given to me. Haha…I bought a few boxes in all kinds of coconut biscuits since I really enjoyed indulging in it, not forgetting to grab the the delicious coconut coffee that I loved drinking with my favourite coconut candies too.

I like the overall ambience of this 5 star resort with privacy assurance. Haha...swimming pool all 'Ba' by me and
Rambo only, food aplenty with unlimited yummy food refills and the vegetarian banquet dinner that I told
both Rambo Lim and my Hainanese Lim family we should visit Hainan again for family reunion here next time.

Till today, I still miss Hainan so much and wish to visit my 'Lim Family origin kampung again as I wanted my Lim Family to embrace the joys and cheers that I've enjoyed and gained so much from here, so far in this dreamy island of Hainan Island. It's a beautiful and wonderful island that seems to blend well with my true nature+personality here. No wonder my wealthy CEO friend, who's also a Hainanese once told me that he hopes to retire here in future as Hainan Island is a peaceful and blissful homeland that can be called a home sweet home with its relaxing environment I kinda feeling the same thoughts just like him.

I missed this place so much and vowed to visit again for beautiful 'Guan Yin'!

Somewhere, somehow I feels that I belongs here when I'm touring Hainan as I love the overall environment here in all around Hainan, China with its lovely beaches where I really jumped to the crystal clear seawater and swim all day long, being able to pray to my beloved 'Guan Yin' at the top of the highest floating Guan Yin in the world and living the luxury life by dining and relaxing at this 5 star resort hotel. This is what I called a real life, c'est la vie! 

The great 'Feng Shui' of a high mountain around Nan Shan Park that's protecting this beautiful resort that will
always remained as my greatest holiday in China. Haha...I hope to visit again with my dear Lim Family soon.

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