Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Everyone asked me which party I'm gonna vote, I told them honestly any party except BN only. In fact I told my sis Toto, Najib is fine for me just that I don't like the others under him only. So it's obvious now but doesn't mean I want Anwar to be the next PM because I have not seen his contribution for the country yet.And they asked again, do you think the Ubah's gonna win? Again, I would said it's not easy but we can strive to thrive till the end. No need to play sabotage to Michelle Yeoh 楊紫瓊 just because she chose BN as she have every rights to vote for her choice of party. 

Just do your own part to vote on the 5th May rightfully as the change is gonna mould a better government for our next generation of kids and youths. We're supposed to be one of the richest country in the world with so many resources including oil, but too bad it’s just the bad leaders who lead us nowhere in the eyes of the world. So pick your choice right this time as ‘Ini kalilah to Ubah’ for a better government to put our beloved country Malaysia to grace and glory in the eyes of the world.

I still pumped Petronas petrol based on its superb performance and engine cleaning function. It’s proven to say this as my car service contractor been asking me how I maintained a good engine of my 1st car Kancil for the past 16 years and I’m still keeping it as my antique car in the museum.He was amazed to the fact that it’s still in good condition and still be able to speed like a sports car.Haha…don’t play play, it’s my beloved baby that I would keep till I die. When Rambo company sold their Honda Jazz and changed to new Honda City, I was reluctant too but since company is willing to spend money on new things of course they took the opportunity to change a new car every now and then, maintained by the company so it's fine with me.

Usually I’m very lazy to pump petrol, it’s done by Rambo and my other boyfriends German GM, lawyer etc. as I don’t like the smell of the petrol I told them. But one day I was forced to pump it on my own as it’s in critical condition of no more fuel left so I gotta pumped Petronas at the nearest location possible. Rambo used to pump Shell for me and only after I pumped Petronas then I can feel the distinct performance of driving a car. I remembered I drove my friend’s company car Perdana V6 also I can feel its smooth driving and when I knew what petrol brand he pumped for this car, I was so certain on the answer to it.

That’s why from then onwards, I pump Petronas and I even shared this good news with my family and friends esp.my mom as she always pump the Ron 97 petrol and it’s killing her with high charges. But I told her no need to pump Ron 97, just the normal Petronas petrol would do as you can feel it’s superb performance already. And yes, she agreed with me totally after giving it a try in the past one month of trying it between Shell and Petronas as Shell gave her Bonuslink points for gift redemption. So I let her made the final decision for her car and she chose the same brand like mine.

At the end of the day, I reaped what I sow in a sense of paying for the best for last. My car deserves the best after all, I don't care who's who behind this company as I'm only thinking that I'm only willing to pay less for the best. Living in a rich oil-produced country why would I pay so much for the petrol that's supposed to share of the oil royalty among us Malaysians. Rambo paid so much income-tax every month but we didnt' get the whatsoever handouts yet we gotta pay so much for toll, petrol everyday. 

No way, no more feeding to the leaders who only took our hard-earned money to wastage. We did informed everyone to take whatever hand-outs out there, they took it of course and almost everywhere. We felt better everyone got to take it rather than to give the government. They only know how to travel to NZ in style but never try to abolish the visa fees from US, let them charge us and pay them blindly. Even China is now raising the visa fees from RM40 to RM58 to Malaysian tourists on a single entry itself with many photos request. I don't know what they do as 'menteri', just living in luxury.

I was glad, thank God when I know that A.B 'kena tendang'(got kicked out) as Malaysia PM or else I don't know how much is the petrol gonna cost today. In just one year time only, he already raised 3xs petrol price. Really greedy, too obvious already and I have no respect to any selfish leader who leads us to desperation. My friend just shared with me he gotta pumped RM30 for one day petrol. ‘Sot gila’, I said to him. Such a waste of money and life thinking about looking for money everyday just to survive for daily expenses like this is really meaningless and no life to low-income rakyat.

That’s why he’s very passionate in joining the ‘Bersih’ and ‘Ubah’ where he kept me informed all the time on the protest. I totally understand his predicaments as I just told him that day, “Yea from driving BMW fetching me to Mont Kiara property launch in the last few years, now he's gotta drive Proton to survive everyday." Talking about this subject, many of Rambo’s suppliers really got mad at the government who simply raised taxes and custom charges that caused their bad business to worst scenarios, so obviously they wanted to set a leverage on this. If going on like this, not only all the factories can close shop but they gotta beg for living. Totally understandable.

Even one of my neighbour’s sister family who just migrated to Australia, her sis husband just can’t bear all the bullying around for many years already. Yes, they’re rich because they do business for profits, gave her 3 lovely daughters the best they can afford by sending them to private school and living in luxury life. It’s all their own efforts to strive for the best things in life but the government ‘Hei Yan Tai Sem(overly bully), it’s really too much liao until they finally migrated to Oz after much careful few years consideration. Can’t see the girls coming to our house nowadays, kinda miss them. They’re very well-mannered, pretty girls with great intelligence that tempted me to ask them which school they went and that’s how I knew all about them. 

And when my neighbour came I told her, such lovely girls she have raised them to be and I liked the girls to come visit my mom’s place more often to play with my dear Charmers. Obviously, she’s proud also to be their guardian as ‘Hou Si Emm Pa Yeong’(Good things should be spread all over the news, don’t be afraid to share about it). I told my mom also if the country is good or bad, Rambo and I would not be affected much by it as we're living our lives independently without the  government support. But we won't abandoned our family, friends here and to fight for the next generation rights, we won't be thinking of migrating to other country like Japan because we love our country and we'll fight till the end for the best of our country Malaysia. We have everything here in Malaysia.

Most of us in Seri Petaling are also voting for Teresa Kok in Seputeh, retaining her win here and a few others from here would be joining Gobind Singh Deo, supporting him till the end. We make sure the strategy is right and as long they both win at the respective areas would be good enough to fight for Ubah. And for Johor side, we hope Uncle Lim Kit Siang side would win too.And yes, we did asked friends from USA, Europe and China to come back to vote as action speaks louder than words. Are you ready, can you feel it as we're preparing for it. C ya 5th May 2013! (My FB message to Ubah Group)


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