Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Buddhism Perspective

I always thought that if we treat others kindly, speak to others with great respect be it to the young and old ones, and never try to harm/hurt others would be good enough as a good person. But the reality doesn’t conform to the rules in today’s social world. Not everyone have the same humility, the same thinking and in fact, everyone have their own pride to be the best and better than others in life so it's not as easy as it should be. It's a total failure for her then as she cannot conquer the enemy inside of her what to say in competing with the others.

It’s not wrong for achievers to achieve their goals for gold medal in Olympic, the best badminton player in the world or the best academy award in pursuing their Hollywood dreams as it's a positive kinda achievement. But some thought they're somebody having too much of an ego, they easily get ‘Giu Mou’(proud like a Peacock) and speak to others with disgusted, disrespect to others just because she used to speak to others in this manner. Not only she’s harming/hurting the others but she’s harming herself the most. 

In the end, no one wins but the innocent one would usually living her life happily as usual as she’s leading her usual lifestyle, living by staying humble to everyone including the young ones. Naturally, people would snap back at you if you're rude or in some worst case scenarios, people would disrespect you because you failed in keeping up the integrity values . If you never respect the others, people would not respect you in return. What goes around comes around, as simple as that. You always think you are right and speak with assumption that you know everything. But the fact is, others may know about some other facts and you should listen but not jumping to conclusion.

That’s why life is very complicated for her because she doesn’t know how to live harmoniously with family, friends and others. She’s also not grateful for having a friend who’s sharing honest opinion with her as she cannot accept the truth. She was too blinded in her own pride and prejudice where everything we did were all wrong and she’s right all the time with greed, anger, jealousy and too much ego in her. Sometime being a compassionate Buddhist, we can accept and forgive her 1st time bad behaviour but not all the time.

We’re trying hard to forgive and forget her wrongdoing but if she's doing it repeatedly, never repent but kept on repeating the same mistakes just because her stubborn personality, it’s really hard to be around with her again. No matter what you do, good or bad she would never ‘change her spot.’ So, in order to stay away with this kinda problematic person, it’s better not to have any connection with this kinda person as you never know when or how you may step on her again even you’re totally innocent about it. This kinda person really cannot be helped/cure anymore.

‘Ngai gao seong wo hei’(Quarreling would affect the harmony), I also never like to argue with anyone nowadays as I just wana be happy. But if you pushed me too far, I always said that ‘Fatt Dou Yao Fo’(Buddha also have fire) in me. Rambo always remind me that, ‘Fatt Hai Mou Fo’(In reality, Buddha have no fire in him). Of course I know the amazing fact about Buddha, but I’m a human I'm not Buddha. I’m not perfect myself so, naturally I have feelings and emotions too. 

Although she likes to argue with everyone and find faults with the others but doesn't mean I have time for her nonsense. Peace is something I always look for and I knew I found my inner peace from deep within me. I meditate everyday, asking for forgiveness with great strength to live peacefully from my spiritual development with ‘Amituofo’. It keeps me humble, calm and strong enough to understand the cause and effect of karmas. I always knew what’s going wrong with self-realisation and self-improving after the meditation session. 

Yea, sometimes people may provoked us in a fight but doesn’t mean we need to react and act ‘Bo Tak Chek’(Hokkien: no study in school) like them. It's really no point, a waste of time and energy. Might as well you make good use of the energy for chanting, praying and cultivate good deeds for the benefits of others.We need to learn to be more patient, try to think of the happy times we had together or her good values rather than her bad attitudes and try to forgive and forget the incident immediately. She’s trying to destroy you because she’s a loser/ sourgrape herself that actually existed in her personality long time ago. And she's trying to drag you into her drama so don’t get conned by her so easily. 

If I really wana be part of an event or join any party, I would do my best to go for it. I'm totally the opposite of her, she knows that but she's just too complicated she told me that before. Sooner or later, she came back looking for you but then, it's really too late by then as I can forgive and forget the incident but doesn't mean I wana have another problem in my life anymore. I rather let go of the toxic friendship once and for all. It's really not worth my time and effort in keeping this kinda unhealthy relationship. I have many good ones to treasure in my life.

Who are you today reflects on what good deeds you have sow yesterday and today may not know what tomorrow can brings but it can determine what you want your future life to be.Just like Rambo always grumbled to me, “Sigh, why I never kena Jackpot or Magnum4D” and I always told him the truth that, “You’re not being humble enough” or “Ho Si Zuo Bo Gao”(Hokkien: You have not done enough good deeds) just like his sis Toto Lim told him sometime. Haha…the God loves humble people and will only reward them when the time is due. C’est la vie!

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