Friday, April 26, 2013

Bag of Love

Recently I’m too caught up with my own agendas so I only managed to subscribe ‘Bag of Love’ since it’s also new and the latest in the market for beauty box. I gave it a try and I love it the moment I received it. I quickly tried the beauty goodies from the Revlon Hair Mask to the Murad Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser. Both suited to my skin and dry hair with satisfying result, packed inside a quality pouch instead of a box, costing RM39.90 per bag.

My friend Grace and I both subscribed for the quarterly package and attended the Kanebo Lunasol event together that Saturday at Pavilion. We have great times doing our makeups and met Mimi for the 1st time. She’s a nice, humble lady just like the cartoon she was portrayed in her Bag of Love page. When I 1st saw the cute character I kinda like her friendly personality already but I liked her even more after meeting and getting to know her from her life sharing.

I heard that she’s going Bhutan with her Buddhist devoted family and I asked if it’s ‘Amituofo’ spiritual development. Naturally, she clasped both of her hands and greeted me ‘Amituofo’ just like my dear Charmers the way I taught them to greet me. And so naturally, I greeted her back ‘Amituofo’ with the same gesture as to show our humble respect among the Amitabha believers.

I really like her transparent and sincere personality, she's treating every subscribers the same kindness and showing her gratefulness. I can feel that from her. She even mentioned that she was grateful to Tammy Lim, who’s nice enough to organize a tea party with her once she’s back from Bhutan. Besides her true personality, I just loved the overall beauty goodies provided inside and hoping that the coming beauty bag would surprise me even more with green, great goodies for me to try before I buy.

To get to know more about ‘Bag of Love’, you can check out their Facebook page at ttps://

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