Tuesday, April 30, 2013

VanityTrove Discover Your Scent

Arrived at the Discover Your Scent event and such a co-incidence that
Elie Saab Parfum is the scent choice for me. I love the sexy smell of it! 

Gotta filled up 20 questions for the result of my scent personality. I was kinda lazy to fill this up but ended up,
I enjoy answering it.  

A momento with Danny Ventura after private consultation with him.

The RM200 goodies provided for this RM30 event by LuxAsia.


  1. sexy figure of perfume..
    bo jio wa ==

    1. It's on VanityTrove page, check it out.From time to time, they have events going on. Wendy also asked me about it, I didn't know you gals not aware of this event!