Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chains Of Events

After 5pm, I'm off work and will look for the best spa in Penang for total relaxation.

Recently I told Kel also "No, I'm not going for this and that events as I'm really too caught up with my Spring projects that need to be completed by March for Japan market. And I already attended the opening of Stylo Fashion event on the 1st day so I won't be going for other days too even one of the beauty company invited me for a complimentary trial at Aloft Hotel."

I rather stay home at night, rest and relax for my beauty sleep. Haha...many are going for the coming Salvatore Ferragamo BFF party that Friday, Kel and my another friend of mine tried to rope me into their group for the Pink Party with pretty gift from Salvatore Ferragamo(another brand I like in its scarf, bags and shoes) but I told them I'm gonna be in Penang again. 

I didn’t get to buy any great deal from the big boutique from Seraville Village, Italy. Like I told the Blu Inc Media magazine during one of our meeting, I prefer to shop in JPO, Johor Bahru, where I really had fun with my bestie there last Dec 2012. She was surprised I said that as I told her Seraville is the biggest premium outlet in EU, claimed by the tour guide.  

Yes, although I bought many things there but to me, I think Malaysia JPO is better than Italy. Besides the brands that available in JPO like Versace, Polo Ralph Lauren, Coach etc. it’s also the promotions and discounts that’s going crazy up to 90% here.And it’s also in Ringgit Malaysia that we’re willing to pay and can afford to splurge our money in JPO.

My shopping spree at Seraville Premium Outlet, Italy.

Prada there is of course cheaper in Italy but I couldn’t get one design that I liked as there were only a few handbags displayed there among the racks. Very old-fashion and old designs liao. Prada Milano is better with more designs to choose from and with 40% discounts to slash. I even passed by the huge Prada factory along the tour around Italy.

Back to the event, I told Kel I have all the accessories+sweet Pink dress for her group but I can't join her this time as I’m really busy this March where I told my family already in Feb 2013 that I need to go for business trip again. Aiyoyo, I kept grumbling to Rambo as we need to postpone our Spring Holiday to Spring/Summer Holiday.Gotta be patient, 'Yan'!

Sigh, Rambo ‘sayang’ me back but I still have a little ‘bo song’ with him over this matter. Haha…Life's like a bullet train in March but hope coming April, life can be slow a bit like a choo choo train(My FB status). I won the ‘PS I love U Genting’ stay also I gotta let go as I need to meet my dear Charmers for dinner, which is more important than my holiday.   

Nowadays Lynette have many topics to share with me, almost every week she have one interesting subject she wana share with me.Just like last Sat, she mentioned to me that her dad used to be very good but now, bad already. And I asked her why she said like that. She told me he used to bring her sis to Mc’D but now, don’t wana bring her there...Haha.

The happy moments we're always looking forward spending time together during festivals & Saturday dinner.

I told her Dai Yiyi( me) also supported her dad’s action as it’s for her own good. I told my sis Defney one story about fast-food and discouraged her to bring her gals to KFC and Mc’D too often. I love fast-food too but I only indulged in it once in a blue moon.My sis must have told her hubby Kit not to bring them for all the fast-food places.I promised to bring her Mc’D during school holiday like I always brought Shan Shan and LeAnne when they were little. 

Then she smiled and back to her happy mood again. Every week I shared with Rambo her life story, Rambo said she’s such a cute little girl who’s very brilliant for her age. I totally agreed with him and even my sis Defney told me that she’s a brave little girl who always mixed with the teenagers(boys who dance in the same group with her) and that’s how she become so ‘Lou Jik’(mature).It’s who you mixed with and naturally become that kinda people. 

My happy family, slowly they're into my Buddhism Dharma learning esp. no killing crabs, live fishes just
because we enjoyed taking it. Even my dear Charmers stop taking 'Tin Kai' Porridge, less Fried Chicken as
they learnt about compassionate hearts and they greeted me with 'Amituofo' greeting before calling me.

That’s why it’s so important to mix with good people along the journey of your life as only kind and noble people can actually uplift and help to build who you are.Every meeting with the mag, beauty companies and friends have been sharing with me that they’ve been hurt by their friends who are sourgrapes and losers.I told them that I was not spared too, even if I never step on them. Everyone gets it once or many times including the famous people as they're many 'siu yan'(losers) around us. We just need to learn to be patient and having strong faith with God. Only God knows how we really feel inside.

My besties are both LIMs, always been surrounded by the good Lim in my life.

But I never gave them the chance to hurt me. I just deleted them and cut them off completely from my life as 1st of all, I never added anyone in my FB to be unhappy with me. If you wanted to be my friend, make sure you are genuinely sincere to be my friend.I told them not to be sad over the matter as only the bad would mixed with the bad ones and they would face bad karma for what they did when the time comes.

Only mix with the good ones as in this world, there are many good people around us, you just need to search and stay with the good ones. It's a small, small world after all from FB to overseas, I tend to meet someone I knew but I only would keep in touch with the good ones.There are many examples of this kinda situation I would share with you in time to come.

Great company of friends who do good deeds, think good and attend good events like charity dinner. 

Recently, I got to know my enemy was stalking my blog as she can’t see my FB anymore  so she gotta ‘curi-curi’ follow my blog. Haha…such a big loser who always said bad things about others, that actually suited more for herself. She never ‘Fan Sing’(realized) herself how wrong she can be but always put the blames on others like she’s the best in the world, nobody can be better than her. Even going to the church also she can fight and cursed others in vulgar language. 

That’s why I never regret of cutting her off and moved on with my life. I kept telling myself to be compassionate towards her bad character due to many reasons like she’s having mental depression, family problem and her low-esteem personality but you have no right whatsoever to hurt/step on others just because you sucks living up your life. And nobody has the right to say anything, about anyone as you're not perfect yourself. You need to correct yourself before you can afford to correct the others. 

Everyone have their own ‘Ngak Lik’(pressure) too just like the HK crazy story 'Lei Yao Ngal Lik, Ngo Dou Yao Ngo Ngak Lik' which is so true and you need to deal with it with an open heart. Everyone deserves to be happy, living in harmony with family and friends. Not finding faults with everyone, ‘Mencari tulang di dalam telur’ just because you feel like doing so. Nobody would like you, sooner or later your own close friends also got so fed-up with your negative vibes as you’re only depressing them in time to come. 

Only God knows how to deal with this kinda people and only Karma will take its place when the time is due. We just need to 'Sabar sajalah' and live up our happy lives in positive thinking. Only the good ones would be able to receive more good things in life as life's beautiful when we're grateful. And everyday I pray to stay away from the bad ones and hope to meet the good ones so that we can 'Sama-sama Ganbatte' to achieve  our goals and glory in our lives. Life's wonderful as we're faithful to live up good life! 


  1. If there was one person that I can safely says puts some inspiration into my life right now, I can say its you. love reading your posts, they give me strength. Keep it up !

    1. Thank you LinLin.Haha...speaking from the experiences from my life and hope we all get to learn from each other.You really gave me a great encouragement, thank you!