Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Finale Bust Cream

Finale Bust Cream RM39.90 

During the Bella Award Show by Ntv7, I tried to use my Chanel scarf to cover my 'lurah dendam' due to the overly sexy dress(1st time wearing it I'm not aware of it). Kelly jokingly teased me from across the table, "Flaunt your assets, show it." Haha...even Rambo didn't mind, he also think it's normal to wear sexy as everyone were wearing sexy and elegant that night. But I don't feel comfortable about it as I told them I'm not the star for tonight award show so never try to steal the stars' limelight.

My main purpose of attending it is to fully support a friend. I thought of skipping it as I was kinda lazy nowadays for all the events but then, I really wana support her and hope she would be awarded for the Bella Award. And so I went and she won the awards including the Bella Award. I congratulate her through personal message just like usual when we both wish each other 'Happy Birthday'. I'm really happy for Dato' Ruby Khong, keep up the good deeds!

My review:
All along I knew Kelly is a playful, cheeky lady as this is not the 1st time she asked me to be sporting about it.But as time goes by, due to aging and maturity I felt more 'Paiseh'(shy) in staying sexy or pretty as I categorized myself under mature woman category already. I always told my dear Charmers, now is the time for them to rise and shine like a diamond in the sky. But still, I would do my very best to take good care of my 'bosom buddies' in the most gentle care as I have 2 family members who suffered from breast tumours but lucky not to the serious breast cancer case. 

I asked them to spray Cellfood on both breasts and take Cellfood religiously. And so they did, they have taken it for 4 years already, still going stronger, happier and greater in life as both are now lady bosses. When they thanked me 2 years ago during CNY, I told them to thank me by staying healthy and happy not for me but for their families. I told Christine your son needs you to be with him, so stay strong for him and for my uncle(father's side). And such a co-incidence, both of them are my aunties from both of my parents side and their birthdays fell on the same day in March.     

From time to time, I visit beauty spa for bust firming treatment and bought many famous bust serum/cream brands from overseas to keep them firm and smooth. And just last March during my SaSa review, I chance upon this new brand called Finale Bust Cream. I gave it a try as the limited edition comes with a free pink pouch and the rest cost RM169-200, so I took a chance on it. I prefer to use serum/essence type as I find the smaller molecules of the active ingredients would penetrate into deeper level of skin more faster. 

But then, this Finale Bust Cream did surprised me at the very 1st trial when it's fully absorbed into my skin in just a few strokes of massage. It's suitable for a lazy lady like me with strawberry yoghurt smell to invigorate my smell sense too. And you don't have to use much, just a little of the rich cream will do. And the fact that I also spray Cellfood water for better penetration of any serum/cream to work more effectively. After the 3rd day, you can feel the effect of firm up skin but not like the other brand that I've tried last year, very uneasy feeling inside as I have funny reaction to that cream during the day and night time.

I stopped using that immediately although I knew it's working but I don't feel comfortable using it anymore. Don't play play as it's not funny when it comes to health, beauty and wellness in life.We only live once.In terms of 'enhance in cup size', I didn't notice it's happening yet.But it does give an obvious firming improvement in  just a week with its nano technology, another reason why I bought it at the 1st place also besides the reasonable price. That's all for now, if there's any new development I will keep you girls updated. 


  1. Hello, I'm tempted to buy this recently, how does it go so far?
    Hope to get your reply :)

    1. Hi Edith, so far so good. No side effects, it's easy to use and it's cheap too!

  2. Hi where can I buy this product in Malaysia?