Friday, March 21, 2014

Birthday Baby For 38 Years

"Happy 38th Birthday! Amituofo, stay pretty always," such a touching wish my mom flourish me that morning, it definitely make me smile happily. I was sleeping blissfully that morning, but then Rambo came to my bed calling "Happy Birthday Honey!" that woke me up with a surprise heart-shaped Ice-Cream Cake from Baskin Robbins. "Haha...Tq, waste money only. How much is it?" I asked. "You'll love it, it's Coffee Ice Cream", he answered me with a big smile of hope. I knew he meant well just to cheer me up, so I just kept quiet after he explained that to me.

I should just enjoy it since my birthday falls today, only once in a year. I prefer to share this indulgence with my dear Rambo+Charmers but then, after having a yummy Indonesian Lunch at The Curve, I went for a shopping tour at Metrojaya and Brazil World Cup Tour Fair that offered me to strike a goal game by the malay guy, I was so tired liao. I told him, "No, thanks!" but I asked Rambo to represent me to strike the goal for fun since we're there already.

After a heavy, yummy lunch with a nice hot Ginger Tea, Rambo still brought me to the Coffee Bean to fix my Coffee 'Yan'(addiction). Haha...he even bought me some HotDog and Karipap from Ikano as he knew I can't stop eating. He took many pictures for me then I rushed him to go to Thean Hou Temple for my prayer already. I asked him to donate some money 'Dim Dang'(lit lights) for good blessings for all my loved ones. As long I'm healthy where I can still run like a Flamingo, walk like an angel, eat like a pig and sleep like a Panda Bear, I really have nothing much to ask for. Tq Guan Yin! Rambo also knew that when I shared with him my prayers. 

My 'Chim' fortune card has clearly stated that I have good fortune of life, and if I really wanted something I need to work hard for it then I will achieve it. That's why I'm very grateful and thankful to 'Guan Yin' I must come to repay my gratefulness on my birthday. Rambo gets a better fortune card that encouraged him to do more good deeds to be able to enjoy life. Haha...I was so happy for him and he told me, "Of course because I asked for it!" I'm very happy liao that day after getting 3 new Buddhist Books for my 2014 reading, and 3 blessing cards for my dear Charmers. 

Actually, I really have nothing much to ask for recently. I have given out so many of my clothes, gifts from Datuk and wealthy friends who gave me premium tea set cost a few hundred dollars which I gave to my 3 sister-inlaws, yet I think my home is still full of so many things. My dear LeAnne came to my place that day she also said "Dai Yiyi, you have so many shoes, bags and clothes. All so nice, expensive and you even have a lovely chandelier at home. So rich lah you." Haha...I laugh out loud and said, "Not rich lah, this Rambo simply buy one. He only knows how to waste money now." That's why I kept all his credit cards now, froze all his credits in my drawer and leave him with only one credit card to buy groceries. 

Sometimes when I was enjoying my Spa on Sunday, he would 'curi-curi'(secretly) go shopping and when we meet he told me the price of the Burberry Handbag that I like so much. I quickly told him, "Don't buy that. RM3600 for a small handbag like that, it's not worth it. Don't you dare give me any surprise like that. I'm not happy if you do that." I clearly warned him 1st as I wana enjoy my spa with a peace of mind and not to be shocked with this kinda surprise by spending money unnecessary. Now, I make sure he go for a spa also at Eco Spa so he won't get tempted or gets itchy hand by simply spending money. Then, I can rest and relax to the maximum...Haha!

I know money is to be earn and spend for enjoyment after a good result of working hard for it, but spend it wisely not lavishly. My mom asked me what's my birthday gift I wish for this year 2014 as she always said I have almost everything, she really had no idea what to get for me. I told them I don't mind to enjoy 'Art Flower Green Tea' from Hojo Gardens, since I'm taking hot tea everyday for good health to keep me youthful and beautiful. So they bought the whole set for me and told me that the teapot was specially made by hand, fragile to say. I told them I like it very much and I really appreciates the gift of love that gave me healthy, yummy tea. 

Haha...Sis Toto has been asking me to get a property near Kepong so that all of us can stay nearby to each other but I told them No, because I don't like to commit myself into buying so many properties. Even Rambo's best buddy PA has been inviting me to his property talk for properties investment all this time, I bo interested as I wana enjoy my life as it is. As time goes by due to aging, many good memories kinda reflecting back into my memory, esp. after witnessing the departure of my 'Ah Kung' in Johor where he left a huge Bungalow for us. We used to stay there back then, but now none of us are staying in Kampung unless we're back for festivals or holiday. My stepdad also told me it's been a long time I didn't go back home town which I promised I will as he wanted me to collect the Pink Diamond that's waiting for me.

I remember I even drove the green tractor for the kelapa sawit, palm oil plantation behind our Bungalow house, kinda scary to think of it but it's an experience I'll never forget for the rest of my life. Recently, when I went to collect my gift from Diamonds and Platinum only then I remember my good friend Cass presented a Diamond necklace for me from here too. I wazzapp her then only we both talked about it as I really don't remember until I visit D & P this March 2014. I admit that I do age at 38 years old this year, as the stubborn wrinkle on my right forehead that seem to stay and won't go away. But I'm glad that I'm wiser one year older to be able to think more rationally, having clearer conscious mind and having the peace of mind that I'm longing for. Tq Amituofo!

That's life, every year seems to pass by so quickly, so fast that I just told Bro.Chai I only have two more years to enjoy in my 30's before I join them in their 40's and he's laughing about it too. I still remember my mom bought me a cute 'naked girl birthday cake' when I was 6 years old with her friends buying me presents. I invited my malay friends Fendi(right neighbour) and Linda(left) to enjoy the cake with me. They're so happy about it as they never have this kinda celebration before in their lives, just like Rambo and Sis Toto used to share with me, they never had a birthday party before. 

Deep in my heart, I really felt for them and I totally understand their feelings about birthday parties, that's why when it comes to their birthdays, I tried to gather some family+friends and celebrate it for them. Seeing their happy faces, everything seems to be worthy and paid-up kinda feelings I just can't describe how fulfilled I am. That's what happiness is all about, it's the inner satisfaction you feel deep inside for doing something good for others, you'll feel happy naturally. The beauty radiates from within, happiness is the highest form of health that doesn't need much of anything to mask it over. It definitely comes from within!

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