Tuesday, March 11, 2014

COLLISTAR Biorevitalizing Anti-Cellulite Concentrate

I bought this from another SaSa shop because the one in Lot 10 sold out the stocks. 50% of RM189 for 200ml.

The aroma of this Anti-Cellulite Gel really rejuvenates my smell scent to perfection. Not only I would apply
more of it just to smell the relaxing scent, I remember to use it everyday because of the aromatherapy
treatment with Mesotherapy effect. I really love and admire the advance technology of Collistar products
that I have used for many years because it works its magical wonders on my skin and body efficiently.

Actually I'm very lazy to apply and roll the gel on my body esp. on the cellulite areas over and over again, but
then this gel really works for me and I showed to Rambo, my cellulite was totally gone like a magic. It really
surprised me, giving me a tremendous good result that I have the confidence to wear my Bikini again now as
my hips now look slimmer, no cellulite with the daily rolling while watching TV and my skin look real smooth.

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