Monday, March 31, 2014

Go Naturally With The Flow


I really appreciates Buddhism Facebook when they shared the 'MH370 Prayer Picture' for my country Malaysia, so I quickly thanked their sincere sharing with much TQ comment. In fact, my latest FB status 'Mataku bengkak macam Katak due to the crying for MH370 tragedy. A mystery incident that needs time to reveal the truth, 'Sei Mou Dui Jing!' has clearly stated how devastated I was feeling about this tragedy. To a proactive and positive kinda person I have always be, I think that this tragedy remained unsolved to me.To the Chinese who understand good Cantonese, they would know what 'Sei Mou Dui Jing' means because the meaning is so deep and hidden within. 

Rambo always asked me how I'm gonna translate those meaningful Chinese proverbs to the readers, it's really not an easy job but it can be done slowly, diligently. I still hope for a miracle to happen like passengers maybe missing but not perished in this mysterious mishap so that we know what really happen to them and solved the MH370 case. I know life goes on everyday, every minute of the day, but miracles do happen everyday in our lives, so I hope the God can brighten us up with good news real soon. We can only pray and having good thoughts for them, help to enlighten the sad, unfortunate accident that happened recently.

Last Thursday during the Hiroshima Fair at Aeon Jusco, Amy brief me a bit about the fair and Hiroshima prefecture, I told her I was supposed to be at Hokkaido last week. Due to the majority demand, my tour agency has changed the MAS Airline to China Airlines for all of us and postponed the trip to next month May. I'm not afraid to fly with MAS but it's the majority of travellers who are afraid to fly with MAS so I only go with the flow. That's why I told my family and friends, Hokkaido is not in place for me that week, so Hiroshima Fair in Malaysia 'pun jadilah' to fit in the schedule. 

Haha...the most important thing in my life is live happily and healthily only, and I did as I bought the yummy Yuzu Enzyme that cost me RM33.90. So long it's healthy and yummy for daily healthy intake, I like buying and indulging in them. In fact, last week I was full with Japanese food from Loccitane Bento Set, Rambo's Japanese cookies from company and making my own Bento Set from this Hiroshiam Fair. Like I always said, Malaysia 'semuanya ada' (have everything), so we only need to adapt with the environment only. 

Last Saturday, I saw my dear Charmer LeAnne face was so smooth and radiant with bright glow on her face and so I asked her, "Did you wash your face or do any mask?" She told me no and I asked her again, "Did you chant 'Amituofo' all the time when you're free?" She replied me, "Yes, you told me to chant every night so I chant 'Amituofo, Amituofo, Amituofo' until I fall asleep." "Really, no wonder you look so pretty and healthy!" I felt so fulfilled and impressed by her action, immediately I told Ying Shan and Lynette to do the same thing and they replied me they also did the same ritual everyday.

LeAnnne told me that Lynette did, she also read the Buddhist Book given by me to them before she sleeps. After she fell asleep, she took it from her and read it. "Really, that's great!" I was feeling over the moon, so happy I have nothing much to say anymore but feel deeply grateful that my dear Charmers really practising Buddhism values in their lives sincerely. It's the result that speaks by itself as I can see it with my very own eyes the obvious radiance on their faces and the sharing of happiness that they wrote on the 'BFF Diary'. That's what really matters to me! 

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