Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Johnson's Baby Milk+Rice Range Media Launch

Early in the morning to MYDIN Subang, no way for me I told myself. But then, I love pampering myself with Johnson's baby care range from top to toe for many years already so somewhere, somehow I was glad I made it to the event that day. 

Introducing the all-new Johnson’s® baby Milk range, now improved with rice extract that gives intensive deep nourishing and long-lasting moisturizing for healthier mother and baby skin.   

Dynas Mokhtar – local actress, entrepreneur, mother of 2 and ambassador of the all-new Johnson’s® baby Milk + Rice range was there sharing her joys of motherhood and how her healthy, smooth skin invites closeness and strengthens bonds with her loved ones.

I found out how the wonderful new ingredient – rice in Johnson’s® baby Milk range completely nourishes skin and leaves it soft and smooth after 1 time use. And I actually tried the lotion immediately to keep my body moisturized as the air-cond was so cold there, and it helps a lot.

The leading baby care brand Johnson’s baby has the answer to moms looking for the perfect skin care for both mothers and babies. After the event ends, we were invited for a lunch at Ayam Penyet just in front of this event stage and hand pampering session.  

Moms can not only have skin like their baby’s, but continue to share the loving bond with their little ones. The basic care of using baby bath, baby lotion and talcum powder can be simple but it's good enough to keep our skin healthy and smooth all day long.   

Back home, I started using the new Johnson's Baby Lotion Milk+Rice that leaves my skin soft and silky smooth. Most importantly, it absorbed to my skin real fast after 2 rounds of light massages as I'm very lazy to apply body lotion after taking a long, relaxing bath. Haha...I love the new range just like the other ranges I've used all the time, as the soft scent relaxes my body, mind and soul. Try it, you'll love it!


  1. wow nice product to try out.

    1. Haha...Yea, love it. My skin is soft and smooth like a baby skin!

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